MRSA Kills More People in the USA than Does AIDS!

It is hard to believe, yet this is absolutely true. We hear lots of information on MRSA, yet seldom do we hear real-life stories of how MRSA really affects individuals and families. The following stories are real and have happened to real people throughout the United States.

BJ, La Quinta, CA

I was taken to the ER at JFK Hospital in indio, CA and an infection was suspected and my blood level had dropped to 70%. An IV was put in my arm in the ER and I was kept overnight. The next day i went home. Four days later I returned with a swollen right arm and was admitted, put in isolation and put on a couple of antibiotics. I was there 18 days. I was in very good health until then. This was in october of 2007. I continued the antibiotic after going home for a week. The medical bills totaled almost $100,000. I was not asked to pay a cent and asked my insurance company about it, at times weeping. They said not to worry, that I would not have to pay anything.

I would like to say that in researching MRSA after I was home that the CDC and even hospitals were not forthright about the stats, the situation and the seriousness of MRSA. They were tight lipped and authorized statements contained mis-information in and out of the government. it must not be tolerated. I wonder also, how close I came to dying? How sick was I? I got my medical records and they are brief, illegible and not at all comprehensive. The hospital kept sending administrators in to talk with me. I told them I would continue to refuse to talk to them without my attorney and insurance company representative present. They finally left me alone.

Jennifer 28 yrs old

For the past year I have been to the doctor at least a dozen times for different infections. Every time I would leave his office with a new antibiotic and be back at his office two weeks later. I was so fed up with this run-around and I had a boil on my arm. My doctor told me it was a spider bite and to keep it covered and take the antibiotics. Four days later I woke up with hives and I had my boyfriend rush me to the doctor. Finally, the doctor took a culture and it was MRSA. I was horrified, scared and angry. I was angry because I put my life in the hands of a doctor and having a disease that I know could have been fatal, it was upsetting. I understand now why I had so many infections. I hope that one day docotrs will be more cautious and aware of what they are dealing with. I have no idea how I contracted this disease, my doctor actually suggested that I might have gotten it from the doctor’s office. Scary!


In July of 2006 my 3 yr old son woke up feeling achy and with not much energy. We thought he had a cold and the next day he woke up screaming in severe pain and could not walk. We went to the hospital and by the time we got there he was going in and out of consciousness. His temp was 105.3 and he was laboring to breathe. Whatever he was battling was in his lungs, kidneys and the MRI showed spots all over his body. We spent a hirrific night listening to his screams of agony. Our 3 yr old son was telling us he was going to die. Within 2 days he was in an ICU unit in a coma and stayed that way for 3 weeks. He underwent several operations to cut out the infection from his muscles and bones. He spnt his 4th birthday in a coma. We had wonderful doctors that gave him a cocktail of antibiotics which slowly turned the tide of the infection. We spent the summer at the Children’s Hospital and the fall administering antibiotics in a picc line three time a day. He learned to walk again and build his strength. He fought hard and we are so luck we have him, so many times MRSA goes the other way. Now he is happy and a healthy 5 yr old who plays soccer, does Tae Kwon Do and loves music.

11 yr old Female

My daughter was 11 at the time and came to me with pain on her leg the looked like a spider bite. She said it had been there for 4 days and I sent her to school. At 11:30am I received a call from the school saying my daughter was running a fever and had been sleeping. I picked her up and the spot on her ankle was twice the size. Her entire leg from the knee down was swollen three times its normal size. She had a fever of 104 and was admitted to the hospital and put on IV antibiotics. She recovered and six months later she had an area on her arm that looked like a spider bite and I took her to her doctor and again it was MRSA , but do to an early intervention she just had to take an antibiotic and have the area drained. She was screened for MRSA and was a carrier and was decolonized. My son had an area on his knee and it looked liked exzema and it tested positive for MRSA. He was put on an antibiotic and it healed. I am really thankful for this site.


