Why Has Morgellons Been Released Into Our Environment?

Morgellons chem-trails

We are being sprayed with extremely toxic chemicals

If by accident, then our government leaders and scientists have let us down by not having sufficient safeguards in place to protect the human race.   On the other hand, if Morgellons was released deliberately, then what is the ultimate purpose?  Preliminary research indicates that Morgellons is a nano-machine, capable of creating hideous new life forms based upon the DNA it comes in contact with. These creatures create incredible pain and suffering in it’s victims; symptoms include chronic fatigue, ‘brain fog’, intense pain deep within the body’s joints and bones, depression, surface lesions with multi colored fibers growing out of them and a complete compromise of the body’s immune system, allowing various infections to reek havoc upon the victim.   But what is the ultimate purpose of Morgellons? These self-replicating devices have abilities not yet known by scientists.

One thing is for sure; it took BILLIONS of dollars to create this invader and that means a very large defense contractor must have been involved, but to what end?   Evidence shows that there is a viral nano video camera imbedded in some of the blue fibers growing out of the lesions of victims. But to whom are images transmitted to and why?  Who is in control of these machines?  Is the purpose to control people, monitor them or ‘see’ what they see?   These nano-machines are in the air we breathe and therefore in the water and food supply across the earth.  That means that everyone is exposed and possibly infected.

chemtrail checkerboard

Look for checker-board chem-trails in Your sky

At least it appears that Morgellons is NOT contagious as well.    Perhaps you have seen the “checker-board” trails in your sky?

Are we to continue to wait while the CDC ‘gets it’s act together ‘and finally deliverers it’s investigative conclusions?  How long will that take?  How many people are currently symptomatic and how long does it take, once exposed to Morgellons, to become symptomatic?  The questions are endless. To date, there has not been an effective treatment found for Morgellons.  Victims are self-treating with pesticides, de-wormers, antibiotics, creams, lotions, nutritional supplements and the list is endless. There may be some temporary relief, but nothing seems to effectively treat Morgellons.

The traditional medical community is following the exact path it did when AIDS/HIV and Lyme disease first showed up: they accuse the victims of being delusional and prescribe anti-depressants and anti-psychotics because they are unwilling to conduct proper examinations, primarily because the combined symptoms are “not in the book”.   So the Morgellons sufferers become the victims of the medical community, often ridiculed and denied any meaningful support whatsoever. Their wallets are emptied, their families often abandoned them, and they loose their jobs, their homes, their cars and their support systems.  That is enough to make anyone appear to be delusional.   Apparently the only means of support remaining for Morgellons victims is the Internet; message boards abound with theories, treatment protocols and such, offering some understanding and support from fellow sufferers. Many believe they can mitigate their symptoms by reducing their intake of carbohydrates, taking nutritional supplements and generally boosting their immune system so their body can fight off this foreign invader.  The problem is that the invader is so small, the immune system may not be able to ‘notice’ the invader and kick in to defend mode to fight off Morgellons.  Victims seldom have fevers and other than suicide, there has very many reported deaths attributed to Morgellons.

What will it take for humanity to turn our attention to this emerging pandemic?  Perhaps very famous people, such as athletes, politicians, celebrities and government officials will have to become infected before we truly put the resources necessary to discover exactly what Morgellons disease is and how to effectively treat it.  In the mean time, individuals, children and entire families will continue to suffer until an effect treatment protocol is found.

Ultimately, there will be some very interesting explanations from whoever is responsible for the release of Morgellons into our environment.  Perhaps, there may even be consequences to the people and organizations who released Morgellons, either accidentally or deliberately.


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