Morgellons; True Stories of Becoming Symptom-free [part 6]

Morgellons Symptoms Eliminated

  Shon_W     Baltimore, MD.


“My name is Shon. I just started NutraSilver about two months ago. I feel a lot better than I did before I started. I’m in my 30’s now and from my early 20’s to the present I would feel different, like something wasn’t right, at times. I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I can tell you that I feel so much better now.  Over the years I would feel tired. I was diagnosed with asthma around the age of 22 years old.  I also use to get these really bad cramps in my legs. I’ve had three surgeries. My left and right ankle and my right knee (ACL). Left ankle and right knee was a sporting injury and the left ankle was a car accident.

In hind-sight, I’ve realize what these marks [lesions] on my body are. The first one appeared on my chest, then arm and face.  No one can tell me where they come from. When I say marks, they would just start showing up everywhere on my body. Sometimes I would itch uncontrollably.

When I would get marks [lesions] on my face I just thought it was in-grown hairs. Until one day when I thought I was pulling out an in grown hair and I marked my face so bad that it would not heel. The doctors would just look at me as if I was crazy. Finally this year a dermatologist diagnosed me with something called Morgellons. My dermatologists gave me an ointment to put on my lesions and some kind of steroid shoot. I felt a little better once I knew what I had and that it was not the end of my life, but it is a serious skin conditions that needs to be treated. What the dermatologists gave me work for a while but not long. So I went to see him again and he did the same thing and this went on for a while with no real positive results.  

I happen to look up this skin condition online on day. That’s when I came across NutraSilver. I didn’t buy it when I first saw it. But I wrote the link down I was hoping that maybe the ointment and shoots would get better. As time went on my sleeping was worse and my skin was looking horrible. At work I was finding it real hard to concentrate.

Then I finally remember I wrote the site down for NutraSilver. So ordered it, I wish to God that I would of sooner. I feel so much better now. Every day is getting better.  I’ve taking NutraSilver for almost two months. Besides the legions drying up, I’ve notice that I’m not using my asthma inhaler anymore. I have no more cramps in my legs. I had a huge hole in my face from picking a lesion, when I thought in-grown hair before I found out it is Morgellons that is finally heeling. My sleep is better now. I have so much more energy. I get up early now. I went walking five miles today. I would not have even tried that a few months ago!!! My production at work is a lot better now. I would recommend NutraSilver to anyone with Morgellons or any of the others symptoms that I just mentioned. NutraSilver is my life a saver.”



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If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (4+ years) counselors will help you through this nightmare. We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover. It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

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