Morgellons Sufferers Comment From Around the World

Conscious MD comments on Morgellons

Dr Joe Shelby headed up the Kaiser/CDC cover-up


Maybe they bio-engineered splicing in crystal formation?

Just because it is a fusion of bacterial and fungal forms and we cannot understand how it replicates cellulose does not mean we know that it is not living , or that some component is not. Maybe they bioengineered splicing in crystal formation , who knows what the heck it is because before they unleash this stuff on the world they have no idea what the implications will be . If it does this to humans what does it do to insects, other animals , can it be transfered to other nonGMO plants and spread?
I think the entire world should be suspect that this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on out there we are not aware of or understand in the name of corporate profit.


apple cider vinegar bath soaks

Clueless MD

I RAN from 2 Dermatologist that were only going to give me a “sedative”. Found a Naturopathic Dr. that has been successfully treating me with the Rife Therapy set for Lyme Disease. Absolute and Definite resolution. Equally, have been given ionic footbaths in her “Renovati” footbath and the results have been stunning. Last one, little black spots about the size of ticks floating which were clusters of the little black things crawling on my body for 5 months (along with calcified tiny white things and little fat white worms). Have been given white tumeric capsules and lotion by a Vietnamese Dr. and they have been fabulous, although not cheap. All in all, with apple cider vinegar bath soaks and an alkaline diet, things are looking up. Won’t stop until the immune system is back in fighting shape.


The patient refuses to believe it is a psychiatric disorder

“When we looked at what they brought in and when we looked under the microscope, we never found a parasite. The patient refuses to believe it is a psychiatric disorder because they have a false, fixed belief, so even if you present them all of the evidence, they still believe they have parasites invading their skin. They travel from center to center for another opinion because they really believe their skin is infected. There are no exact numbers on how many people have delusional skin infestation, but it is relatively frequent.”


patients become financially devastated

Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are currently investigating the disease, it is not yet fully recognized by the medical community. At this time, the cause of Morgellons disease is unknown and there is no known cure.

It is difficult to understand the tremendous suffering caused by this disease. Many patients report feeling abandoned by the medical community, as they experience increasingly bizarre, disfiguring and painful symptoms, while often being unable to receive medical treatment for their condition. A large number of patients become financially devastated and without health insurance because they can no longer work. Most people who suffer from Morgellons disease report feeling frightened and hopeless.


Morgellons composed of some sort of polyethylene/silicone compound?

If you have crawling and biting sensations on your skin, unusual fatigue or depression, stomach troubles, spots like pimples or sores that don’t heal for ages, and unexplained fibers or hairs on, (or in), your skin, in your environment, or even floating around in the air, then this applies to you. Get a 100x microscope, a toy one will do, as long as it’s at least that powerful, and look at any of those ever present fibers or lint balls that you see just hanging around…These fibers are luminescent to the point of glowing fluorescent blue or red under the scope, I’ve seen green and yellow ones too. (Yes, in person.) They are an unknown fiber, (to us regular people anyway…), apparently, according to this one scientist, composed of some sort of polyethylene/silicone compound… The mind reels.

This stuff will mimic the hair growing out of your arm, and those huge blackheads,   ( ‘hairs’), that some people get, are directly related to this, if you can pull a blackhead out w/ tweezers, you really should look at it a little closer… And for goodness sake, do your own research! Don’t just take mine or anybody’s word on anything, find out to your own satisfaction, use your own personal power or somebody else will take it and use it. This is almost certainly a gmo based organism, just kinda scary stuff…


These fibers are everywhere

So it’s not as bad as I first thought, I do feel better at least knowing why I felt like utter crap for so long, and my facial skin is clearing up, it wasn’t horrible, but kind of blemish-y and starting to go in the direction of rosacea, last while… I’m also liking being mindful about the things I need to do, I can’t stop being busy, but I can be meditative about my work…

These fibers are everywhere, I made the mistake of checking all the food in the fridge with clear tape and my ‘scope, they were on everything, from kale to lemons. I looked at some new snow, and they were in it too. I am concerned about that. Are we getting sprayed often? What else could put them in the fresh snow? What can we do to stop it? Another disturbing aspect of this is that these fibers don’t burn, they are still there in the ashes…


Sea Salt in warm water

So, I urge everyone to begin ingesting Sea Salt in water. It cannot harm you; it replaces minerals your body needs and cannot get anywhere else; it balances your electrolytes, hormones, etc.; it helps you lose weight; it heals just about all diseases.

I also dilute the Sea Salt in warm water and put it on my skin, allowing it to dry. This has already helped me tremendously in drying up the skin lesions on my face, arms and back. Nothing else worked! It even takes away the itching!!!
Please check out the info on Sea Salt for yourselves first and good luck!!


