Joni Mitchell Successfully Treated For Morgellons Disease

Joni Mitchell has revealed publicly that she has had Morgellons disease for the past 20 years. I have spoken with hundreds of Morgellons sufferers during the last three years, so I have a glimmer of how much this gifted singer has suffered. Joni said she has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Doctors, pharmaceuticals and every other kind of health-care practitioner imaginable over the years in many different countries including some of the best Doctors and hospitals in the USA as well.

All she got was worse. Until now…

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7 Responses to Joni Mitchell Successfully Treated For Morgellons Disease

  1. scott jeffries says:

    Had a form of this disease and now it is gone. (Ten years ago.)
    You need to eat:
    Garlic (Fresh), Olive Oil, Avocados, Oregano. Need to eat six garlic cloves crushed into avo, add two tablespoons of olive oil and sprinkle w/ tsp. oregano and pinch salt on toast EVERY DAY.
    If you can get your hands on the roots of a real Yucca tree (southwestern desert cactus) boil the red roots to make herbal tea.
    The aforementioned combos reduce the inflamation related to the disease and dry up the fungus attacking your body.
    The fungal infection attracts microscopic mites and your goal is to make yourself a human being, not a living jungle.
    Additionally need healthy diet, exercise and belief in God, not doctors.
    If you eat the avo combo above religiously you will see results in about six months.
    Sorry but your whole immunity system is compromised and this takes time to clear up. Additionally the red root tea can be used externally to dry up infected areas.
    Good Luck, May the Lord Jesus be with you.

    • friend says:

      Thank you for this! Why do you think it works and how did you arrive at combo? Something to do with acid/alkaline theory too? Did you have symptoms like fibers, tickling in ears/nose, etc.?

      • scott jeffries says:

        Trial and error…mostly error. Had black lesions, fibers, all freckles on skin disappeared. It is a fungal infection gone wild. After fungus hits you then the mites come along for the ride. You need to eat a foods that alter what your skin is all about. The one I listed, does just that. Remember you need a healthy diet, GET SLEEP..and exercise. If you can get real yucca root, like I said health food store stuff is not the real deal, after making tea, rub on skin too (after cooling obviously).

  2. Jerome A. Buckley says:

    Thank you for an informative and interesting article. I hate to be a grammar or spelling nazi but the “Morgellons victims loose their lives to this disease;” is a real deal breaker for me. Lose = opposite of win. Loose = opposite of tight. Aaaarrggghh!

  3. Lotte says:

    Er, okej I had Morgellons for 12 years.

    It’s something you get from an insectbite (with circles around it).
    No, it’s not a tic. It’s an insect that likes dark, moldy places.
    I think this guy (the insect) is something that american soldiers -and all their stuff – brought back to the US (and later on to other places) from the desert/Desert Storm.
    It’s the same disease that King Herod in The Bible had.
    Yes, I know it sounds whacky, but I think so…

    The insect carries parasites/mold.
    The tissue gets infested with this.
    I experienced the brain fog, spots, sores etc.
    No doctor (and I went to see a few) helped me.
    In December 2005 I ordered Kleen Free from the net.
    I marinated my body (avoid eyes) with this and a little bit
    of warm water using a spunge after my shower every other day
    for about a month. This killed the parasites and they surfaced
    about 10 days later. (All in all the treatment took 40 days.)

    First lots of black things emerged from underneath my skin
    (probably dried blood)and then A LOT of beige, white or red dead worms, the biggest a little more that 1 cm long, maybe 1 mm wide.
    Yes, it actually happens.
    It took me five years to get these guys out. Quite a few every day.
    The pain was ridiculous. My body had sores all over it.

    I think it would be great if someone listened to me.
    I was young(32),strong and in perfect shape when this
    happened to me. That’s probably why I could muster up a fight.
    I can only imagine what it must be like for a child or an elder
    person or someone who has health problems already to get this.
    The authorities/doctors who ignore this disease should be ashamed.

  4. Mieke Buth says:


  5. jamol says:

    yeh, its is true i am also using aloe oil every other day and in my case also coming out somi kind of black dots. ithought that this is what producing fibers.

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