MRSA Super-Bug Destroyed in 60 Seconds in FDA-certified Independent In-vitro Lab Test

Some say the age of antibiotics is nearly over.  Bacteria are no longer affected the way they were 50 years ago.  Most bacteria have mutated so that they are unaffected by many antibiotics.

MRSA Now Accounts for More Deaths in the USA than HIV/AIDS

The greatest challenge to medical science today is MRSA, the number one cause of infectious deaths in hospitals. Since the mid 1950’s MRSA has evolved to become nearly invincible to most antibiotics.  Because of this, science is frantically seeking a replacement that can eliminate MRSA while avoiding the constant cycle of new antibiotic, MRSA mutates and is impervious to it so new antibiotics must be created.

Most people are aware that antibiotics destroy the “good gut flora (bacteria)” that comprises approximately 80% of our immune system residing in our large intestine.  Unfortunately, antibiotics are taken at a time when we need our immune system the most.

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