“spider-web” like filaments

When I lived up north in Mt. Shasta, CA, I became aware of Chemtrails, those streaky-looking “clouds” in the sky are NOT clouds at all! There’s a lot of info out there on Chemtrails if you want to know more. But there was a strange phenomenon that took place up there, (actually, A LOT of strange things happened up there); I would be sitting outside on my deck enjoying the day, when “spider-web” like filaments would be drifting down from the sky! Not just a few, but it was like raining the stuff down. It would last about a half an hour and then stop. I noticed that after this occurred, the water we had sitting out for the deer, in a huge white plastic bucket, turned orange! Hubby scrubbed the bucket weekly with bleach so the deer always had clean water. It was months after I started seeing this stuff falling from the sky that I noticed the sores on my skin. You cannot believe how bad it is now. It’s so bad I don’t won’t to be seen in public!
Anyway, consider the source to be Chemtrails.

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Morgellons; Global Pandemic Nightmare

The next global epidemic is now upon us

Some have referred to it as Morgellon’s . Morgellon’s is an ad hoc term used to describe a condition where

Does this Morgellons lesion look delusional to you?

fibers emerge from different, slow – healing lesions of the body. The term was coined by a boy’s mother in Pennsylvania who died from the condition and has vowed to find out the root and source of the problem.

What has this country done? What have we allowed to be put in our food sources, our environment, and our bodies? The answer is that we have allowed dangerous food, skin strippers, neurotoxins, and pesticides that are disrupting our ecosystem and our endocrine systems. Plastics are leaching endocrine disruptors in nano amounts and creating an estrogen disruptor that mimics our Estrogen Output 7 times greater than what we normally produce. This is causing multiple problems on multiple levels.

It is causing breast cancer and cancer in children.  Plastics on baby toys and mineral oils from petrochemical waste are killing our children right here in America.

For 40 years the large chemical companies and drug companies have literally owned us.

CDC completed it's investigation into Morgellons. Where are the results?

Dow has polluted us with poisons; Monsanto has bioengineered bugs to kill other bugs. Powerful pharmaceutical companies control and own our government and this country on many levels. Toxins spill onto our rivers, oceans and soil and are creating an environmental wasteland from sea to shining sea.  All of this boils down to corporate greed and hunger. Most recently, drug companies are manipulating congress to own, buy up and issue legislation controlling on of our last bastions of hope, homeopathic medicine and vitamins.

The FDA celebrated its 100 year anniversary while they allow drug companies to test their own drugs and make huge dollars on drug companies.

It is like the fox guarding the henhouse

As a result, we now are looking at the next epidemic, Morgellons. It is a strange phenomenon, caused by exposure to toxins, pyrethines, and a deadly chemical overload on our bodies. This causes such a body burden, that the normal person’s endocrine system cannot overcome it. In other words, the overuse of antibiotics and skin stripping chemicals has rendered the human body with none of its own natural defenses to ward off body bugs, strange fibers, etc.

Everyone wants the magic bullet, a pill, to solve this very complex problem. Why can’t they just give us a drug? Nanotechnology has rendered us incapable of knowing what to put in our bodies. Antibiotics and steroids are making these people better for a short time, but the disease snaps back and symptoms become worse. Doctors are refusing to see patients, and when they do see them, they are misdiagnosed or considered delusional.

Morgellons "critter" emerging from this finger

The Common Thread is Exposure to molds, chemicals, toxins in our food, the environment in and outside of the home. Then the body’s defense mechanisms, weakened by a poisonous environment, leave the patient unable to fight off the organisms. The symptoms begin with a pimple that won’t go away, a dash, or a “v” shaped dark spot. Afterwards, a rash erupts and some patients see fibers and even bugs. Some have horrible ulcerations that look like Impetigo. Some are diagnosed with Scabies, only to be given more poison which will not help. Some of my patients have also been diagnosed with shingles.

In October 2006, I held an observation of persons with signs of biting, itching, and crawling who is an Orthopedic Surgeon practicing in  Florida. The total number of patients involved in the observation was 10 people. These precious people traveled from all over the country. 2 doctors and 3 nurses and an Entomologist witnessed the observation and watched as we applied a special soap comprised of all natural special selected ingredients. The total waiting period after the soap after the application was 5 minutes.

From people’s skin, I extracted mites, flies, worms, fibers etc from these people. Out of 10 of the observation volunteers, only 1 was delusional.

“Bugs” and colored fibers coming out of the body?

Since that time I have seen elderly women with bugs coming out of their bodies Their homes had been sprayed,

Multi-colored fiber exit the body

or trees sprayed  with common commercial insecticides resulting  in the systems being immunocomprimised and ultimately resulting in Morgellons.  I have observed that children have been born with these same symptoms.  These people are being put on anti-psychotics for delusions of  parasitosis or DOP.  This is what our big drug companies have done for us.

