Morgellons and Mutant Worms; Willaim T. Harvey, MD

Dr. Harvey’s Latest Statements Re Morgellons and Mutant Worms

William Harvey, 70, who serves as chairman of the MRF board, has taken those theories one step farther. He says he became interested in Morgellons research after successfully battling chronic fatigue syndrome and made it his mission to find cures for such unexplained illnesses.

He wouldn’t be specific, explaining that he first wants the results of his research to appear in a top-notch, peer-reviewed journal such as the Lancet. “This may be the story of the century,” he says. A semi-retired doctor in Colorado Springs who spent most of his career working in space medicine for the Johnson Space Center, Harvey says he may have found not only why Morgellons patients would both scratch and act strange, but also what could be the “genesis of probably most chronic human illnesses,” such as autism, obesity, chronic fatigue and bipolar disorder.

It all boils down to this: mutant worms.

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