Morgellons Theories Abound! Which is True?

Few ailments in recent history have been the subject of as much controversy and even ridicule as Morgellon’s Disease (or Syndrome). Having been in the medical limelight a great deal of late due to a plethora of cases, mostly in the southern US and west coast, experts of many types ranging from psychiatrists to epidemiologists have taken sides, either as believers or scoffers.

The condition itself is mysterious and horrifying: its victims have the sensation of insects crawling under their skin; they even claim that strange fibers, varying in color, emerge from their bodies at different points. Tragically, some who exhibit such unusual symptoms have been so tortured by the intense pain that, not finding any relief, and being derided as delusional by the medical profession, they have taken their lives.

Singer Joni Mitchell has Morgellons

Another theory involves the possible result of genetically-modified foods causing insects to mutate. Since these foods haven’t been around long enough for us to know exactly how they will affect the environment, how can we tell if other organisms haven’t already maladapted? Look at the MRSA bacteria: these “supergerms” have evolved due to being bombarded with antibiotics. It’s not a far stretch to suppose that higher lifeforms could react in a similar manner.

Conventional medicine has labeled the disease a mental illness, claiming the sufferers imagine the parasites afflicting them subcutaneously. How, then, would they come up with the colored fibers emerging from the lesions that are supposedly self-inflicted? Also, why would the cases reported be more prevalent in specific regions of the country? Some theories currently being explored are links to actual parasites. In fact there is some resemblance to one parasite, called loa loa, that has its life cycle under the skin of its human host, after being virtually injected by the bite of the adult fly. Although this may not be the actual culprit, there is the possibility that another, at this point unknown/unnamed, insect is responsible.

Still another idea involves an offshoot-illness caused by Lyme Disease. Some scientists claim there are similarities between this illness, caused by deer ticks (another parasite), and Morgellon’s. In this event, there is hope for the victims, as Lyme Disease IS treatable.

While the scientific world still squabbles over the reality of this ailment, the alternative medicine field is searching for solutions. There is some hope already of effective herbal treatments, for example. In the meantime, holistic health providers look at patients not as hysterical self-mutilators, but as people with legitimate conditions, in need of help, and in need of being believed.

What is the Truth?

The truth is that no one, except perhaps those who created Morgellons, really knows and Morgellons is still a medical mystery.

What Can You Do if YOU have Morgellons?

Carol    2009

“Even though I didn’t have the fiber aspect of morgellons,I believe I would have gotten to that point had I not been introduced to NutraSilver®. I participated in a beta test using NutraSilver® as a Morgellons remedy. Within one week, the lesions began to heal and dissipate. After a few weeks, almost all of the sores were gone. I continued to experience outbreaks of the stinging and biting sensation that coincided with the full and new moon lunar phase. This phenomenon is consistent with reproduction in parasites and worms. As long as I took NutraSilver®, the morgellons outbreaks were minor and the tiny sores healed immediately. If I stopped, the lesions rapidly multiplied and spread. I have now been taking NutraSilver® daily for morgellons treatment for over 2 years. I take 30 drops 2-3x/day. …..”


Within a month, many Morgellons sufferers experience remarkable healing
like these pictures below.

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One Response to Morgellons Theories Abound! Which is True?

  1. There is strong evidence that Morgellons is not a delusional disease. Fibers are found under unbroken skin, indicating that they are not self-inflicted. Because they are not self-implanted textile fibers, they must be produced within the skin. Morgellons fibers have physical properties consistent with keratin. Keratin and chitin are the strongest known biofibers, and keratin shows no cellular structure.

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