I get emails now from more than 100 persons with this illness. I have been on WSVN with news anchor Patrick Fraser where I predicted the next epidemic. This phenomenon is also related to Lyme disease, a vector borne disease.  Many people Morgellon’s disease are testing positive for Lyme disease, if they can find a doctor who will test them. Many people are not on the Internet and are struggling to find a name for this. In my small community I know of 14 persons with

Medicine and money

Morgellons disease, and one doctor who has  an open mind who can help them with diet and nutrition and a decent skin care regiment.

I have numerous persons who were hazardous materials waste truck drivers  in Aberdeen Maryland who have contracted this disease. The same environmental clue was present, toxic exposure. These guys are not drug addicts, and derelicts, but to the contrary, they are regular nice guys who were doing their job. They knew something was wrong when they saw someone’s expensive HASMAT full-body gear in a dumping ground.  It was the same refuse they were preparing to transport. as a result, they were infested with bugs and most likely “Collembola” and or “Black Fly’.

Another interesting pattern has emerged since the most recent hurricane in New Orleans.  The incidence of infestations have gone up. What toxins were in the ground and water? Toxins, mold, and lowered immunity from the stress of this storm caused the incidence of this disease to increase in Florida and throughout the south.

In 1942 George Merck, invented a Mycobacterium that would not kill people but would cause illnesses which the huge pharmaceutical company, Merck could create the drugs to help them. I think this mycobacterium has now backfired on our country and is out of control. Note the timeline of biological terrorism that has been allowed to perpetuate globally.

Yes, the next epidemic has hit, and it is “critters” and Morgellons

Many thanks to all the big corporations who have contributed to this, Thanks for all the poisons you have put into us and our environment. Thanks for all the radiation, plastics, chemicals and  toxic waste dumping.. Thanks for the fibers you have all created, The bugs are now outpacing the drugs and big corporate giants and chemical companies have reaped the profit at our expense.

I will scream until I gasp my last breath for these people you have poisoned. The next Epidemic has hit and it is worse than we know.

Going to the doctor for Morgellons is a wast of money

In over 5 years of helping Morgellons sufferers heal, I have not heard even one person say “I went to the doctor for Morgellons and he/she helped me.” Not one.

Stop wasting your money; get the Morgellons relief you deserve. Get NutraSilver today.

Morgellons remedy guaranteed to work

NutraSilver will end your Morgellons suffering

  • You get our well respected 60-day money-back guarantee; we take the risk and you heal quickly

  • Join thousands of Morgellons sufferers who have returned to normal lives without Morgellons

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EPA has safely regulated nanosilver for decades

(Nanowerk News)

The Silver Nanotechnology Working Group (SNWG), an industry effort intended to foster the collection of data

NutraSilver is safe and effective nano-silver particles

on silver and nanotechnology in order to advance the science and public understanding of the beneficial uses of silver nanoparticles in a wide-range of consumer and industrial products, made a detailed presentation to the recent EPA Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) meeting to discuss the topic “Evaluation of Hazard and Exposure Associated with Nanosilver and Other Nanometal Oxide Pesticide Products (Arlington VA, November 3-6, 2009). Key conclusions from the presented analysis include:


Over 100 years old, nanosilver is not a new material. The assumption of nanosilver being a new material with fears of new properties and new unknown hazards is at the heart of both regulatory and many popular perceptions about nanosilver. However, contrary to assumptions of newness, nanosilver materials are old and have been well known throughout the ages. Indeed, nanosilver has been rationally manufactured and used commercially for over a century. Many different terminologies have been used throughout scientific history to describe ultra-small silver particles including “colloidal silver”, “millimicron silver” and among other terms the current “nanosilver” terminology. Accordingly, while the term “nanosilver” is new, the technology it represents is not.The SNWG provided the SAP meeting with a detailed historical and technical analysis that demonstrated that these materials have a long established commercial history as engineered particles of nanoscale size.¹ Despite changes in terminology, the underlying material being described is in fact the same that has been used for decades. i.e. nanoscale silver.

EPA has a long history of safely regulating nanosilver

The EPA has been safely and successfully regulating nanosilver products for decades. These products have been used in a wide range of consumer applications such as swimming pool treatments and drinking water filters with an established record under FIFRA of regulated and safe use dating as far back as the 1950’s.A detailed look at the depth of history of silver within the EPA shows that the toxicological studies that form the basis of the EPA’s general hazard limits for silver derive from historical data from nanoscale silver materials and not ‘conventional (bulk) silver’ as is often mistakenly assumed.A careful examination of the EPA public registration database (NPIRS Public) for silver over a period of 6 decades reveals:

  • The very first registered silver product was a colloidal nanosilver algaecide product that has been safely used by millions of consumers for over 50 years (registered since 1954).
  • Every EPA silver registration between 1970 and 1990 was either a colloidal nanosilver or nanosilver-composite product.
  • The very first NON-nanosilver product registered by EPA was not registered until 1994.
  • An overall analysis reveals that today over 50% of all EPA registered silver products are in fact based on nanoscale silver.

