NutraSilver Releases Lab Report on Effectiveness Against MRSA Super-bug


– Thu Feb 3, 6:00 am ET

Lab findings show NutraSilver’s ability to thwart ravaging effects of illness.

Reno, Nevada (Vocus/PRWEB) February 03, 2011

NutraSilver®, a top quality advanced colloidal silver that has shown a natural ability to assist with such conditions as Morgellons, Lyme disease and more, has now demonstrated its ability to help those impacted by Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), an antibiotic-resistant Staph infection that affects thousands of people each year. In testing completed by BioScience Laboratories, it was shown that just one drop of NutraSilver killed 1.33 billion cells of MRSA in 60 seconds. This report is a significant finding for the medical community that has labored to find a non-toxic product that is effective against an infection that can have deadly consequences, especially in those with compromised immunity.

The effectiveness of NutraSilver against MRSA comes as no surprise to those who have worked so hard to introduce its benefits to the medical community and the world at large. Made from a powerful organic combination of real silver and distilled clustered water, NutraSilver has been proven to eliminate many forms of bacteria and germs by simply blocking the ability for microorganisms to breathe. It is in this way, say those who manufacture NutraSilver, that this advanced colloidal silver works to literally “snuff” out MRSA virus.
“The lab results speak for themselves,” says company president Russell Altman. “This represents a significant medical breakthrough; one that can change the face of healthcare going forward and one that represents a turning point in dealing with those diseases that have come to be considered untreatable.”

In fact, says Altman, with so many strains of illness becoming resistant to traditional forms of treatment, it will become increasingly important for all of us – as advocates for our own healthcare – to better understand natural treatments that not only speak to illness but also foster overall health for a lifetime.

“NutraSilver is not meant to just react to illness, but to offer a proactive form of healthcare so that we can maintain great health and natural vigor throughout our life,” says Altman. “NutraSilver has been shown to be effective in helping those who suffer from a host of illnesses – including, as we have seen from our lab results and patient testimonials, MRSA. But it can also be a cornerstone of health; used by those who value a strong immune system, renewed energy and great health.”

Manufactured in a federally-inspected manufacturing facility, NutraSilver is a scientifically engineered product that relies on pure silver and distilled clustered water to fight germs and bacteria. The end result is a formulation that promotes general well-being by making it very difficult for pathogens to survive. Users turn to NutraSilver to treat various symptoms and help prevent illness.

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