Colloidal Silver Breakthrough – A Historically Effective Product Made Even Better

Not many people realize that medicinal uses for silver extend back over 3,000 years.  Writings from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome all reference applications of silver for medical purposes.  In fact, since that time silver has been used in

Keep your entire family healthy

various forms for all kinds of health benefits.  To prevent gonorrheal opthalmia, it is standard practice to place silver nitrate drops in the eyes of newborns.  In addition, silver is used to purify water around the world and in the US Shuttle program; every drop of water aboard the ship is purified with colloidal silver. Burn centers in the United States use silver sulfadiazine ointment as the number one treatment for burns.  The antibacterial qualities of silver cause it to be used for heart catheters and heart valves.  There have been numerous anecdotal accounts of the benefits of internal use of colloidal silver, but recently there has been a colloidal silver breakthrough.

The discovery was that when actual nano-sized silver particles from silver mines are suspended in double distilled clustered water at high concentrations, greatly increasing its effects.  This suspension of colloidal silver efficiently kills pathogens in the body.  It has been tested and found to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  It accomplishes all of these things with zero toxicity to the human body.  From the invention of this colloidal silver breakthrough, there have been no reports of allergic reaction, poisoning, or adverse side effects.

Rather, the product manufactured from this colloidal silver breakthrough has been able to kill even antibiotic-resistant strains of diseases like Staph, MRSA and Lyme.  It also has the ability to kill the virus cells that are unaffected by antibiotics.  With the strengthening of the immune system comes added energy and focus as health is restored to the body.

One of the biggest unwarranted fears about using supplemental silver is of Argyria, or the discoloration of skin (turning blue).  Argyria is caused when a person ingested extremely large amounts of silver salts and silver nitrates (these are silver compounds, not colloidal silver).  Colloidal silver manufactured in this new ended in the early 1970’s.  An interesting note is that while millions have taken silver supplements (they were widely used before antibiotics), no one has ever died from them and there have only been 239 verified cases of Argyria.  Even in cases of Argyria, the discoloration was the only negative effect on the health of those people.  Their general health was excellent and many reported that conditions

they had regularly experienced before were completely gone.  Colloidal silver breakthrough technology makes it possible to absorb all the benefits of medicinal silver with zero toxicity and zero threat of Argyria.


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