Morgellons: Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP) and What the Medical Profession Concludes

Dermatologist Describe DOP

Delusional parasitosis (DP) is the most frequent delusional disorder in dermatology. In DP there is a fixed belief

Clueless Doctor

of a usually skin-related invasion or infestation by a number of alleged infectious species (usually parasites and bacteria), whose identity has varied over the decades. Since 2002 worldwide an increasing number of patients have complained of unverifiable fibers and filaments in or on the skin, associated with numerous nonspecific complaints (arthralgias, altered cognitive function and extreme fatigue). This entity has been named “Morgellons disease” by the patients themselves, although medical evidence for its existence is lacking. As an example, we discuss a 55-year-old woman who complained of Morgellons disease and was treated as if she had DP. Currently the delusional assumption of infestation with Morgellons should be considered as a new type of DP with some kind of inanimate material. We therefore recommend in case of DP including Morgellons the use of the broader term “delusional infestation”.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

Just say NO ti GMO

If we are what we eat, we do not know what we are eating, or the consequences of playing around with the genes of what we eat. Isn’t there a possibility that there are potential dangers involved in consuming the unknown? How safe is transgenic food and is there a connection with Morgellons Disease? We name the culprit: Agrobacterium tumefasciens.

Morgellons Disease was labelled by Mary Leitao, a biologist in Boston whose two-year-old son developed sores on his lips and complained that he felt bugs crawling under his skin, before skin lesions broke out with fibers coming out of them, accompanied with the sensation of biting and stinging…Mary Leitao chose the name from the Letter to a Friend written by Thomas Browne in 1690 in which he described an illness which affected children in Languedoc, France, called the Morgellons, who broke out with “harsh hairs on their backs”.

The medical system in the USA considered Mary Leitao to be in need of psychiatric assessment and found nothing wrong with her son…however his condition persisted and open sores broke out all over his body. Similar cases with the same symtoms have over the last decade swept across the USA, and the incidence has accompanied the increased use of transgenic foodstuffs and the spread of transgenic crops.

Morgellons Disease From Dental Work?

Dr. Amin discusses “ Delusional Parasitosis” or Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS), and Morgellons. In his practice he has been seeing an increasing number of patients with pathogenic bacterial and fungal infections associated with recurrent open skin sores/lesions and with crawling and tingling (pin prick) sensations, often interpreted as and confused with presence and movement of parasites under the skin and in body cavities. The presence of parasites could not be substantiated upon thorough testing. Patients were classified by health care practitioners as delusional. They were found to represent, however, genuine clinical cases but not of parasitic infections. His studies of a few hundred patients over more than 10 years have led to the description of a new disease, Neuro-cutaneous Syndrome (NCS), a dental toxicity disorder caused by the use of incompatible dental materials including, but not limited to, liners, bases, sealants, adhesives, composites, and cements during routine dental procedures (i.e. root canals, fillings). NCS is an epidemic in disguise.

Placating Morgellons Patients

Morgellons disease has recently been given much attention on the internet and in the mass media. The present authors believe that many of these patients may benefit from being treated as those with delusions of parasitosis, but that there is some utility in the use of the diagnostic term. The present authors discussed the potential benefit of using the term as a means of building trust and rapport with patients to maximize treatment benefit. They also suggested a therapeutic paradigm of “meeting the patient halfway” and creating a therapeutic alliance when providing dermatologic treatment by taking their cutaneous symptoms seriously enough to provide both topical ointments as well as antipsychotic medications, which can be therapeutic with these patients. Lastly, the Medical Profession is aware of the importance of keeping their minds open to the possibility of yet undefined organic conditions that may exist. It is the present author’s hope that suggestions in this paper prove useful for the care and treatment of these patients.

Could This be a Physiological Problem?

Got Morgellons? I think you are nuts!

The theory of Delusional Parasitosis Morgellons also explains the compulsive nature of Morgellons patients to scratch their skin, often to the extent of harming themselves, making their skin prone to cracking or developing sores. Delusional parasitosis isn’t easy to cure since the patient is totally convinced about the presence of parasites in the body. It requires the combined treatment involving the presence of a psychologist and a dermatologist. Many Morgellons patients are treated with antipsychotics that are known to curb the obsession induced by delusional parasitosis. Health specialists believing in Delusion Parasitosis Morgellons interpret Morgellons as a psychological problem that has no relation to controversial, speculated causes like chemtrails or environmental toxicity.

Everything You Have Read Here is Simply Untrue

Consider this: how could thousands of people around the world, without access to the Internet share the same exact delusion? The answer is simple; it is NOT POSSIBLE!  to have spoken to thousands of Morgellons sufferers who share the same physical symptoms such as black “pepper” flakes on their bedsheets every day, multicolored fibers growing out of their skin and some have horrible, non-healing lesions all over their bodies. This is real, physical evidence from thousands of Morgellons sufferers globally. There are, of course, many serious cognitive issues such as severe “brain fog”, chronic fatigue and depression.

There is Hope Now to Heal This Debilitating Disease

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