Morgellons Isolation Destroys Families

It all started with the fibers

Long Morgellons fibers

I first noticed them about 3 years ago. First, there were small ones; blue, black and sometimes white. I had no idea what they were, but they were of great concern to me. Then I began to notice black specks on my pillow and bed sheets when I awoke in the morning. What were these mysterious objects growing out of my body? One day, I even say a ‘critter’ come out of the corner of my left eye.

Then the lesions came

Non-healing Morgellons lesions

First one small one, then many others. The lesions started on my chest, then moved up my neck and now the lesions are on my face. I was hideous-looking so I decided not to go out in public anymore until these horrible lesions were gone. I began to keep to myself while my husband and two children (ages 7 and 10) wondered ‘where did Mommy go?’

Next, the feeling of “biting and scratching” began to cover my entire body.

This drove me crazy since it never stopped. Imagine how you might feel with animals of some sort crawling all over your body and not knowing what they are.

I was beginning to feel frightened by all of this, so I went to our family doctor. Once in his office, he began to examine me. It felt like he was in a hurry and not very interested. He suggested that these manifestations were just the result of too much stress in my life and further referred me to a Dermatologist. I was beginning to feel disconnected from all of this. I felt alone and not my cheery self and I had no idea why.

I was feeling more depressed. I felt ‘isolated’ from the things in my life that are important to me. Who was I becoming I wondered?

Finally, the day arrived when I and my husband was to meet with the Dermatologist. I thought I would help him so I had been collecting ‘things’ that were coming out of my body to show him. He took one look at my ‘collection’ and without even examining me, he said that I was suffering from what is called Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP). He went on to say that I needed psycho-tropic drugs, wrote me a prescription and sent me on my way.

I left feeling the lowest I have ever felt. My husband, having heard the Doctor’s diagnosis, began to doubt me and withdraw his support. My kids were thinking that Mom had finally ‘lost it’. Depressed and without hope, I began to think about suicide. I really did not want to kill myself; what I really wanted was my original life back with the love and support of my family and the return of my good health that I had enjoyed before this infection (and taken for granted).

Lost family support

My family and friends began to withdraw as well and I found myself feeling completely hopeless and isolated. My memory was not like it used to be, I could no longer think clearly. I began to cry. I cried for hours at a time, not knowing what was happening to me. No one knew what to do with me. Each and every day began to be a nightmare of pain, confusion and misery. Morgellons had stolen my life and I wanted it back; I just had no idea how to do that.

Morgellons is NOT contagious

My husband thinks that Morgellons is contagious so he has not touched me in any way for more than two years now. We don’t kiss or hug or make love anymore. I feel like I can not hug my kids since no one seems to know if Morgellons is contagious or not. I am concluding that my life is over.

I began to search on the Internet and found far too much scary stuff about Morgellons. The microscopic pictures frightened me the most since I have no real scientific background and did not understand what I was looking at.

The Moderators of these forums seem to be just as crazy as the Doctors.

Morgellons sufferers are looking for ways to either reduce their misery of find a cure. Yet when anyone mentions a product of any kind, the Moderators of these so-called forums immediately ‘ban’ the poster from their boards thinking that they are in some way

protecting their members. This kind of censorship further discourages me so I stopped watching the boards altogether.

I just wanted to die. Had it not been for my children, I probably would have.

Like most Morgellons sufferers, I began to try many different products. Most did absolutely nothing for me except drain my pocketbook. All of these products were topical. I suspected that since I felt Morgellons deep inside my body, topical products would, at best, only relieve some of the symptoms. I instinctively knew that I had to drive out this infection from the inside of my body.

The crying continued for days on end.

What was I to do? Hanging by a thread, I discovered a product called NutraSilver. It is a natural mineral that is taken orally. I had done my homework, read the scientific information and was impressed that this company had hired FDA-certified independent labs to conduct in-vitro testing on the worst pathogens known. The results were astonishing; ‘kill rates’ were decisively impressive, even when the worst known flesh-eating pathogen, MRSA was tested.

So I bought some NutraSilver and gave it a try. When I ordered, I spoke with their Customer Service department and was told in the strongest terms that if I followed the instructions exactly, I would heal or they would give my money back to me. This seemed reasonable, so I decided to follow the instructions just as written.

