MRSA: the Parents Viewpoint

“My teenage grandson is on his 5th bout with CA-MRSA.(community acquired) His initial outbreak was from a mosquito bite that he kept scratching.(probably with less-than-clean fingernails at Scout camp) It looked like a small boil

Actual MRSA Boil

on the underside of his forearm. Everyone kept saying it was a boil. The doctor lanced it and cultured the pus. It proved to be MRSA.

Since then he has had something pop up and turn into MRSA about every 4 months. It can be a splinter, a bug bite, a cut.. it will turn red and sore in just a couple days. By the time it starts hurting enough for him to notice, there is already pus formed. Since he is so active… in sports, scouts and other outdoor activities, I am wondering how he will stay germ free for 6 months. I was told that he needed to avoid getting an open wound for that long in order for the MRSA to go away. That it is lying dormant in his body… just waiting for a sore.

He seems to heal good.. but I’m thinking there has to be some other way to control his constant infections.

It sounds like they aren’t getting rid of the bacteria. MRSA is hard to eradicate and he probably has it colonized somewhere on his body. I was given Minocycline to clear the infection, Bactroban nasal cream (because that is a favorite Staph site) and Hibiclense cleaner to shower with. I also was directed to wash my bed linens daily, exchange all bath towels and wash cloths daily and never wear clothing I had worn on a previous day, even if it was only for a few minutes. I hope this helps. You can get Hibiclense at CVS, Eckerd or most grocery store pharmacies over the counter.

Others have said:

“It started with a red bump on the forehead in July and it wouldn’t go away. After about 30 days I went to the doctor and he prescribed penicillin pills that I used for about 45 days to no avail.
Eventually the small bump developed a pin head type hole that started to scab over. The scab kept getting bigger and bigger.

Eventually I went to the dermatologist and he lanced it an cut it out leaving a crater size hole in my forehead. They did a biopsy but it apparently didn’t show anything and they couldn’t tell me what I had.
About a month ago I developed what looked like a redish mosquito bite on my arm that kept getting bigger and bigger. I have lanced it twice and both times blood has come out and the swelling went down to just a small bump. Several days later it’s back as usual and will not go away.”

Another parent comments:

MRSA-free Family

“I am infected with MRSA. it first started off with my boyfriend having little bumps on his body which he thought were pimples. He started picking at the one on his hand and it became very iritated, as well as the one on his groin. These two areas became extremely swollen and infected with puss, soreness and redness. This happened over a week period. finally he went to the doctor and after a culture test they told him it was MRSA. before He became highly infected i started to see three pimple like structures on my hip. i didnt think much of it, but they became painful and started to grow. Once my boyfriend was diagnosised, i knew i had the same. Our doctor put us on Leviquin and sulfametha…something. and also an antibiotic ointment for our nose. I have been on the antibiotics for only a few days, but now i have developed an extremely painful cyst or boil on my genitals. There are so many questions I have with answers I cant find, like How contagious is it? How long can the bacteria survive on surfaces? Can i infect someone just by breathing on them? This is a very stressful and scary thing for me. How will this effect me later in life?”

There is a new way to fight MRSA

All of these people are suffering with no end in sight.  What is a parent to do but hope and pray that there will be something that will help them fight off this deadly infection.

Many people have found relief using a new, natural mineral that kills MRSA quickly in in-vitro FDA-certified independent labs.  The results are amazing. MRSA can be conquered and you can do it! To learn more about this dreaded bacterial infection, follow this link.


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  1. mrsasuperbug says:

    I just got done reading an article about IBM finding a breakthrough with the treatment of MRSA. We can all hope they figure it out sooner than later.

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