Morgellons Skin Lesions – Although Not A Cure, NutraSilver Eliminates The Symptoms

The CDC has been  investigating Morgellons for over 2 years; insider information confirms that nothing is to be released for at least another year.  The CDC spent $338,000 for the study which only has 50 Morgellons volunteers for the study. In the mean time, hundreds of thousands of Morgellons victims suffer horribly.

Morgellons disease is a skin disorder that has not yet gained widespread acceptance that it actually exists. It is similar to scabies, which is a contagious skin disease in which parasites burrow under the skin and lay eggs. These parasites belong to the arachnid family. Some symptoms vary from one patient to another. Others, such as skin lesions and a “crawling sensation” in the skin are consistent. Areas of the body where the disease seems to be most severe are on the hands, behind the knees and arms, on the chest and back. Other common physical symptoms are rashes and pain that is similar to fibromyalgia.

Many patients have reported trouble concentrating and constantly experience fatigue. When affected areas are viewed under a microscope, many Morgellons patients have clusters of dark fibers beneath the unbroken skin. These fibers are not visible with the naked eye. These fibers frequently work their way out of the skin via the sores and lesions that accompany the disease. Unlike scabies, there are no parasites present when patients are tested. However, a recent study has found a microscopic parasite in some patients. This parasite is known to feed on algae, bacteria and decaying organic materials. They thrive in wet or damp surroundings.

If you would like to read more details information, please click here. If you can tolerate horrific pictures of Morgellons lesions both before and after treatment with NutraSilver, please click here.

The results are inconclusive as a cause for Morgellons disease. The Centers for Disease Control refers to it as an unexplained dermopathy. Many dermatologists and psychiatrists consider this a psychological disorder, rather than a physical disease. Medical doctors generally treat the condition by prescribing antibiotics, antifungals or herbal supplements.  These methods are considered treatments rather than cures, as the symptoms return when discontinued. Colloidal silver has been marketed as an alternative medicine for this condition as well as many others, from fibromyalgia to E. coli. From a medical standpoint, there is no proven effectiveness for this treatment.

Morgellons Lesions

Same Morgellons Lesions AFTER using NutraSilver

Regardless of official reports, many Morgellons sufferers have found relief when it is used. They state that the lesions begin to heal after about a week, with the sores dissipating within two weeks. The bouts of stinging and biting sensations that plague sufferers are reduced or disappear altogether. The most severe symptoms are debilitating and in many sufferers, their quality of life is reduced. For more information on scientifically engineers, cluster water and the many advantages of using colloidal silver for a healthier life, visit the web site at

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  1. Keny Silva says:

    Extraordinary exhibit of Nutrasilver’s effect to the survivors. Really love to watch and read everybody gaining vigorous skin and body conditions again.

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