And heal I did! Hurray!

In less than two weeks my mental issues were completely gone; no more ‘brain fog,’ or fatigue and my depression were going away too. It was then that I realized that Morgellons had caused these symptoms and that the NutraSilver was eliminating them. At the same time, my lesions began to dry up. Within a week or so they began to shrink and with three weeks they fell off and were completely gone!

In a few weeks, the Morgellons lesions were gone!

I can not begin to tell you how I felt then.

Now, my tears were of joy. I was ‘myself’ again. My family began to notice the change in me and started to warm up to me again. They were just as happy to have me back as I was to be a familyagain. I began to forget about Morgellons. I take a small maintenance dose every day and have been symptom-free for about four months now.

Free Telephone Consultations

If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (4+ years) counselors will help you through this nightmare.  We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover.  It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

Free Telephone Consultations

If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (4+ years) counselors will help you through this nightmare.  We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover.  It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

Free Telephone Consultations

If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (4+ years) counselors will help you through this nightmare. We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover. It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

888-240-2326 Option #2


About CareMan
I am the CareMan, have been for 7 years now. I really do care about YOU and getting YOU back to great, natural health, so long as you have an open mind.

2 Responses to Morgellons Isolation Destroys Families

  1. Jen Belk says:

    Oh my gosh. You just described my life…perfectly. My tears started flowing after only reading a few sentences, and they’re still flowing as I’m texting this. My tears now, however, are tears of joy and hope! My feelings of empathy, sympathy, shame, and intimate understanding of your suffering was almost too unbearable to continue reading your words, but thank God I did. For the first time in what seems a lifetime, I have REAL hope. I don’t know how to adequately thank you for sharing your amazing triumph over this nightmare that has, like you, stolen my life from me. You’re descriptions of your pain, both physical and emotional, was like reading something that I had written myself. I have a 5 year old daughter that needs her mama back. This is, without doubt, the hardest and most frustrating thing that’s ever physically happened to me. Like you, I was shunned by doctors and made to feel like it was all in my head, but I KNEW they were wrong. My mom is the only person I have that truly cares about what’s happening to me, but she couldn’t see what I could. I was determined to discover was these unknown entities were so I could get the proof I do desperately wanted. I looked at thousands upon thousands of these things using a toy microscope. There were numerous times I got excited bc I was SURE that the samples I was clearly looking at would be just as clear to my mom, but I was wrong. I was wrong a lot. I questioned my sanity on a daily basis, and to be honest, sometimes I wished that someone would just go ahead commit me somewhere before I did something to myself that couldn’t be reversed. It’s hard, if not impossible, to get the help and support I so desperately have needed when the one and only supporter I have can’t see what I see so clearly whenever I try and show her. She cannot accept the severity of what’s happening to me because it doesn’t make any sense, and to her, it’s unfathomable that what I’ve been trying to tell her for so long could be true. Words cannot describe my frustration, especially in the beginning, bc I couldn’t believe she couldn’t see it. I understand more now and I can’t say I wouldn’t be the same way if the roles were reversed. She tries so hard sometimes to see what I see bc she hates to see me suffer, but I’ve given up hope on that. Not only is this condition or disease painful in every sense of the word, it’s a lonely one, too. I want so desperately for someone to finally see the truth of this and the severity of it. I feel like a stranger and outsider to my family, not to mention feeling like they think I have completely lost it but are afraid to tell me. I’m sorry to ramble like this, but as I said, I felt like I was reading my own story when I read yours. I felt validated for the first time since this nightmare began because of you. Everything you described and felt is everything I’m going though as we speak, both the physical and emotional sides. I’m NOT alone, and thanks to your courage for sharing your horrific experiences with this, I now know there’s hope. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you. I’m so happy that you’re free of this. At this point, if I could be free for just a day, hell, for just an hour, I’d be happy. I’m going to hold onto the hope now that someday soon I will be free, and my little girl can can have the mom she deserves to have. Again, thank you, and bless you. 🙏🏻😊

    • CareMan says:

      Jen, Pleases call for a free Morgellons consultation, you will not feel alone anymore. 888-240-2326

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