Regulatory Relevance

EPA has a range of existing regulatory structures that have successfully addressed silver materials across the size spectrum for over 5 decades. Throughout this period, the EPA has not recorded any incidents of significance on the Agency’s formal incident reporting database (EPA OPP IDS) – indicating that thorough monitoring of real-life use supports the safety of these products. The EPA should be congratulated for this record of successful monitoring and risk management for these materials despite different terminologies being used throughout this period of time.Indeed, given that with nanosilver there is perhaps more historical data and evidence of safe use than for many other regulated materials, EPA has the opportunity to assess nanosilver products with confidence given this long history of safe use under existing EPA regulations.

The following themes are vital for consideration of an informed regulatory approach: Nanosilver is NOT a new material – EPA needs to look beyond general conceptions of nano terminology and consider the broader established regulatory record of nanoscale silver products within the Agency. Nanosilvers have seen decades of safe use in real-life – Given the long history of safe use for EPA-registered nanoscale silver products (stretching back as far as 1954) calls for treatment of nanosilver as a new material requiring development of expensive new test regimes and discriminatory regulatory consideration are difficult to justify.Source: Silver Nanotechnology Working Group, Dr. Rosalind Volpe

Humans have used silver in some form for at least 4,000 years without any known deaths or any reports of harm being done (at least we can’t find any).

We have all seen wild claims on other colloidal silver web sites; but where is their proof?

We believe that you are entitled to see real proof from FDA-certified independent labs that follow Good Lab Practices (GLP) and are recognized by the International Standards Organization (ISO).

These lab reports are just a few examples of how powerful NutraSilver® is when it comes to killing these tested pathogens in in-vitro lab tests known. Tests from around the world demonstrate the amazing “time-killing conclusions” when you read these laboratory tests results.

Here are some important facts about NutraSilver®:

How Effective is NutraSilver on Lyme Disease?

The answer at this time is simple; we still do not know.  Some Lyme disease sufferers report little if any results, while others report astounding results.

Tick bite and Lyme "bulls-eye rash"

Lyme disease is a very complex and controversial disease, to say the least.  Many MD’s and scientists still believe it does not exist. Others have devoted their lives to the treatment and irradiation of the disease.

The reader may recall a picture of President George W. Bush sporting a very large Lyme lesion under his left eye in November of 2007.  For those who endure Lyme, it certainly is as real as their painful existences.

Der Tick

Interestingly enough, many NutraSilver users with Lyme disease report that within a few weeks they experienced a dramatic and profound reduction of symptoms and some have even reported that their symptoms have left them entirely.  The joy that is expressed by these new symptom-free Lyme people is amazing. Most report that they are able to resume their lives as if they never had Lyme disease; they return to work, their families and their social lives pain-free.

The foundation of Lyme Disease is Borealis bacteria. The key word here is bacteria. NutraSilver paralyses an enzyme within the bacteria that allows it to metabolize oxygen; the bacterium suffocates and dies in about 5 to 6 minutes.  Many of the co-infections associated with Lyme are bacteria, viruses and yeast-based pathogens. NutraSilver has shown to be effective against these pathogens in FDA-certified lab tests and most recently in MRSA lab tests.

NutraSilver® Effectiveness

NutraSilver® has undergone extensive testing by third-party laboratories, validating its effectiveness in killing a variety of water borne bacteria.

There is no doubt that more research is warranted and we invite those interested in discovering the real truth about the effectiveness of NutraSilver to identify themselves and work together to unravel the mystery of Lyme disease and how NutraSilver can play a role in elimination of Lyme disease from the human body.

List of Lyme Disease Symptoms

Every organ and organ system can be affected, here’s a list of some of the Lyme Disease symptoms as they relate to

Hikers need to be careful to not get bitten by ticks

specific areas of the body:

