Colloidal Silver Myths Debunked

  • Argyria is a thing of the past

  • You must seriously abuse colloidal silver to get argyria

  • To get argyria, you must make your own silver at home or take silver compounds

  • You must take hugely excessive amounts of colloidal silver to get argyria

Argyria is a Thing of the Past

Most cases of argyria occurred prior to 1970 when manufactures made colloidal silver with real silver and the particle size was far too large.  The particles would lodge in the skin and when exposed to sunlight, like photo paper, would turn bluish-grey.

Since all modern manufactures of colloidal silver now create colloidal silver with nano-sized particles or silver ions, there is no opportunity to get argyria from any store-bought colloidal silver product.

What Silver Products Cause Argyria?

The US Federal Register listed the silver products that cause argyria as:

  • Silver salts, including silver nitrate, silver arsphenamine, silver chloride and possibly silver iodide.
  • These products were sold until about 1975 under various labels consisting of silver solutions ranging from 5-30% silver [50,000-300,000 ppm (parts per million) of silver] (Federal Register, FDA-21CFR Part 310, pg. 53685). 
  • NutraSilver® contains no silver salts, silver nitrate, silver arsphenamine or silver chlorides.
  • NutraSilver® is 100% pure nano-sized silver particles and double-distilled clustered water manufactured under closely scrutinized federal guidelines.
  • The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS is required by all governments globally) demonstrates that NutraSilver® is totally non-toxic.

You Must Seriously Abuse Colloidal Compounds (not colloidal silver) to Get Argyria

Many different silver products have been and are still being used throughout the medical industry. Up until the advent of chemical antibiotics, as we now know them, which came about in the 1940s, some very strong silver products were being used as antibiotics. Of the millions of people who used these concentrated silver products, there were no reported deaths and only 239 reported cases of generalized argyria. ( EPA Report ECAO- CIN-026, January 1991, page VI-3).

In order to get argyria, you would need to make your own silver compound following these basic mistakes:

  • Use tap water (it combines with the silver and changes the molecular structure).
  • Inject it directly into a vein
  • Put in on your skin
  • Take 1,000 times the recommended amount in a very short time

In other words, seriously abuse colloidal silver (re: do NOT recommend any of this)

Silver Washes Out Of The System Quickly

According to the EPA IRIS Report on silver (Integrated Risk Information Systems, 5th page, 1st paragraph) it states that a number of tests were completed to test the absorption and retention of ingested silver in a number of animals, including primates (we are primates). In its conclusion, the test work indicated that between 90-99% of ingested silver was excreted on the second day after ingestion, and greater than 99% was excreted in less than a week. So, in other words, almost all of the ingested silver was out of the body in only two days, and most of the rest was out of the body in a week. They found that silver does not build up in the system.

To Get Argyria, You Must Make Your Own Silver Compound (not colloidal silver)

There are thousands of websites that sell colloidal silver generators. Colloidal silver generators typically produce ionic silver in the 2 – 20 ppm range and that is far to low to use for serious ailments. Most are completely safe as long as you following the manufactures instructions.  Be aware that you are making IONIC colloidal silver and not true colloidal silver. You see, true colloidal silver is made from real silver from a silver mine whereas ionic silver is made from a silver wire with electric current running through it that sheds silver ions into the surrounding distilled water.

It is when the maker of colloidal silver adds salt or chlorine to the mixture to “up” the parts per million (PPM) that real danger arises.  These additives create silver compounds that can cause argyria and can have serious consequences.

NutraSilver® is made from real silver from a silver mine. It is 3,600 ppm and far more potent than any home made colloidal silver can be.  NutraSilver®, unlike ionic silver that is basically clear in color is dark yellow in color which is the color reflected when light hit it.

You Must Take Hugely Excessive Amounts Of Colloidal Silver to Get Argyria

Paul Karason, also known as the “Blue Man” publicly stated that he did all of the things stated above in order to turn blue. He even rubbed colloidal silver on his face and laid down in the sun.

The Blue Man

Blood tests showed Paul is very healthy with no silver poisoning and he states publicly that he has never felt better and plans to continue to use his ‘home-made’ silver product.

When asked why, if the silver did not cure his dermatitis, he keeps taking it. “Because of some profound benefits that I had received from using it, like no more acid reflux, no more sinus troubles; my arthritis went away,” he said. On a recent appearance on NBC’s Today Show he agreed to undergo a complete physical exam at the prompting of the show’s medical professional. The stated concern was that the silver “may have” caused problems with his internal organs such as the liver, heart and brain.

Following the exam the doctors concluded that he was in excellent health for a man of his age. But, they reserved final comments until the results of the heavy metal blood test came back from the lab. To everyone’s surprise, in spite of the extreme quantities of silver water he had consumed which was 2000% to 4000% of the recommended daily dose, the results of the blood analysis showed everything in the normal range. There was no indication of kidney for liver damage whatsoever.

Silver Poisoning

The term “silver poisoning” is often confused with Argyria.  There is no such thing as silver poisoning. If there were, why have we not heard of even one death from silver poisoning?  Why would NASA and the EPA state often and frequently that they use colloidal silver and that it is safe?

Silver is a Heavy Metal, or is it?

Science has yet to define ‘heavy metal’ completely; it is a term used quite frequently when referring to harmful metals that do not belong in the human body.  Metals like cyanide and arsenic and others are often associated with the term  ‘heavy metal’ correctly. Silver is a transitional or sometimes referred to as a noble metal.

Colloidal Silver Summary

Humans have been using colloidal silver for somewhere between 2 and 3 THOUSAND years. There has not been even one reported death using colloidal silver in all of that time.  Before antibiotics arrived, colloidal silver was the “standard treatment” for all pathogenic diseases.

The technology to manufacture colloidal silver safely has given birth to a whole new era of disease prevention and mitigation. Colloidal silver is safe.  There is no evidence that colloidal silver can harm or kill humans and there is much scientific evidence that colloidal silver is absolutely fatal to pathogens.

NutraSilver® has been tested for toxicity in several national and internationally recognized independent laboratories.  The results are always the same: NutraSilver® has ZERO toxicity.

The owner of NutraSilver® has been taking it for 4 years (and so have his dog) with no harmful effects whatsoever. Colds and flu and general disease no longer plague him and he is experiencing a pathogen-free life.


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