Morgellons Sufferer Tells All

Before the bugs went all over with different types. I had Morgellons or Toxic syndrome for a few years but did not know any better. The house we rent now is where I start getting buffy. I would stand in my tiny bathroom and see little cylinder shaped things come out of the wall. Some broke off like pieces of sand and others were longer and nice cylinder shape. Within a few months the same thing started coming out of my puffy face. The more that pushed through the paint with a high gloss seal for bathrooms. The more that pushed out through my pores on my face. It was so bizarre and I was still clueless at that point.

Now I rarely see anything like that come out of the wall and out of my face, but I do see the tiny white flakes come out of my face and chest and even some tiny black specks. Last night a nice amount compared to other days. Every time the sun comes out I have to fight harder. I believe most of mine is Parisites with some mini visits from mites. Probably rat mites.

Our bathroom wall inside was filled with Walnut halls from years of mice dragging them between the walls. I almost think the worms that eat Walnuts may be part of my problem. I got permission to get rid of the Walnut tree in the yard. It was messy and had tons of bugs and Termites galore throughout the tree. That along with moth balls in the walls help get rid of the mouse infestation. Along with letting Ferrel cats live under the house until the bug explosion hit me and I pushed everything back away from me. Plus the Ferrel cats damaged the electric under the house to the floor furnice.

So I probably had a rat mite that I fight off. Burning Meth Crystal twice daily is helping. Beats spraying twice daily all walls, windows and furniture which only helps molds and fungus to grow. I had at least 3 or 4 types of bugs. My first year I took out 2 worms from inside my arm. Whare they draw blood. The first worm was very short and damaged and though maybe I was wrong about it being a worm. The fallowing week I was rubbing an irritated spot in the other arm and out came a perfect worm with no damage and twice the size of the first one. 1/4 in long. Creamy white with little nodular for legs similar to an inch worm.

Actual Morgellons Lesions

Also that year I saw a cute little black bug that almost fit down in my pore. I watched through a hand held glass as he would pop out walk around arm hairs only to end back up in the same pore. The bug had short legs and two long legs that felt wispy. I call that my wispy crawler which I had not had now sense last summer. He had the face of a little man. So cute the face was. Took me two months to find a front view of a Chigger which had the same face. All the top views of Chiggers did not look like the little fella living on my arm. I am in CA. so we are not suppose to have Chiggers, but I think we attract so many bugs that I say all bugs can live anywhere but some have more trouble staying alive because of weather killing them off and soil alkaline or acidity, so fewer and farther between yet they found me. Unless there is a kin to Chiggers living in CA.

10 months or less ago I caught a bug crawling on the privates. I threw it in the bathroom sink. I damaged it and it had a flipper. It was trying to flip itself mimicking a flea. That one if any good any more is at the college waiting for identification. If was real pretty. Translucent under the scope. Creamy abdomen. Long slender wings with blue and red dots. Big black round eyes and I believe six legs. I think the worms I pulled out over a year ago is the same bug. Sorry about making bugs sound pretty.

I just gotta ask this again… are they actually saying (without knowing it) that these transgenic insects and plants aren’t gonna effect humans? Give me a break!! Insects always bite and the wind blows seeds everywhere. Are these guys totally insane? Or do these people have a way to make their biowarfare mutated insects and seeds only target the enemy? I just don’t understand… and it seems “they” don’t either!

I’ve had several major surgeries in my lifetime. Two ectopic pregnancies… one where I flat lined 3 times on the table. I also had meningitis when I was a child and wasn’t supposed to live thru that one either, but I did. I think God must not be ready for me yet… probably knows I’ll follow Him around bugging Him with all my curiosities, and being I’m sure He’s very busy, He just doesn’t want me there yet! But back to my other surgeries, I had my spinal surgery in ’96 and shoulder surgery around ’98 I think. I didn’t get morgs til 2003… but Dr. Hildy once said I could’ve been implanted with my “chip” during either one of those surgeries. Did you know a surgeon can actually do that kind of thing without the patient’s permission or them even knowing about it?

As for the bugs you guys… I’ve only seen collembola and flying ants in my morg journey. But like you Lynn, that was all in the first few years and now I never see them anymore… which is a very good thing! Although I love animals of any kind, including bugs… I sure don’t like them in me!

Notice the "critter" exiting the finger

I’m so sorry everything seems so out of control for you right now shear delight. I myself really like wormwood, but I pretty much stay away from taking anything anymore. I just go thru the cycles knowing they’re gonna end sooner or later and try to stay as positive as I possibly can. I use peppermint oil on my skin and hair alot tho… it helps with the crawling and electrical sensations more than anything else I’ve ever tried. You mentioned the salt and C… it’s used mostly for Lyme patients but has helped many a morgie too. As for using or not using a zapper, read my new thread about the dangers of experimenting by Dr. Hildy. You may find it interesting and informative too (she discusses zappers along with everything else).

For the most up-to-date Morgellons information, follow this link.


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