  • Head – headache, neck pain, facial pain and paralysis, difficulty chewing, pain in teeth, dry mouth, loss of taste/smell, numb tongue/mouth. Peculiar metallic or salty taste is also common in LD. This is likely due to the BLPs present in the system.
  • Bladder — frequent or painful urination, repeated urinary tract infections, irritable bladder, interstitial cystitis.
  • Lung — respiratory infection, cough, asthma, pneumonia, pleurisy, chest pains
  • Ear — pain, hearing loss, ringing (tinnitus), sensitivity to noise, dizziness & equilibrium disorders.
  • Eyes — pain due to inflammation (sclerotic, uveitis, optic neuritis), dry eyes, sensitivity to light, drooping of eyelid (ptosis), conjunctivitis, blurry or double vision, swelling around eyes / bags below the eyes.
  • Throat — sore throat, swollen glands, cough, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing
  • Neurological — headaches, facial paralysis, seizures, meningitis, stiff neck, burning, tingling, or prickling sensations (parenthesis), loss of reflexes, loss of coordination, equilibrium problems/dizziness (these symptoms mimic an MS, ALS, or Parkinson’s like syndrome)
  • Stomach — pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, anorexia
  • Heart — weakness, dizziness, irregular heart-beat, myocarditis, pericarditis, palpitations, heart block, enlarged heart, fainting, shortness of breath, chest pain, mitral valve prolapse.
  • Muscle & skeletal system — arthralgias (joint pain), fibromyalgia (muscle inflammation and pain)
  • Other Organs — liver infection / hepatitis, elevated liver enzymes, enlarged spleen, swollen testicles, and irregular or ceased menses.
  • Neuropsychiatric — mood swings, irritability, anxiety, rage (Lyme rage), poor concentration, cognitive loss, memory loss, loss of appetite, mental deterioration, depression, disorientation, insomnia
  • Pregnancy — miscarriage, premature birth, birth defects, stillbirth
  • Skin – EM, single or multiple rash, hives, ACA
  • Another interesting symptom often noticed is an increased susceptibility to electrostatic shock. This is likely due to the BLPs causing a change in the electro-potential in our cells/nervous system.
  • Some of these toxins are likely sodium channel agonists and can change the electrical potential of our body. Thus, the likelihood of electro-static shock.

One or more of these symptoms is not diagnostic for LD, except for a bulls-eye EM rash. A diagnosis for LD is a clinical one and must be made by a physician experienced in recognizing LD symptoms and history, experienced in interpreting lab results and recognizing a response to treatment. Always remember that negative serological tests are not reliable and cannot be used solely for a diagnosis. These tests frequently are incorrectly negative.

The Bottom Line

  • Lyme disease, when diagnosed early, is readily treatable with oral antibiotics.

    Caught early, Lyme is easy to eradicate with simple antibiotics

  • Positive antibody tests, by themselves, do not provide a sufficient basis for diagnosing Lyme disease. The diagnosis should be based on the overall clinical picture, including medical history and physical findings.
  • Negative antibody testing after the first few weeks strongly suggests that the patient does not have Lyme disease.
  • Many patients with chronic, nonspecific symptoms (such as headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, mental confusion, or sleep disturbances) mistakenly believe they have Lyme disease.
  • Intravenous antibiotic therapy, when given appropriately, should not last more than a month. It should not be given unless oral antibiotic therapy has failed and persistent active infection has been demonstrated by culture, biopsy, or other bacteriologic technique.
  • Malariotherapy, intracellular hyperthermia therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, colloidal silver, dietary supplements, and herbs are not appropriate measures for treating Lyme disease. Doctors who recommend them should be avoided.

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Morgellons Affects Teenagers; Advice From a Recovered Morgellons Sufferer

Dear Fellow Morgellons sufferers,

I’m writing on behalf of all the young people and the elderly with Morgellons who have

Actual Morgellons Lesions

been shunned, criticized, and outcasted by society thinking we suffers of this horrible disease are crazy. I personally knew absolutely nothing about this disease until I came home from school one day of September 2007 and noticed granule-like crystals on my hands. I also noticed clear fibers that appeared to be coming out of my hands as well. Every single symptom I had matched everything I read. I had everything from the physical identification of Morgellons right down to all the mental and cognitive disorders of Morgellons; brain fog, I slept constantly, depression, insomnia at night (slept all through the days), lost a lot of weight, everything aliment you could imagine I had.

It began to slowly but surely rule my life. I noticed the fibers everywhere in my home,

Morgellons fibers

friend’s homes, family member’s homes, these fibers were everywhere but I was one of the only that had symptoms to this extent. My friends and family had the fibers on there body and hair as well. My friends were the only ones who believed me about the fibers and knew I was sick. I tried to express to my mother and stepfather what was going on but surely my mother thought I was loosing my mind which I can completely understand because of how bizarre this disease sounds to the layman. Finally after convincing my mom I had this disease I stumbled upon a website called “NutraSilver”. My mother personally thought I was crazy but my stepfather said “whether it’s in his head or not we can see if this helps”

So my stepdad bought a bottle of NutraSilver and it came with another for free. The first night I tried the NutraSilver I had to lie down in bed with my mother I trembled so bad. When I woke up the next morning I felt slightly better. I started to use the NutraSilver a couple times a day and just put some drops in my daily routine of drinking water. Everyday progressively got better, I started to forget completely about Morgellons and live my life. It ruled my life, I am an 18 year old male (at the time I was 17). I also stumbled across an amazing doctor and friend named Dr. Susan Kolb. I found her website when I was researching about Morgellons and even though I lived many states away and was very embarrassed I deciding to just call her and tell her what was going on. She talked to my parents, talked to my family and tried to express to them that this is a real disease. Still after all of that they still did not believe. She gave me great tips to get slowly but surely better as well. I slowly started being able to go to school more and focus more on my life. Everyday with NutraSilver and Dr. Kolb’s advice made everyday easier to get through. As last summer came along (2008), I was very confident I was Morgellons-free. I completely forgot about the disease and was able to live my life.

