MRSA: Why Most Treatment Approaches Eventually Fail

I thought it could never happen to me. After all, I was a Microbiologist and studied bacteria like Staph aureus everyday. I knew what made bacteria grow and what antibiotics stopped them.

I was shocked in 1997 when I started to struggle with recurring infections.

I dutifully followed my doctor’s advice and tried all kinds of antibiotics, none of which stopped my recurring infections. I was aghast that the standard treatment methods that I learned in school and put so much trust in simply weren’t working for me. I was trapped in the cycle of infection, then antibiotics, then re-infection. I was frustrated and literally sick from all of the antibiotics side effects. I could barely keep anything in my stomach. And for the next few years my health, energy and quality of life kept deteriorating.

 Weeding Out Fact from Fiction

At the low point, I finally realized that antibiotics weren’t going to help me.

And, if I wanted to stop my infection for good, I was going to have to find a solution on my own. Being a research scientist, I immediately began searching for a solution. I spent months looking online, talking to my colleagues, scouring medical journals, learning from natural and integrative health doctors and testing natural health programs to find out what would work to stop my infections.

What I found was a lot of confusing, contradictory and sometimes bogus information along with bits and pieces of helpful knowledge. Fortunately, my background in Microbiology, science and research helped me weed out fact from fiction.

What I learned is not taught by most medical doctors, but it has stopped my recurring infection cycle. And, it makes perfect scientific sense.

The truth is, simply addressing your infection, no matter what MRSA treatment method you use, will not stop the recurring infection cycle.

This revelation has changed my life and thousands of others forever. And, I’ve now been infection free without using antibiotics for over 7 years.

Why MRSA Treatment Programs Fail

No matter what MRSA treatment approach you use or how effective your MRSA treatment may be, stopping your current infection has little bearing on stopping recurring infections.
staph aureus, traditional treatmentsMethicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), up close as seen under a scanning electron microscope.
Photo Credit: CDC/ Jim Biddle, Janice Haney Carr

This is true for both antibiotic treatments as well as home remedies available online. Stopping your current infection and stopping the cycle are two very different things. By only focusing on treating your current MRSA infection, you set yourself up for future failure in ways that are not commonly known.

Surprisingly, I found that many common MRSA treatment approaches actually promote recurring infections. It’s no wonder that ending recurring infections is the biggest problem people have with Staph and MRSA infections.

Here are the three steps I discovered to stop recurring infections for good:

Step 1 – Eliminate Your Current Infection

I’m a firm proponent of only using antibiotics if absolutely necessary. Most people are unaware of the very potent, natural medicinal products available that have effectively handled MRSA and Staph infections for many years. However, it takes some expertise and research to find out what those truly are and to avoid products that don’t work.

It is also important to be aware that there are different needs for different types of MRSA infections. Additionally, two people with the same infection may require two different MRSA treatment approaches to stop their infection most effectively.

Virtually all mainstream and home remedy MRSA treatment programs only address eliminating your current infection without regard to the following two steps. This is why such treatments fail at stopping recurring MRSA infections. While Step 1 is certainly critical, it must be complemented with Step 2 and 3 for long-term success.

Step 2 – Heal Damage from Bacteria and Antibiotics

If you’ve ever used antibiotics, or are currently using them, you may have already realized that antibiotics wreak havoc on your digestive system and your immune system. The bacteria responsible for Staph and MRSA also damage your body in both seen and unseen ways.

Most people are surprised to find out that up to 80% of a healthy immune system is about having the right types of gut bacteria. These friendly bacteria fend off infection, support vitamin and nutrient absorption and even help defend your skin against attack. Infection and antibiotics can severely damage this critical life supporting system. Unless you rebuild the damage done from antibiotics, your body will be vulnerable to future MRSA attacks.

Another important part of any successful MRSA treatment is to repair the damage done to your body by invasive bacteria. This damage includes long-lasting and embarrassing scars, bacterial toxins in your lymph and other tissues and stealth L-form bacteria which can contribute to re-infection.

Step 3 – Address the Root Cause of Re-infections

Human immune system

Step 3 is usually forgotten by mainstream medicine and home remedy approaches, yet I’ve found it to be mandatory from both personal experience and from my research on what’s helped other MRSA survivors. Most people’s immune systems are not functioning optimally, and having a depressed immune system leaves the door wide open for recurring infections and chronic illnesses. Yet most people sabotage their own immune system and don’t even realize it.

Antibiotics are certainly one cause of depressed immunity, but they aren’t the only cause. Nutrition, diet, pH, stress and many other factors have major implications on how well your immune system functions. As an example, one medical journal study shows that drinking two colas impairs your immune system by 92% for 5 hours! This is certainly not what you need if you’re battling MRSA or Staph.

Here is where you will find your answers.


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I am the CareMan, have been for 7 years now. I really do care about YOU and getting YOU back to great, natural health, so long as you have an open mind.

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