Morgellons; Here is What Your CDC Has To Say

Morgellons sufferers around the world are waiting to see what the CDC will announce this year as the result of their study into the mysterious condition known commonly as Morgellons Disease

Unexplained Dermopathy (also called “Morgellons”)

CDC continues to receive reports of an unexplained skin condition which some refer to as “Morgellons”. Persons who suffer from this condition report a range of cutaneous or skin symptoms including crawling, biting and stinging sensations; granules, threads, fibers, or black speck-like materials on or beneath the skin; and/or skin rashes or sores. In addition to skin symptoms, some sufferers also report fatigue, mental confusion, short term memory loss, joint pain, and changes in vision.

At this time, scientists and doctors do not know what causes this condition. They do not know if people who report the condition have common risk factors or if there is a common cause for the symptoms. To assist in learning more about this condition, CDC is conducting an epidemiologic investigation. To learn more about the investigation, please refer to the following

Does CDC have evidence that this is a new condition?

We do not know the cause of this condition or whether this condition is new. CDC has received an increased number of reports from persons who describe similar symptoms; therefore, we are conducting an investigation to learn more about this unexplained dermopathy.

I (or my family member) am/is suffering from this skin condition, what should I do?

Persons who believe they may suffer from this condition should contact a healthcare provider for evaluation and medical care. CDC is not a medical facility and does not provide medical care or consultation to patients.

Common Morgellons Lesions

Is this condition contagious?

The factors associated with acquiring this condition are unknown. At this time, doctors and scientists do not know what causes this condition and there is not enough information to determine whether or not this condition is contagious.

How do I find a doctor?

CDC is a public health institution that is a part of the federal government. CDC does not provide healthcare or maintain a referral list of providers. CDC suggests that you contact your primary care provider. If you do not have a healthcare provider, you may be able to identify an appropriate doctor in your area by contacting your insurance company or by using online physician locators that have been established by professional medical societies such as the American Medical Association Web Site Icon or the American Academy of Dermatology Web Site Icon.

Morgellons Lesions; 2 & 1/2 weeks later

Is CDC aware that some web sites claim they have products that will treat/cure this condition?

Yes. We are aware of some web sites that make these claims, including some that imply CDC support of their products. CDC cannot validate the information or claims of those web sites. At this time, CDC does not endorse or recommend any specific treatment or medications for this condition. Consumers should seek input from their healthcare provider before purchasing or using any product (e.g., skin creams, pills, and other medications) or equipment that is marketed as a treatment for this condition.

I have more questions, whom can I contact?

CDC recommends that you contact a licensed healthcare provider to discuss your symptoms.

CDC maintains a telephone number with a pre-recorded voicemail and an email account to which you can send inquiries. At this time, we are not able to provide individual responses to each inquiry.

Email: or
Phone: 404-718-1199 (Pre-recorded message with voicemail)

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