My Morgellons Journal

I believe I may suffer from the Morgellons disease, as the symptoms described in a local newspaper article, on May 30, 2006, precisely describe an acute skin problem I have suffered from, coupled with other physical and psychological or mental problems that I have developed over a rather long period of time.

I am a 53-year-old white female, 5’2”, 135 lbs.  I am presently on medication for hypertension and menopause.

In recounting my symptoms, I believe the disease was “coming on” in early 1996.  At that time, I began to suffer from intense itching and a moderate to extremely painful “pins and needles” effect on both my arms.  The symptoms were much more painful and prevalent on my right arm.

I reached a point where I could not wear anything with long sleeves, made of wool or abrasive to the touch, or anything heavy or confining.  If I did, the symptoms would immediately reappear within minutes and take hours to calm down.  I also was unable to sleep on my right arm: if I did, I would suffer horrible itching, pins and needles pain and had no effective means to stop it.

I also recognized immediately that my symptoms were quickly brought on if I was in a warm room, in the sun, or showered or bathed in hot water.  I was generally more fatigued, less energetic, and continue to suffer from the insomnia.

About 6 months after these symptoms persisted, I sought my family physician’s help and was prescribed Cortisone.  My doctor speculated I was having an allergic reaction to certain fabrics.  The Cortisone relieved the symptoms, but returned once the medication was done.

I began to have episodes so severe I would rub my skin raw trying to relieve the itching and pain on my arms.  I began dosing myself heavily with Benadryl, Ibuprophen, aspirin, and Acetaminophen

I returned to my doctor several more times in the next two-year period with the same chronic complaints and, in one case, in June of 1998 I was excused from traveling to Las Vegas for my work because I explained to my doctor I couldn’t tolerate the hot climate.

Several months later, my physician conducted a second estrogen panel upon my insistence because I was beginning to have heavy night sweats, worse insomnia and the symptoms on my arms continued to escalate.

The disease became most noticeable in early January 2006.  I noticed lesions developing on the back of both hands.  In some cases, the lesions appear like long tunnels a mole would excavate just below the surface of the ground.  The lesions are red, raised, tender and contain “debris” I’ll describe below.

The lesions will not completely heal, are painful, and are now beginning to progress, in small sites, to my arms.

I find the sun or a warm environment aggravates the sores.  Lately, I have also experienced “itchiness” and tingling in both hands and my lower arms.

I visited a Dermatologist for the first time recently and was prescribed a Penicillin-based medication and a topical antibiotic gel, both of which “calmed” the problem for a short time.  I provided the Doctor photographs of my hands from a few months earlier and submitted recent skin samples revealing the “fibers”.

It was evident that the Doctor either thought I was crazy or had no knowledge of my condition, I wasn’t sure of which at the time.  I was embarrassed to plead with the physician to prescribe a pain-relieving medication.  However, most days I take 800 mg of Ibuprofen along with 1000 to 1500 mg of Acetaminophen, 4-6 times daily, and it doesn’t adequately relieve the pain and other discomfort.

The eruptions emit what I call “debris”. The debris consists of clear, hard particles, that remind me of  “glass”, then hard, black particle debris that looks like the pepper you describe, and lastly, tiny, usually short, dark green (sometimes red) fibers.

I have resorted to washing my hands frequently and wearing cotton gloves and long sleeves in public.  I am unable to use my hands to do some tasks, e.g., washing dishes (hands in water), preparing foods, gardening, etc.

I have also taken precautions regarding hygiene and contamination where others are concerned (e.g., while handling my newborn grand daughter or bathing or changing her diaper).

I have also found it necessary to wash my hands frequently.

I recently was introduced to colloidal silver in a product called “NutraSilver”.  It was recommended by the product developer to apply the solution to the clean, affected areas of my hands/arms at least twice daily and leave the solution of as long as possible.  Recently, it was suggested I add 1-2 drops to a glass of water and drink the solution twice daily.

In first treatment with the NutraSilver I literally watched the lesions begin to “dry out” and dissolve the “glass” and “pepper” type particles.  The solution also drew out the fibers leaving them outside the lesions on top of my skin.

Prolog: I have been symptom-free of Morgellons for the past 4 1/2 years, thanks to NutraSilver.  There is no need for you to suffer, no need at all..  Get started on healing yourself today!

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