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Response to Consumer Reports “Dirty Dozen” on Colloidal Silver

Consumer Reports; Where are the Bodies and Where are the “Blue People”?

This month’s article from Consumer Reports displays an article on what they call the ‘Dirty Dozen’ 12 nutritional supplements including Colloidal Silver. In the article, CR says colloidal silver “has a possible risk of: Bluish skin, mucous membrane discoloration, neurological problems, kidney damage”. Nowhere do they offer any proof. None.

If colloidal silver is a health hazard, where are the bodies? Where are the blue people?  Think about it; for simplicity, let’s say that there a 300 million people in the USA. Arguably, there are 10 million people who take Colloidal Silver daily.  In your entire lifetime, how many people have you met who are blue?  Probably none.

How many people have died reasonably using Colloidal Silver?  None.  Here is proof;

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, January 19, 2010

(OMNS, January 19, 2010) “There was not even one death caused by a dietary supplement in 2008, according to the most recent information collected by the U.S. National Poison Data System.”

“The new 174-page annual report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers, published in the journal Clinical Toxicology, shows zero deaths from multiple vitamins; zero deaths from any of the B vitamins; zero deaths from vitamins A, C, D, or E; and zero deaths from any other vitamin.”

“Additionally, there were no deaths whatsoever from any amino acid or herbal product. This means no deaths at all from blue cohosh, echinacea, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, kava kava, St. John’s wort, valerian, yohimbe, Asian medicines, ayurvedic medicines, or any other botanical. There were zero deaths from creatine, blue-green algae, glucosamine, chondroitin, melatonin, or any homeopathic remedies.”

“Furthermore, there were zero deaths in 2008 from any dietary mineral supplement. This means there were no fatalities from calcium, magnesium, chromium, zinc, colloidal silver, selenium, iron, or multi-mineral supplements”

No man, woman or child died from nutritional supplements. Period.

“61 poison centers provide coast-to-coast data for the U.S. National Poison Data System, which is then reviewed by 29 medical and clinical toxicologists. NPDS, the authors write, is “one of the few real-time national surveillance systems in existence, providing a model public health surveillance system for all types of exposures, public health event identification, resilience response and situational awareness tracking.”

So let’s see if the facts bear out.  Pharmaceutical Drugs caused 106,000 DEATHS in 2008, while there were ZERO deaths from Nutritional Supplements. When the light shines on facts, the truth comes out. If pharmaceutical drugs caused 106,000 deaths and nutritional supplements caused no death, which do you think needs to be exposed to the public? Drugs or nutritional supplements?

What is the real agenda of Consumer Reports?  It is hard to say, but a prestigious publication like CR is seriously in danger of losing their credibility.  Any aware consumer will want to know the facts and not depend upon a publication that merely makes accusations.

This article is poorly researched, unsupported and could possibly be the result of Big Pharma trying to sway consumers through a well-respected publication away from safe and effective dietary supplements towards toxic and deadly pharmaceutical drugs. Consumer Reports has certainly lost me as someone who believes what they say. Unbiased? You decide!

These Pathogens Were Utterly Destroyed by NutraSilver in FDA-certified Lab Tests

You can see all of these FDA-certified in-vitro lab tests for yourself.

Important Nano-Silver Background You Need to Know

“There is no known disease-causing organism that can live in the presence of even minute traces of the chemical element of simple metallic silver,” according to Larry C. Ford, M.D., at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UCLA School of Medicine, 1988.

“Colloidal silver appears to be safe for children and pregnant and nursing women. It is tasteless, odorless, contains no free radicals, is harmless to human enzymes and has no adverse reactions with medications.”

“Colloidal silver has proven to be toxic to all tested species of fungi, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and many viruses. More importantly—unlike conventional antibiotics—infectious agents, cannot build a resistance to silver.”

“Taken internally, it may improve digestion, help prevent colds, flu and all organism-caused diseases. It can be used as a douche, atomized, nebulized or inhaled. Applied externally, it has been shown to help with things such as skin abrasions and burns (including sun burn). It can also be dropped into the eyes and ears to help the body overcome infection.”   Kurt Grange, Ph.D., N.D., is a nutritional bio-physiologist and author.

The Environmental Protection Agency Reveals Their Conclusions on Colloidal Silver:

Safety & Research

“Argyria has been described in syphilitic patients in poor health who were therapeutically dosed with a total of about 1 g of silver in the form of silver arsphenamine together with other toxic metals. There have been no reports of argyria or other toxic effects resulting from the exposure of healthy persons to silver.”

“Although the deposition of silver is permanent, it is not associated with any adverse health effects. No pathological changes or inflammatory reactions have been shown to result from silver deposition. Silver compounds have been employed for medical uses for centuries. In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, silver amphetamine was used in the treatment of syphilis; more recently it has been used as an astringent in topical preparations. While argyria occurred more commonly before the development of antibiotics, it is now a rare occurrence.”

“Taking one ounce of colloidal silver daily, according to EPA guidelines, is well below the critical daily intake for the development of argyria.”

Silver Washes Out Of The System Quickly

According to the EPA IRIS Report on silver (Integrated Risk Information Systems, 5th page, 1st paragraph) it states that a number of tests were completed to test the absorption and retention of ingested silver in a number of animals, including primates (we are primates). In its conclusion, the test work indicated that between 90-99% of ingested silver was excreted on the second day after ingestion, and greater than 99% was excreted in less than a week. So, in other words, almost all of the ingested silver was out of the body in only two days, and most of the rest was out of the body in a week. They found that silver does not build up in the system.

Safety & Research

“Silver occurs naturally mainly in the form of its very insoluble and immobile oxides, sulfides, and some salts. It has occasionally been found in ground, surface, and drinking-water at concentrations above 5 µg/liter. Levels in drinking-water treated with silver for disinfection (see Protection and improvement of water quality) may be above 50 µg/liter. Recent estimates of daily intake are about 7 µg per person.”

“Only a small percentage of silver is absorbed. Retention rates in humans and laboratory animals range between 0 and 10%.”

“The only obvious sign of silver overload is argyria, a condition in which skin and hair are heavily discolored by silver in the tissues. An oral NOAEL for argyria in humans for a total lifetime intake of 10 grams of silver was estimated on the basis of human case reports and long-term animal experiments.”


There is Far Too Much MIS-information About Colloidal Silver

  • Silver is NOT a heavy metal such as lead!

  • Silver is a NOBEL METAL LIKE GOLD.

  • There is no such thing as “Silver Poisoning”.

  • Humans have been using silver for over 3,000 years.

  • Try to find even one death from silver.

Levels Of Silver Usage Historically Deemed Safe

Many different silver products have been and are still being used throughout the medical industry. Up until the advent of chemical antibiotics, as we now know them, which came about in the 1940s, some very strong silver products were being used as antibiotics. Of the millions of people who used these concentrated silver products, there were no reported deaths and only 239 reported cases of generalized argyria. ( EPA Report ECAO- CIN-026, January 1991, page VI-3).

The Argyria Myth: Is It Possible To Get Argyria Using NutraSilver?

It would appear not. According to the US EPA, you must take silver nitrates or silver salts in very large quantities (over 10 grams) to get argyria. NutraSilver contains only nano-sized real silver particles and double-distilled CLUSTERED WATER and nothing else. Additionally, you must take silver in very large sizes (they get trapped under the skin) and NutraSilver silver particles are in the very low nano-range size. Commercially manufactured modern colloidal silver products all use very tiny silver particles.

Read more about the safety and efficacy of this amazing natural mineral.


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