Drug Resistant MRSA Super-bug Colonization

Drug Resistant MRSA Colonization

MRSA Colonization is the term used to describe those who have drug resistant staph aureus bacteria on or in their bodies but have not yet become ill through the infection of a wound or other area of tissue. The bacteria is often found in the nose, groin or underarm areas.

People can become infected within minutes if they have a wound or existing skin break. But many will carry the bacteria for years and even decades without any skin or wound infection. (1 in 3 people in the population have the easier to treat SA part of MRSA on their skin anyway) The initial colonization could take place through something as simple as sharing a towel.

The strains that are drug resistant and are often detected in hospitals are found on the skin of about 1%, although pockets of the population can have much higher colonization rates. (These include hospital staff, vet personnel and care home residents – between 4-15% of these populations are thought to be MRSA carriers without active infection. This is a conservative estimate)

Those who have the community strains that often infect otherwise healthy people may be part of infection clusters based around social groups living in close proximity or sharing common facilities. These include needle injecting drug users,

Day-care Kids Are At Risk

military staff, prison inmates and warders, students in residence halls, children in day care, those involved in or patronising the sex industry, promiscous heteroseuals and homosexuals and people involved in contact sports. In time people outside these high risks groups will start to become carriers as the bacteria infiltrates all aspects of a society.

People who contract MRSA in hospital may have bacteria transferred into their wound as a result of nursing or surgical proceedures. This is why hand hygiene is so important as the hand can be the transport that carries the bacteria to the wound area. MRSA is also thought to be airborne and can be part of dust or dead skin residues or in the moisture emitted when a person sneezes.

Colonization is usually a more passive state however when the person is well but has become a carrier of the bacteria. It often resides in the groin area, under the arms but especially in the nose. It can set up camp in the throat or some times in the intestine.

Doctors will often seek to decolonize people prior to an operation to help prevent MRSA infection of a wound. This will usually involve bathing with special soap and a nasal cream that is designed to kill the MRSA that often uses the nose as a hiding place.

Because MRSA is becoming so common in some populations doctors are loath to give the nasal treatment to those with simple skin infections or merely carrying the bacteria. This is because of growing resistance patterns with respect to mupirocin, the most commonly used cream. Overuse or unfinished courses of treatment will render the drug useless and will create problems for staff trying to eradicate bacteria prior to an operation.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ( MRSA) infection also manifest in form of low blood pressure, headaches, and rashes over body etc. The bacteria may reach important internal organs, like heart, lungs, bones, joints and cause serious damage. This infection is life threatening and must be treated with caution and urgency.

If you see a mark on skin resembling spider bite, you should not overlook it, as it can be MRSA also. Septicemia, toxic shocks are two other symptoms of MRSA. You must understand that most people are merely carriers of MRSA and may carry this disease for years, without getting affected with it.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus ( MRSA) infection are most prominent on skin, so skin lesions and infections must never be treated lightly. They may resemble a common malady, but in reality, it may beMRSA. It is best to consult a doctor or health care professional if you see any symptom or a combination of symptoms, discussed here. Though the bacteria staph is present in 25% to 30% people, in their nose, they are not affected by it. The bacteria affect only 1% population and they suffer from MRSA. Symptoms of this disease should not be overlooked, as the disease is very fatal and immediate medical care is required.

What Can Patients Do to Protect Themselves?

According to the CDC; Surgical Site Infection (SSI)

  • An infection is considered to be an SSI when it occurs at the site of surgery within 30 days of an operation or within 1 year of an operation if a foreign body (e.g., an artificial heart valve or joint) is implanted as part of the surgery.
  • Most SSIs (about 70%) are superficial infections involving the skin only. The remaining infections are more serious and can involve tissues under the skin, organs, or implanted material.
  • The majority of SSIs do not become life-threatening.
  • Patients should maintain a healthy weight, stop smoking at least 30 days prior to surgery, work with their doctors to keep blood sugar levels under control if diabetic, and take a shower or bath the day before surgery.
  • Patients can also ask that doctors make sure to use antibiotics correctly during surgery and follow proper infection control practices before, during, and after surgery. This includes practicing good hand hygiene and using clippers at the incision site instead of a razor if hair removal is necessary.

Dramatic MRSA Reversal With NutraSilver

Chris_H    Tampa, Florida                        June 2010

“This is our second order & we’re devoted customers for LIFE. I was extremely sick with my MRSA since 2005. Doctors just seemed to be killing me the more they treated me. I only had one so-called “good” week per month that I felt “OK.” We found NutraSilver mentioned on a MRSA discussion board, that day, on April 30th, we ordered. I need to tell you…I have not had one single down day since I’ve been taking NutraSilver. I no longer take 6 hour naps during the day (after a full nights rest), my rashes & boils disappeared entirely, sinus congestion & migraines no longer hit me (NOT even ONE since I started this), I no longer have any monster-sized gland swelling in my neck or bad ear infections (which I had 3 WEEKS out of each month)–and my energy is restored back to how it felt BEFORE I acquired MRSA in ’05. I am able to spend time doing things I love…most importantly, I am now able to spend A LOT of wake time with my teenage son! ”

“I am a 38 year old female, single parent… I was terrified, hopeless & knew that I was inching closer to the grave, I prepared my Last Will & Testament and I put a couple Life Insurance policies on myself. I was very depressed from it all. I couldn’t help but be anything but with the thought of leaving my son behind.

“Today…I sleep through the night, I am up early in the morning, no naps..I stay on the go, I am swimming 100 laps 6 days a week on top of my daily cardio & strength training. I haven’t had ANY energy to exercise since 2005!! I’m eating as a vegetarian now and since I ordered your product the first time around, I’ve lost 65 lbs that I had gained while I was down ill…with 20 more to go!

“NutraSilver has brought me back to LIFE. It’s literally wiped out ALL of my MRSA symptoms & I now keep it combined with a Pro-biotic and Golden Seal. I maintain taking NutraSilver at a dose 40 drops a day. My son and I cannot EVER thank you enough..YOU helped save my life when 19 hospital stays & the strongest of medication couldn’t even make a dent!






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