New Medical Opportunities with NutraSilver

The general public is becoming increasingly aware of the need to use “natural remedies” and growing suspicious of big Pharma’s relentless pursuit of profits at the expense of the health in the general population. The public is also becoming aware that they are spending more than people in other countries for healthcare and getting sicker rather than healthier.  A daily dose of NutraSilver will reverse their pathenogenic illnesses quickly and inexpensively thereby creating a huge, reordering market since everyone gets remarkable and quick results.

The NutraSilver opportunity is so huge, it is nearly impossible to quantify. Americans spend hundreds of billions of dollars annually on prescription and non-prescription drugs along with OTC remedies.  NutraSilver will solve medical problems in the following areas:

  • Sterilization of medical and dental instruments
  • Broadband Antibiotic replacement
  • OTC products including nasal sprays, eye and ear and throat disinfectants
  • Antiseptic application in personal hygiene and cleaning products
  • Anti-fungal application such as athlete’s foot
  • Anti-mold industrial applications
  • Anti-yeast infectious conditions

All of these and others will be multi-billion dollar opportunities

Americans are fat in large part due to Candida Albicans overgrowth as a result of taking even one dose of anti-biotics. NutraSilver quickly kills Candida, a yeast infection, the gut flora returns to normal (boosting the immune system) and the person looses most of their excess body weight and becomes resistant to infections.  Rapid results like these will fuel word-of-mouth advertising and NutraSilver will become a household word very quickly.

Anything to do with pathenogenic control and eradication is a fair target for NutraSilver.  NutraSilver can be used topically and orally. Anecdotal evidence demonstrates that NutraSilver is highly effective against arthritis and dramatically accelerates healing following surgery and repair of broken bones. Eye, ear, nose and throat infections are easily and quickly remedied. Open wounds and post-surgical healing takes a third of the normal time to heal.

Since the cost to obtain NutraSilver is a small fraction of the cost of traditional therapeutic methods, there is a major price advantage over existing products.  Once appropriate testing and approvals are obtained, the only hurdle remaining is clever packaging, marketing and distribution. The ROI will build rapidly generating a war-chest that will fund new products and medical applications. NutraSilver will shift how people think about their health and will become the focal point of their healthcare regime.

Read more about how NutraSilver might play an important role in your life.



About CareMan
I am the CareMan, have been for 7 years now. I really do care about YOU and getting YOU back to great, natural health, so long as you have an open mind.

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