What Would Your Immune System Do If It Did Not Have To Fight Pathogens?


Imagine that your body contains absolutely no pathogens. How would you feel?  What would happen to the quality of your life? What would you do with your new vitality and energy?

So, what are pathogens?

According to Wikipedia “A pathogen or infectious agent is a biological agent that causes disease or illness to its host. The term pathogen is derived from the Greek, “that which produces suffering.”

Six months ago, I had occasion to try a product, not sold in the USA, that claimed to “kill all known pathogens” so I decided to try it since my health was quite poor at the time. At 57 years old, I was 100 pounds overweight, had insulin-dependant diabetes, taking 150 units of insulin every day, my cholesterol was over 300, I had very high blood pressure, my bones and joints hurt so much I could only walk for 10 minutes and would have to sit down or cry from the pain. My doctor told me I had suffered a mild ‘silent heart attack’ and that I was at a crossroads; either give up and die most uncomfortably, or, step up to the plate and fix these problems.  Since I am a coward at heart, I decided on the latter course of action.

So I tried the product.  According to the company that manufactures the product, it kills all known pathogens by penetrating the cellular wall and paralyzing the cellular lung and the pathogenic organism suffocates and dies, usually in 30 minutes. This includes harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus, protozoa and single-cell parasites. The good bacteria, also known as aerobic bacteria, has no cellular lung since by definition it is saturated with oxygen and is therefore immune to the product.  That is why pro-biotics are not required to restore the helpful bacteria since they are not affected in any way as they are when using antibiotics that kill all bacteria, including the helpful ones.

So what happened when my immune system no longer had to fight the ‘pathogen battle’? I lost 71 pounds, my blood pressure is now105/65, my cholesterol is 184 and I use no insulin whatsoever!  I now go to the gym 4 days a week and run for 30 minutes on a treadmill (that is my warm-up) and I am virtually pain-free!

I started to get a cold or flu. I gargled for a minute and within a few hours the illness was gone. I had a sinus infection. I put several drops in my sinus cavities and within 2 hours my sinuses were clear. I got a cut. I put a drop on the cut and within a few days it was healed over without any infection or scaring. The stories go on and on.

Now, my immune system does exactly what it was intended to do: protect me from further infections that are far more serious such as cancer and HIV.

So I decided to import this amazing product and sell it in the USA.

So what is this product? It is called NutraSilver®. It has only two ingredients; natural silver from the earth, refined down to the nano level and distilled clustered water. Nothing else is in the product. Many people would put this into a category commonly known as Colloidal Silver.  However, this is not your garden-variety colloidal silver.  The manufacturer has developed a proprietary method of combining these two natural substances in such a way as to make it a new category of natural healing product. There are many laboratory reports from some of the most prestigious labs in the world that not only demonstrate it’s effectiveness against the worst known pathogens, but that it is also completely non-toxic, even in large doses!

Remember, nutrition is the most important factor in good health. Wikipedia states: “Nutrition is a critical determinant of immune system function and malnutrition the most common cause of immunodeficiency worldwide.” So if you want to be super-healthy, ensure that you pay close attention to your nutritional requirements and be sure to help your immune system fight off pathogens.

You can read more about the product at: www.NutraSilver.com

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