Morgellons Disease: NutraSilver Test Summary/Testimonial

Julie O

I first experienced outward physical skin sensations on the night of August 13, 2006.  It felt as if I was being stung by something on my left shoulder, but I could not see anything where I felt the stinging pain.  The area began to itch and burn.  It was extremely painful.  I tried applying various things topically to attempt to subdue the irritation.  I applied colloidal silver, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, aloe vera, tea tree oil, thuja oil, thyme oil, lemon oil and other essential oils.  Nothing helped.  I didn’t get much sleep that night.  In the morning, I found 3 small round scabby sores on the area.  I thought it was over.  It wasn’t.

The next night, the itching returned and was maddening.  I scratched till I bled and created large scabby regions.  The pain was deep in the tissues as well.  I slapped at my arm in frustration.  I continued to try various topical applications of different substances including Caladryl lotion, anti-itch creams, even pharmaceuticals such as anti-fungals, anti-virals, cortisone creams, etc. over the weeks that followed.  Nothing helped and more lesions appeared in different spots on the same arm – around the elbow, upper arm and wrist.  Soon, identical symptoms and sores began to occur on the right arm.  The nightly itching routine became commonplace.  I was completely distraught.  After over a month, I made an appointment to see my Doctor at Kaiser.  He looked at the sores and didn’t know what it was.  He took a scraping, but did not see anything identifiable under the microscope.  I conducted Internet research that led me to the possible diagnosis of scabies.  I suggested this to my doctor, but he didn’t think this looked like or fit the description of scabies.  He prescribed topical Permethrin cream in case I wanted to try it.  It didn’t work either.  Next, I ordered some enzyme peppermint products from  This did help soothe the area, but did not stop the painful outbreaks or recurrence of the sores.  The sores were not healing and flared.  Peppermint oil also helped to deaden the pain and I carried a bottle of it with me everywhere and smelled like peppermint candy.

More online research led me to information about Morgellon’s Disease.  As I read about the symptoms that others were experiencing, I realized the similarities to my situation.  I joined an online group hoping to find out more.  After joining the Bay Area Morgellon’s group, I was contacted and asked if I wanted to be part of an experiment with a new type of silver product.  I agreed.

Following is a synopsis of my experience using NutraSilver at the dose of 20 drops, 3 times a day from September 25 through October 10, 2006:

I am no stranger to colloidal silver and have used it for several years now for many things including skin, eye, and ear infections in my pets.  I use it on myself and family for sinus infections, sterilization of cuts, and even for the removal of warts.  It has many applications and I attest to its powerful disinfection and healing properties.  Even so, the colloidal silver product I’ve been using hasn’t worked 100%.  NutraSilver is different from regular colloidal silver and much more powerful.

I began the NutraSilver trial and noticed an immediate decrease in the stinging, itching and burning sensations on the areas affected and inundated with Morgellon’s lesions.  Gradually, the sores began to heal and the outbreaks lessened in intensity.  Many of the sores cleared up completely, but not all have resolved yet.  An additional benefit of the ingestion of the solution was a dramatic decrease in joint inflammation.  I’m also infected with Hepatitis C and suffer from various symptoms and extrahepatic manifestations from this dreadful disease.  My immune system is compromised and I tend to come down with infections more readily and acutely.  While I was taking the NutraSilver, my son, husband and many at work came down with a bad sore throat, headache, sinus infection and cold symptoms.  I started to contract it as well, but was able to fend it off with only minor consequences.  It appears that NutraSilver is like a secondary immune system.  I also have a lesion in my right nostril that has persisted for months.  I now believe the nose lesion is a Morgellon’s manifestation.  I am convinced beyond a doubt that the NutraSilver is helping these various conditions.  Given that I’ve only been using the product for approximately 16 days, this is very encouraging.  I am going to continue taking NutraSilver in the hopes that the Morgellon’s will be eradicated.  Even if that isn’t possible, I know it is helping until a definitive solution to this ongoing nightmare materializes.

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