Morgellons Disease Natural Treatments Without Going Broke

Could there be a natural treatment for Morgellon’s Disease that really works?

The answer is absolutely yes. Read on…..

Non-healing Morgellons lesions

The treatment of Morgellons disease remains as controversial as the problem itself. One thing, though, is clear – mainstream medicine is so clueless that we must look to solving Morgellons Disease with natural approaches and treatments.

Locking patients up, decrying their painful and debilitating symptoms as “psychosomatic” (from the mind), debilitating them with powerful psychoactive drugs and ridiculing their obvious distress and concern is not the way to treat disease in ANY case, but especially not in this one.

Recall the way that mainstream medicine reacted when it was confronted with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or “AIDS” – it completely buried its head in the sand and treated the poor suffering patients with derision and scorn. Such has

been the treatment of many a Morgellon’s patient, though, thankfully, some compassionate medics are taking a radically different approach and trying a totally new approach.

Dr Susan Kolb, MD

Dr Susan Kolb, MD  is one such individual who has been studying Morgellon’s for some time and, recently, has been having considerable success with natural Morgellon’s disease treatments. Brave, open-minded Doctors and their patients have gone beyond this obvious protectionism for the pharmaceutical industry and have taken matters into their own hands – with startling results.

Modern wonders such as electron microscopy have revealed that the lesions suffered by Morgellon’s Disease patients are most definitely NOT in their imaginations (see Morgellon’s disease images) and that the micro-fibrils and granules are both very real and totally unnatural. This has led many to speculate on their origin and the subsequent cause or Morgellon’s, but little definitive evidence has been forthcoming so far.

Hope for Morgellons Disease Using Natural Remedies?

However, the similarity to some fungal species (such as hyphae) has led some pioneering physicians to consider treatments that are effective against such species. One such treatment that is showing significant promise is the unique clustered-water colloidal silver product “NutraSilver at 3,600 ppm.”

Silver, and in particular silver in its colloidal form (micro particles suspended in water or other solution) have long been known to be particularly effective against virtually ALL viruses, bacteria and fungi, whilst have virtually no known adverse effects (as opposed to commercial antibiotics, which can have disastrous, even fatal consequences, and frequently cause more problems than they address).

In fact, many sources postulate that it is the bactericidal properties of silver that led the nobilities of the Medieval World to eat from silver plates and drink from Silver cups – the silver protecting them from any potentially harmful bugs in their food and drink. Whatever the reason, silver is known by all in the field of natural health to have many powerful qualities and few drawbacks (none of which are remotely life-threatening).

However, NutraSilver is somewhat unique in that it is not just a simple suspension of silver molecules, but a suspension of silver particles, which seem to be EVEN MORE effective in killing virtually every dangerous pathogen known to man. This kind of approach is yielding significant improvements, with many people reporting that the “granules” literally seemed to “jump out” of their skin after the treatment and that sores that had been troublesome for may months then healed in a couple of weeks.

If you think you might have Morgellons, then you really need to know more about how to overcome your Morgellons symptoms and return to your normal life.


Morgellons Success! 

Caring for the Morgellons sufferer is extremely difficult since there are no medicl tests that can identify the disease

NutraSilver TestimonialsBetty_R        April 2007

“I have suffered terribly for over 10 years with this horrible Morgellons. After trying every product under the sun, I finally discovered NutraSilver®.

Within 7 days of starting it, I noticed my thoughts became clearer, my energy began to come back, my depression seemed to vanish, the “creepy crawlies” began to diminish and best of all, my lesions began to heal for the first time in years. In a few weeks, they were completely healed. I have been symptom-free for nearly a year now and I am so very grateful for NutraSilver®.”


Free Telephone Consultations

If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (4+ years) counselors will help you through this nightmare. We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover. It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

888-240-2326 Option #2

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3 Responses to Morgellons Disease Natural Treatments Without Going Broke

  1. Shawnne says:

    I certainly will get it in a several days and thaanx for sharing so much!

  2. irisdlynch says:

    What causes Morgellons?

    • CareMan says:

      Iris, The answer is unknown. However, recent research demonstrates that Morgellons’ genetic DNA markers are identical to Lyme disease so there is a strong connection there.

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