Potential Burn Ward Uses of NutraSilver

Most physicians will tell you that burns generally do not kill their victims: the ensuing infection does that. This raises challenges relative to the Burn-ward environment, potential infections carried by hospital staff and the patients very own pathogens such as gut flora and skin infections.

The return of silver to conventional medicine began in the 1970s. The late Dr. Carl Moyer, chairman of Washington University’s Department of Surgery, received a grant to develop better methods of treatment for burn victims. Dr. Margraf, as the chief biochemist, worked with Dr. Moyer and other surgeons to find an antiseptic strong enough, yet safe to use over large areas of the body. Dr. Margraf investigated 22 antiseptic compounds and found drawbacks in all of them.

Reviewing earlier medical literature, Dr. Margraf found continual references to the use of silver. However, since concentrated silver nitrate is both corrosive and painful, he diluted the silver to a .5 percent solution and found that it killed invasive burn bacteria and permitted wounds to heal. Importantly, resistant strains did not appear. But, silver nitrate was far from ideal. So research continued for more suitable silver preparations.

Silver sulphadiazine (Silvadene, Marion Laboratories) is now used in 70 percent of burn centers in America. Discovered by Dr. Charles Fox of Columbia University, sulphadiazine has also been successful in treating cholera, malaria and syphilis. It also stops the herpes virus, which is responsible for cold sores, shingles and worse.

Results show Colloidal Silver to be highly germicidal, yet harmless and non-toxic to humans. More importantly, research shows excellent results with an astonishing array of bacterial, viral and fungal conditions.

Science Digest cites colloidal silver as “…a wonder of modern medicine,” and further states “Antibiotics kill perhaps a half dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills hundreds. Resistant strains fail to develop. Moreover, silver is virtually non-toxic. Colloidal silver, used as an anti-microbial agent, will not create super bugs as antibiotics do.”

Alfred Searle, founder of the giant Searle Pharmaceuticals (now Monsanto) stated, “Applying colloidal silver to human subjects has been done in a large number of cases with astonishingly successful results. For internal administration … it has the advantage being rapidly fatal to pathogens without toxic action on its host. It is quite stable.” Further information indicates that Colloidal Silver does not cause harmful interactions with other medications or topical treatments.

Its mechanism of action is that silver acts as a heavy metal, by impairing the bacterial electron transport system and some of its DNA functions (Russell & Hugo, 1994). Silver is released slowly in concentrations that are selectively toxic to micro-organisms (Goodman & Gilman, 1990).

It is effective against a wide range of flora, gram negative organisms such as: E coli, enterobacter, klebsiella and pseudomonus aeruginosa, gram positive organisms such as: staphylococcus aureus and haemolytic streptococcus group B (Leaper, 1996). It is also useful against fungi such as: candida albicans (Scott Ward & Saffle, 1995). Kucan, Robson, Heggers & Ko (1981) compared saline, Povidone-iodine and Silver Sulphadiazine topically on pressure ulcers. They demonstrated that Silver Sulphadiazine was 100 per cent successful in reducing bacterial contamination in wounds down to less than 105. Whereas saline applied in a wet-dry method was only 79 per cent and Povidone – iodine was only 64 per cent. To see FDA-certified lab reports using NutraSilver, click here.

NutraSilver contains no compound additives; it is simply 100% natural silver in nano-sized particles scientifically engineered to combined with clustered distilled water and therefore completely non-toxic and without the side effects of other currently used silver products.

Another major advantage is that NutraSilver may be sprayed on the patient, thereby eliminating surface pathogens AND it can be taken orally so as to prevent self-infection from internal pathogens.

While NutraSilver requires further testing, the foundation has been created as is evidenced by the FDA-certified lab reports demonstrating astounding ‘kill rates’ of the most troublesome pathogens.


For further information, follow this link.



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