Morgellons; True Stories of Becoming Symptom-free [part 1]

The Melton Family Experience – Baby Born With Morgellons –NOW SYMPTOM-FREE!

Melton Family      November, 2006

The Melton family, symptom-free

“My husbands has had Morgellons now for what he thinks is about 10 years. We are positive that I now have it and our 18 month old daughter has this as well. We just discovered that our daughter had this about 6 days ago and she has been on the NutraSilver since the first day that we noticed it on her.  Although I think my daughter may have been born with this and the lesions are just now starting to appear.

She twitches and tosses and turns at night, is not eating well and has very sore lesions in her nose, ears, face, chest, bottom and legs. In just 6 days of taking the NutraSilver she has begun to improve dramatically. The lesions have gone from huge red mosquito looking with scabs to just tiny little scabs. She has the hardest time at night so we have been leaving all the bright lights on in the house all night and that seems to help her be able to sleep more comfortably. The Silver is really helping her a lot. I do not know what we would do with out this stuff.

Our computer totally crashed and we had to purchase a new one. We ended up taking all the carpet and all the old linens out of our home and trashing them at the dump. Mike has been soaking in hot baths and taking the silver and has no more symptoms. Sydney is completely healed and so am I. We believe that our home was infested and after removing everything and completely redoing our home with concrete flooring and getting all new linens in the whole house we are all feeling normal again!!!!! We continue to take the silver as a supplement although. We all came down with either the flu or a stomach virus, took the silver as soon as we noticed the symptoms and we were all feeling great and healthy again within 12 hours!!!

Update January 26, 2007

Before and after using NutraSilver

I do not know if I told you this before but we took all the carpet and bedding out of our house and burned and trashed what we could not burn. As soon as the carpet was out of the house and Mike continued to take NutraSilver his symptoms started to disappear. I hate to think that they were living in the carpet but I guess it was possible. We purchased all new sheets, etc. and continue to launder them every morning, just to be safe. We never want to see those awful things in our home or bodies again!

Things are wonderful here! Sydney is 100% herself again and doing wonderful. I have no signs or symptoms as well. Mike is also doing wonderful. He has no lesions or crawling sensations. We still have 2 bottles of the silver and we all take 10 drops in a glass of water every morning, just to help our bodies out.

We cannot believe how wonderful we feel. We have a lot of thanks to show to NutraSilver and try to get the word out there as much as possible.

My husband who has suffered for quite some time with this disease has no symptoms at all of this horrific disease. My daughter who we believe has had this all of her life or just started showing symptoms and few months ago is completely healed as am I. We continue for now to take the NutraSilver in the mornings in water and are proud to report that we are feeling “normal” again.

We have also used the NutraSilver in cases when we have come down with flu or stomach viruses and it only lasted 8-12 hours instead of days.

We are so thankful for NutraSilver and hope that everyone will spread the word out there so we can stop the suffering one family at a time.”

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