Is It Certain That You Will Get a Cold or Flu?

We have many customers who take Nutrasilver® daily as a preventative against common colds and flu. Since everyone is different, you will need to experiment on the number of drops of NutraSilver® to take twice each day.  Usually the number of drops to prevent colds and flu is between 10 and 20 for adults and 5 to 10 drops for children under 75 pounds.

We know that  a cold and flu are viral infections and antibiotics are useless against them. Since viruses require oxygen to live, NutraSilver® kills viruses so you either avoid a cold or flu completely, or as many Nutrasilver customers have shared with us, their cold or flu symptoms last less than half as long as those who do not take NutraSilver.


Antibiotics only work on bacteria and nothing else.  Colds and flu are viruses and are NOT affected by any antibiotic.  Too often, doctors prescribe antibiotics for colds and flu just to placate their patients.  This often results in the patient experiencing a compromised immune system since antibiotics kill the ‘good bacteria’ in the large bowel.  NutraSilver has no affect on the ‘good gut flora bacteria’ and has zero toxicity. The symptoms of colds and flu are no match for NutraSilver since NutraSilver® works the same way on viruses as it does on bacteria.  NutraSilver switches off the enzyme that allows either bacteria or viruses to breath, so they suffocate and die within a few minutes.

Sore throat, reduced antibiotic use and sinus remedy

James_R       April, 2010
“I have no tonsils due to my parents having them removed when I was a child and being a first line of defense I usually catch a few colds per year and most give me a bad bacterial infection and sore throat and I go to the doctor and get antibiotics for the throat but since being introduced to NutraSilver, I rarely have to go the doctors anymore plus too much antibiotics is not a good thing.”

“I have tried quite a few of the silver products out there and NutraSilver seems to be the most powerful I have tried, I can gargle with it and feel it working! Normally my colds seem to take 7-12 days to overcome and with NutraSilver sometimes it’s over in usually 6-8 days  and the severity is not as bad.”


“I have also used it on skin sores and they heel quickly, and use it in a 4:1 ratio in a spray bottle for the nose as I often have sneezing  attacks and it will clean out the sinuses quickly and stop sneezing. I do not want to be without NutraSilver and I do tell people about this product and that the makers offer a money back guarantee if not satisfied…So what do you really have to lose?”

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