My daughter was not feeling well and the next day she had a fever and complained of an ear ache. We took her to the doctor and he said no ear infection. We returned to the doctor as her pain had increased and again – no ear infection and the next day she could not hear and we went back to the doctor and then they see the ear infection. She has pale scaly hands and we go to the ER and they start an IV and then later we went home. She had yellow-greenish discharge in her pants the next day and we go back to the ER and they said for her to go to her GI appt. and the doctor did a culture of the discharge. She later had red bumps on her legs and getting more red and the red bumps now have white heads on them. The white heads disappeared, but her vaginal area is looking very red and alot of discharge. The doctor called and said that she had MRSA and started her on Bactrim. She got a rash, but the discharge stopped and her vaginal area improved and the red marks on her legs and arms improved. One year later her older sister had vagibal dischare and also had MRSA. We had everyone cultured. My biggest fear is that my little girls will be colonized through to adulthood and am petrified that infections will happen again. I know that my daughter ended up with this from the hospital.


I was in a motorcycle accident in 07 and separated my shoulder and fractured my tibia and fibula and had serious muscle and tissue damage. I was in the hospital for 3 1/2 weeks and had 11 surgeries to clean and reconstruct the muscle, implant a rod in my leg and insert pins in my shoulder. A few months later I was diagnosed with MRSA and osteo and continued treatment and the doctor said it is very hard to treat and the infection was preventing healing. Amputation might ocurr and I had 3 courses of IV antibiotics in 26 weeks and also Bactrim and told I might have to take it for the rest of my life. My wound was still open and draining and not healing. In 08 I took Allimax ( stabilized allicin) and within 3 weeks the infection began to heal. I was able then to have surgeries to remove the rod and have grafting done. I also did hyperbaric oxygen therapy in my recover plan and did 20 sessions. At the end of 2008 I stopped taking Bactrim and was just taking Allimed and my lab work came back normal. I am 11 months now MRSA free and thrilled to be walking again without any signs of infection.

Kayla – 18 yrs old

I have had MRSA four times and have been treated with multiple antibiotics for it and afte a couple of weeks they do not work. It has been a very painful and upsetting experience for me. The first time I got it it was under my arm and my doctor put gauze in to let it drain and for 20 days I had to keep pulling the gauze out and then I got it again. Then I got it on my buttocks and then by my hip. I do not wish MRSA on anyone, not even my worse enemy. I do not know where I got it from and my brother got it on his neck, my aunt got it, one of her sons got it on his hip and one of her daughters had it in her bloodstream and it was eating away at her femur and she was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks. She had five surgeries and was sent home on a picc-line – she is 8 yrs old. She is still healing from it. MRSA can be a very painful experience for all ages, healthy or unhealthy – anyone can get it.

June – 60 yrs old

I live in Kentucky and in 07 and broke my ankle and I had it cultured and I had MRSA. I went to my doctor and he cleaned it out and sutured it and said nothing about MRSA. I went to another doctor and he said I could lose my leg if not my life and I was placed on a picc line with antibiotics and admitted to the hospital. My temp spiked to 104 and was told my port site was infected and had to have another picc line put in. I developed sepsis and pneumonia and finally was discharged and placed on home treatment. My wound site healed, but my ankle foot and leg continued to swell and I was told I had to have the hardware removed because was MRSA was on the hardware. I continued to have swelling and it got progressively harder to walk. I had a MRI and x-ray done and the cartilage had been destroyed and I was walking on bone-on-bone. I had surgery, an open left ankle arthrosesis and then therapy. I developed a blood clot was readmitted. I am very upset that my first surgeon neglected to tell me that I had MRSA. If I had been told as soon as the culture came back, maybe all of this could have been avoided. I am slowing getting on my feet and hopefully one day I will be able to do all the things I use to be able to do. God bless all of those who have suffered like situations and a special thanks to you, Jeanine who fights for change. Hopefully, the day will come that no person will have to tolerate the ignorance of some medical professionals.

Chuck – Columbus, OH

My mother (80) went to the hospital for surgery to remove fat tissue around a hernia and she became ill after surgery. She was so white and pale all over. The next morning doctors had to redo the surgery to remove something inside her. My mother became weaker in the recovery room. Mom was to suffer for 1/1/2 yrs and then she found out she had pancreatic cancer and 8 weeks later she died. Who will be charged because my mom got MRSA? My dad has to pay all the medical expenses and bills. Her skin my her stomache never healed – it was 2-3 inches open and 10 inches long. Nurses aides came to her house 3 times a week for the entire time to change her dressings and she suffered from so much pain. Bless my mother for her pain and suffering. My dad and brothers and sisters were in pain for her. May God bless Mom to be in heaven. Love you Mom.

