Saving The Life of a Morgellons Sufferer

Saving The Life of a Morgellons Sufferer

NutraSilver has played a very positive and instrumental role in my fight against a life-threatening and horrific disease we know as Morgellons.  As a user and tester of NutraSilver, and a humanitarian, it is my sincere hope that this hi-lighted summary of my experience, over the past five months, will make even the smallest difference in another sufferer’s plight.

1.      In the first month of using NutraSilver and keeping a log of events, I discovered that topical use of the supplement, while immediately relieving a number of symptoms, vectored and spread colonization.  I started my testing using the NutraSilver both topically and orally by adding 10 drops to a glass of water 3 times a day. When I stopped topical use, the spreading and the appearance of new lesions ceased.

I continued with the daily oral dosages and within the first two weeks, my lesions began to heal, no spreading of new lesions was occurring, and the presence of the fibers eventually diminished altogether.  My joint stiffness and pain, lower back aches and swelling in my hands and feet actually subsided within 24 hours of the first test day.

2.     In the fifth month of using NutraSilver, I did a 3-day trial in which I aggressively increased the amount of my dosage to 7.5ml (200 drops) in water morning, noon and night.  I met with some startling results during and after what I categorized as “a massive purging of MORGELLONS disease critters.”

On the first day, approximately 10 hours after taking my first dosage and shortly after taking  my third dosage of the day, I had a vigorous and voluminous “reaction” in which I not only felt

Lesions gone in 3 weeks

acute pain and suffering, I observed the physical migration and expulsion, out and away from my body through:

a.    lesions, intact skin, nail beds through the nails

b.    mouth, tongue, lips

c.    tear ducts, scalp, intact skin and

c.    through elimination of bodily waste.

These symptoms cultivated into calculated, routine occurrences, every 1.5 to 3.0 hours over three days.  In the 10 days following, I continued to experience and observe events that sparked some hope:

a.  lesions healed faster and many were free of the residual callus bed

b.  remission was more stabilized and free of occasional “tweaks and twinges”

c.  the burden of chronic fatigue lifted

d.  the duration of symptom recovery was restored to normal or better overall

e.  had a greater feeling of well-being

f.   evidenced less scaring due to accelerated healing

g.  fibers and other visual symptoms were absent

h.  a vision of a light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel

3 weeks to eliminate lesions using NutraSilver

Additionally, my complexion and extremities are less riddled with tunnel/lesion scaring and discoloration as result of more aggressive healing.  I am no longer burdened with depression, hopelessness, chronic fatigue and brain fogging.  Intense sensations of crawling/pins and needles, chronic nasal congestion, blurred vision, and ringing in my ears have vanished.  In essence, I feel NutraSilver helped to restore my physical and mental health, as well as the quality of my life.

For the best, most current information on Morgellons and how to eliminate symptoms, please visit the website.


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