I moved into a new home, had a new life ahead of me and I felt like my life was finally back, unfortunately I ran out of NutraSilver around September of 2008 and was unable to purchase it again with the lack of my finances. I stopped using it all together. Around November or December my symptoms started coming back fully. I had brain fog again, depression, anxiety, fatigue; the fibers were coming out of my skin again. I was once again infected. They were around my new home and in my hair and body once again. I talked to Doctor Kolb at least once a month to keep her updated. With her help I personally discovered some things that helped in the mean time until I could get another credit card to purchase NutraSilver once more. My symptoms got so bad living at my new home I finally ended up moving back into my mother’s house where I first discovered I had Morgellons. The next day I glanced at my hands after I was out of the shower. I noticed the fibers purging out like I had seen with NutraSilver; it was very scary.

I am still drinking it and it helps just as NutraSilver has. I have used many things to help with this horrific disease but I can honestly say NutraSilver, Dr. Bronners, and Trilogy Cardio Essentials has helped the most by far.

I’m sick of people ignoring this disease; even doctors are ignoring it. I know there are so many people that are struggling with this disease everyday, and I truly desire for them to live their life and again and take back what’s rightfully theirs.

My life is finally coming into view again, and I literally owe my life to a man named Russell at NutraSilver® and a wonder Doctor by the name of Susan Kolb. I have never met a person so dedicated to seeing their patients or customers get better than Dr. Kolb

My final advice to any man, women or child with Morgellons is get NutraSilver, have a positive mind-set and lives your life again; I don’t want anyone to go through what I have been through with anxiety and depression.

Daniel W.


Backpacking and Safe Drinking Water

Those who enjoy outdoors activity are constantly concerned about the safety and quality of the water they drink.  Tradition methods are far from ideal and create more gear to carry and more time to spend instead of enjoy the great outdoors! Never assume that untreated water is safe to drink just because a person is in the mountains or in a remote place. More than one thirsty backpacker has greedily quenched his or her thirst with unfiltered mountain water only to discover a dead animal or excrement only a little ways upstream.

The two major types of water impurities are biological and chemical. Most wilderness areas and hiking terrain are at higher elevations and above or up stream of any outposts of “civilization”. So in most wilderness areas chemical contamination is not a real problem. The primary exception to this rule of thumb is in some desert areas where dissolved chemicals may reach toxic levels through evaporation.

e Coli Bacterium

Biological impurities on the other hand potentially exist in almost any water source except possibly right at a spring because they are carried not only by other hikers but also by animals. Biological contaminates may be microorganisms, bacteria, or viruses.

The two most common microorganisms to contaminate a hiker’s water sources are Giardia and Cryptosporidiosis. Chemical treatments are typically less effective against these than boiling or filters.

Many different forms of bacteria and viruses may also cause discomfort if ingested from contaminated water sources. Coliform and E coli are bacteria sometimes found in water that may be contaminated with human or animal wastes. Microbes in these wastes can cause short-term effects, such as diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches, or other symptoms. Boiling and chemical treatments are typically more effective against bacteria and viruses than are filters.

Backpacking Water Purification by Boiling

Backpacking water purification by boiling does readily kill giardia. And you don’t need to do it for five minutes as some literature states. Just bring the water to a boil and giardia will be dead.

The problem is that if you are on a major hike or backpacking trip, you probably don’t have this overwhelming desire to carry the amount of fuel needed to boil water for days. You also may not want to spend your time doing this type of water purification, when you could be hiking or reading. If it’s hot, and the humidity is low, you should be drinking about a quart an hour when you are backpacking. You can easily down 7-10 quarts a day. You’d spend all your time and fuel boiling drinking water for giardia if you had to purify water that way. More importantly, boiling does not kill most water-borne pathogens and leaves the hiker vulnerable to illness in the wilderness.

Water Filters

Water filters have been the preferred method of getting rid of water on the hiking trails of much of the world. In the United States, water filters are used in all wilderness areas. They have the advantage of “no taste.”

The other main advantage is that they produce purified water relatively quickly. Once you run the water through the filter you can drink it immediately. The problem is that water filters are expensive, wear out (need filter replacement) and are usually bulky and heavy to carry.

Chemical Treatment of Water

Chemical treatment of water offers yet another option. Many wilderness veterans swear by the use of iodine tablets or iodine crystals. One advantage that iodine has over filters is weight and bulk. A small bottle of iodine tablets weighs only a couple of ounces and takes up hardly any space in the backpack. Disadvantages for iodine treatment include off-taste, discoloration of plastic drinking containers.


