Morgellons Disease Conquered

Morgellons disease is a much-debated condition.

What in hell is this?

Doctors often think patients are faking or hallucinating because the illness is not listed in their reference books.  It is purely self-diagnosed when people match their symptoms to the descriptions of other Morgellons sufferers.  However, this could be starting to change.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, is studying self-reported Morgellons patients in Northern California, one of the more concentrated patient areas.  They are attempting to determine the causes of the condition, its symptoms, and effective treatments in an attempt to get the Morgellons disease conquered once and for all.

Patients with this horrible condition suffer from painful and itchy open sores with strange fibers protruding from them.  These fibers are most often white or black, but have been reported as green, blue, black, and red.  Some even glow fluorescently.  Besides these unusual fibers, the other very distinctive characteristic is a sensation of tiny animals or worms crawling, biting, stinging, and scratching inside the skin.  continue reading…

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