CDC Morgellons Investigation “A Failure” Quoting Dr Joe Selby, Research Director for Kaiser Hospital in Oakland, California

In the past 8 years, over 40 United States Senators, including then-Senators Hilary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama sent letters to the CDC requesting that they investigate a mysterious disease called Morgellons at the behest of their constituents. It took 6 years for the CDC to initiate this investigation and they only budgeted $338,000.

Anyone with any common sense would know that this paltry amount is insufficient to even begin to staff a full-blown disease investigation, yet alone conduct one. As it turns out, Kaiser Hospital only collected specimens from volunteers. The United States Army actually funded and conducted the investigation.

According to the Morgellons Research Foundation: “Morgellons disease is a poorly understood condition which a growing number of physicians believe to be a chronic infectious disease. The disease can be both disabling and disfiguring. The symptoms include itching, biting and crawling sensations, “filaments” or fibers which emerge from the skin, skin lesions which range from minor to disfiguring, joint pain, debilitating fatigue, changes in cognition, memory loss, mood disturbance and serious neurological manifestations. Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is currently investigating the disease, it is not yet fully recognized by the medical community. At this time, the cause of Morgellons disease is unknown and there is no known cure.”

This investigation was supposed to last for two years. It began in 2007. To date there have been no official conclusions issued by the CDC.

During this time, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are becoming symptomatic with Morgellons Disease which continues to spread globally.

I have a friend who is one of the 40 people selected to be a volunteer in this study. His name is Dick. Dick is wealthy and influential. He has spent many thousands of dollars of his own money investigating Morgellons Disease desperately seeking relief from this horrific cluster of 93 known symptoms. Dick called me a few days ago and told me the devastating news:

  • Dr. Joe Selby, Director, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente, Northern California, told Dick “The CDC-Kaiser investigation of Morgellons Disease is a total failure.”
  • The entire investigation results will not be officially released for another 16 months.
  • Dick, when using his influence and pushing hard, got Dr. Selby to tell him the results about both Dick and the study; “There is nothing found in the study and Morgellons Disease does not exist “ Dr. Selby was quoted as saying.

Where does this leave the people who suffer from Morgellons Disease? On their own to fend for themselves perhaps?

The Morgellons Research Foundation says there is no cure for Morgellons and at the moment they are correct.

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