Probably the least effective, chlorine is somewhat unstable, adds some taste to the water, and leaves behind some chemical residue now associated with a small cancer risk. Commonly known for it’s toxicity.


More effective than chlorine, but deteriorates when exposed to sunlight, and leaves behind an unpleasant taste, iodine is another option. It may not be suitable for people with certain types of thyroid conditions.

A New Natural Way to Purify Water

There is a new product, NutraSilver that kills all water-borne pathogens very quickly. It cost about $ .05 per liter

Next generation Colloidal Silver

and weights 1 ounce so it is easy to carry. There are approximately 600 drops per bottle so it lasts a long time. Since you are not primarily concerned about chemicals, your main interest is to kill pathogens in your drinking water. NutraSilver is totally non-toxic, unlike iodine and chlorine so it is perfectly safe to use.

NutraSilver has been used in third-world countries for over a decade and millions of lives have been saved by using this product. Every claim made here is supported by FDA-certified lab reports and can be viewed by clicking here.

Why NutraSilver?

Well, NutraSilver weighs one ounce.  You no longer need to carry supplies to boil water, nor do you have to ingest and toxicity like chlorine pills. NutraSilver is safe, easy to use and kills bacteria, fungus and viruses.  And the best part? You can make 1,200 liters of safe drinking water in just one, one ounce bottle! So, where can you get this amazing water purifier? Right here!

Pathogens – The Building Blocks of Contagions

What is the makeup of human disease?

Pathogens are described as the first link in the chain of infection, or disease producers.  It usually refers to infectious organisms, such as bacteria and viruses. There are many categories for these producers. Most bacteria are harmless. Some, such as the live bacteria used in yogurt, can be considered beneficial. Pathogenic bacteria cause infectious diseases. Diseases that are considered worldwide epidemics include pneumonia, streptococcus and food borne illness, such as Salmonella and Shigella. Other common infections are tetanus, leprosy, typhoid fever and diphtheria. Conditionally pathogenic organisms cause skin infections and inflammatory responses, such as meningitis.

Intracellular pathogens are only visible through a microscope. Examples include typhus and urinary tract infections. Pathogenic viruses cause smallpox, measles, chickenpox, and Ebola. Virulence is defined as the ability to cause a disease. The stronger the virus is, the more virulent it is considered. The body is able to protect itself from many of these diseases, regardless of the type. However, the longer an infection can survive outside a human host, the stronger it is. The bacterium that is thought to have caused the Black Plague was particularly strong. HIV is on a similar scale of severity.

HIV is just a virus


One of the more common ways for pathogens to find their way into a human body is through contaminated food and water. People who eat the food, or drink the water become infected. Once the infection grows, it spreads rapidly from one person to the next. This happens frequently in developing countries, due to their inability to prevent sewage from seeping into the drinker water supply or cropland.  There are few regulations for food safety in many of these countries. Advances in medical technology have made it possible to defend against many forms of these viruses through the use of vaccinations, antibiotics and fungicides.

Requirements for food safety, hygiene and water treatment methods have reduced food borne viruses in


industrialized countries. There are several ways for water to be treated commercially to reduce the number of pathogens. Treatment plants use a variety of methods to ensure successful purification. Sand and charcoal are frequently used to filter the water in the first stages. Disinfecting water includes using chemicals, such as chlorine. Ultraviolet light has also proven effective. Colloidal silver, when mixed with water, has proven to successfully remove bacteria and is frequently used by consumers. For more information on how colloidal silver can be an effective deterrent for bacterial and viral infections, visit

Morgellons Lesions Eliminated

Do You Have Morgellons Lesions?

You will certainly relate to this video;

Now, take a look at what can happen….

The End to Your Morgellons Suffering

Free Telephone Consultations

If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (5+ years working directly with Morgellons victims) counselors will help you through this nightmare.  We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover.  It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

888-240-2326 Option #2

Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) is a Phyciatric Diagnois

Why are Medical Doctors and Dermatologists making psychiatric diagnosis?

Does this look delusional to you?

Delusions of Parasitosis, in clinical terms, is a subset of Schizophrenia. In order to have Delusions of Parasitosis, you must first be diagnosed with Schizophrenia. As far as we know, that happens nearly all of the time.  Especially since Mayo Clinic stated publicly the Morgellons disease is nothing more than Delusions of Parasitosis.

So, how do Medial Doctors and Dermatologists get away with making these diagnosis?

Well, they just do. And when a Morgellons sufferer presents themselves to these medical professionals and they receive the diagnosis of Delusions of Parasitosis, it is PERMANENT on their medical records. Whenever they go to the doctor’s office, they are treated like they are mentally ill. They are not.

