MRSA Superbug Test Now Available in Europe; Why Not in the USA?

A test for detecting the SuperBug MRSA is now available in the European Union. Improved MRSA screening for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) should result with the introduction of this new test. The international drug developer Roche has claimed that the new test will help to prevent and control infections.

Hospital To Screen Patients For MRSA

Screening for MRSA will be offered to patients in East Surrey before planned operations, to try to combat the spread of the super bug. Swabs will be taken from patients’ noses before the operation to check for MRSA at East Surrey Hospital Redwood Elective Center and Crawley Hospital.

Zero Tolerance Battle With SuperBug

At the Chesterfield Royal Hospital, hospital matrons have launched a MRSA screening program for all patients undergoing pre-booked surgical procedures in an attempt to reduce the risk of infection.

‘High risk’ patients have always been screened for MRSA at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital. However, now the pre-admissions clinic is checking everyone admitted for an elective (pre-booked) procedure. This is one more component part in the struggle to combat MRSA and should not be viewed in isolation.

Medical symble

The screening system is part of a nationwide initiative brought in by the Department of Health and supports the hospitals program of infection control, which includes a hand hygiene and cleaning regime.

If a patient is carrying MRSA they can be given treatment that will significantly reduce the risk of infection. As an infection, MRSA causes boils, infected wounds, abscesses and infections of the chest, bloodstream and urine and, ultimately, can be a killer.

A swab will be taken from the patient’s nostrils or groin and sent off to Microbiology for testing. If it returns positive, they will be given treatments – an antibiotic nose cream and skin wash – to use at home for five days before their procedure.

As a result of the Chesterfield Royal Hospitals proactive approach it is one of the top performers in the country for MRSA rates.

Patients ‘Swabbed’ For MRSA

At Burnley General Hospital and Royal Blackburn Hospital all patients booked in for an operation are being “swabbed” for evidence of MRSA in out-patient clinics. Patients found to have MRSA are sent an antiseptic body wash and nasal spray to use for five days before their operation. This should reduce the risk of infection.

The Burnley General and Royal Blackburn Hospitals are aiming to reach the Government’s target of giving every hospital patient the test by 2011.

Hand WashingMore Effective At Controlling MRSA Than Isolating Patients

Wash hands Frequently

Regular hand washing could be more effective at controlling the spread of the hospital superbug MRSA than isolating infected patients. Dr Peter Wilson from University College Hospital, London, led a study, which examined two ICU wards over the course of 12 months.

Dr Wilson argues that the best way to halt MRSA is to ensure that staff keep their hands clean. This is not to suggest that isolation should not be considered as an option. It does however re-emphasize the importance of hand washing as part of the very core of the strategy to combat MRSA.

New Effective MRSA Treatment Using a Natural Mineral

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    I had over 50 boils on my back and 20+ on arms legs & stomach and a very large carbuncle (about size of 8+ boils joined together). I healed myself of this almost critical condition with various natural products. The two keys were calcium bentonite clay and phenominal drinking water. I have more information on my blog ‘gohealthnow,net’ I am not seeking to sell any products but offering valuable information that I believe saved my life. I hope my nightmare experience can help others also heal themselves. Please visit my blog and let me know what you think.

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