These are real people with real medical symptoms that literally steal their lives and leave them hopeless. If you are a woman, are you going out into public with lesions all over your face?  Probably not. And when their doctor tells the family that the Morgellons sufferer is delusional, they typically believe the doctor.  So, what happens to the Morgellons sufferer?  They have just lost all support from the family and their medical doctors. This is a travesty!

Morgellons sufferers experience biting and scratching over their bodies, relentlessly, 24/7.  Some Morgellons

Baby born with Morgellons lesions

sufferers experience open, weeping lesions, often on their hands and legs, but sometimes all over their bodies.  They loose cognitive cohesion; brain fog, chronic fatigue, severe depression which, sadly, often results in suicide. There are now cases of death directly from Morgellons disease. We have even seen newborn babies with Morgellons lesions.

Where is the research?

I can’t find any real investigative research going on, can you? Our government and our scientists have let us down.

Shameful behavior towards a Morgellons sufferer in the E.R.

Today, a man told me that he went to the emergency room with Morgellons lesions all over his face.  Even though his insurance was with this particular hospital, the doctors called security and physically lead him out of the ER and told him not to return.  He was charged for the full visit.  This kind of treatment of Morgellons sufferers is completely unacceptable and inhumane. If you recall when HIV first appeared about 35 years ago, HIV victims were treated pretty much the same way. Shameful.

There is a way out for Morgellons sufferers

We have been helping Morgellons sufferers eliminate their symptoms for over 5 years now.  There is a safe and effective way of returning to your life without Morgellons disease occupying nearly all of your waking moments.

Free Telephone Consultations

If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (5+ years working directly with Morgellons victims) counselors will help you through this nightmare.  We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover.  It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

888-240-2326 Option #2

Morgellons; Why Are Scientists Not Zeroing-in On the Cure?

How can there be hope when scientists have no funding?

I have been working with Morgellons sufferers for over 5 years now.  In all that time, I have not been able to identify any serious science due to lack of funding. Take the Morgellons Research Foundation as an example. This is a group of true, dedicated scientists who have accomplish nearly nothing more than disseminating information and keeping track of how many families register on their site as Morgellons sufferers. After all these years, scientists can not even tell us if Morgellons is a bacteria, fungus, virus, or a combination or something totally new to science.

The answer is that there are not enough people demonstrating symptoms of Morgellons to make it financially worth their while. Sad but true. Even the CDC in their investigation, was only issued a budget of $338,000 for their entire study.  Anyone with common sense knows that that is barely enough to staff a few people, yet alone conduct a full scientific investigation. Could this be the reason that the US Army had to fund the rest?  And why is the US Army involved anyway?  We have great questions, but, alas, no answers.

Real American Morgellons sufferers

Morgellons sufferers in the USA are citizens and have the right to expect their Federal Government to help them discover the cause and the cure.  The CDC has taken 2 years to conduct a study of 40 Morgellons sufferers and another year just to come close to publishing their findings.  One of the 40 Morgellons sufferers is an acquaintance of mine who pressed Dr. Joe Shelby, the Administrator of Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Oakland, California to tell him what was found. His answer is that the CDC found absolutely nothing and that their conclusion is that Morgellons is really a form of Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP).  That means that everyone who self-diagnosed themselves with Morgellons Disease is nuts and they think there are bugs crawling all over their bodies.

Money, money, money, of course

Let’s be frank here; when there are sufficient numbers of Morgellons sufferers for it to become financially feasible (profit) to conduct real scientific research, then and only then will science begin real research into this mysterious disease. This was certainly the case when AIDS first appeared about 35 years ago.

While Medical Science Looks for Morgellons Research Funding, People Suffer Horribly

Take a moment and see for yourself what Morgellons sufferers go through;

Left hand of Morgellons sufferer before and after using NutraSilver

Actual Morgellons Lesions

Even After 40 US Senators and Congressmen Asked the CDC to Investigate…

Then US Senator Barack Obama and US Senator Hillary Clinton, among others asked the CDC to investigate Morgellons. The US Government still has no answers or hope for Morgellons sufferers. Even with this amount of political clout, nothing of any import has occurred to date. We do see a glimmer of hope in Europe where scientists do seem to be working on Morgellons. It looks like money talks, even over the roar of politics.

In the mean time, Morgellons sufferers continue to hope and pray for relief.

There is a way out.  For 5 years now we have been helping Morgellons sufferers eliminate their symptoms.  We are certain that this is not a cure, but at least Morgellons sufferers have a way to eliminate their symptoms and return to a normal life.

Free Telephone Consultations

If you wish to discuss how you can get your life back without Morgellons, call our toll-free number and our experienced (5+ years working directly with Morgellons victims) counselors will help you through this nightmare.  We have seen thousands of Morgellons victims recover.  It is your turn now, so pick up your telephone and call this number now.

888-240-2326 Option #2

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