34 yr old female

I live in Wisconsin and suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis that destroyed my hip bones and I needed hip replacement surgery.The first one went well and after the second surgery I had seepage in my stitches and the doctor kept telling me it was ok. Something didn’t feel right in my leg and when I took off my pants blood and pus was everywhere. I called my doctor, but he did not return my call and the next day we went to his office. My doctor sent me right to the hospital and they told me there that I had a serious infection and a 50/50 chance of surviving the surgery and I may lose my leg also. After the surgery I was screaming in pain and I had another surgery a a non-walking spacer was put in. In April 09 I had the spacer removed (different hospital) and was on a picc line for 9 weeks and told that best I could expect is to walk with a cane or limp. I am still using a wheelchair most of the time and need knee replacement surgery. I am very angry at having to deal with this disease that was given to me.

Stephanie – 28 yrs old

I am a mother of 4 boys, and I have always been healthy. In 2008 I got sick in January and every month after  that I was on antibiotics, In July of 2009 I got a lump in my right thigh and had it removed. 2 days later it became infected and pus came out if it and it had to be lanced. I found out it was MRSA. Two of my boys got it and my boyfriend. I love when my doctors tell me I am exception and was told that IV drugs are the only way I have for a chance to live. I look into my boys faces and I get sad, will I ever see them graduate from high school? I am thankful that I found your web site and this gives me hope. I am getting remarried on Oct. 24th and glad I’m doing it in a month the spotlights MRSA. Thank you for letting me share with you my story.

Now That Antibiotics Have Failed, What Can You Do?

There is a promising treatment that has already produced amazing results. This natural mineral, when testing MRSA 300 in FDA-certified independent in-vitro lab tests demonstrated astounding results; with 1.3 BILLION cells of MRSA, this product killed 99.9999% in just 60 seconds! This product is not a drug or chemical; it is a natural mineral that humans have uses for over 4,000 years. Completely non-toxic, unlike antibiotics, NutraSilver kills MRSA quickly and effectively without harmful antibiotics.

Give NutraSilver a chance to eliminate your MRSA.  It even comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Here is what MRSA sufferers say;


Christopher_H    Tampa, Florida June 2010

“This is our second order & we’re devoted customers for LIFE. I was extremely sick with my MRSA since 2005. Doctors just seemed to be killing me the more they treated me. I only had one so-called “good” week per month that I felt “OK.” We found NutraSilver mentioned on a MRSA discussion board, that day, on April 30th, we ordered. I need to tell you…I have not had one single down day since I’ve been taking NutraSilver. I no longer take 6 hour naps during the day (after a full nights rest), my rashes & boils disappeared entirely, sinus congestion & migraines no longer hit me (NOT even ONE since I started this), I no longer have any monster-sized gland swelling in my neck or bad ear infections (which I had 3 WEEKS out of each month)–and my energy is restored back to how it felt BEFORE I acquired MRSA in ’05. I am able to spend time doing things I love…most importantly, I am now able to spend A LOT of wake time with my teenage son! “

“I am a 38 year old female, single parent… I was terrified, hopeless & knew that I was inching closer to the grave, I prepared my Last Will & Testament and I put a couple Life Insurance policies on myself. I was very depressed from it all. I couldn’t help but be anything but with the thought of leaving my son behind.

“Today…I sleep through the night, I am up early in the morning, no naps..I stay on the go, I am swimming 100 laps 6 days a week on top of my daily cardio & strength training. I haven’t had ANY energy to exercise since 2005!! I’m eating as a vegetarian now and since I ordered your product the first time around, I’ve lost 65 lbs that I had gained while I was down ill…with 20 more to go!

“NutraSilver has brought me back to LIFE. It’s literally wiped out ALL of my MRSA symptoms & I now keep it combined with a Pro-biotic and Golden Seal. I maintain taking NutraSilver at a dose 40 drops a day. My son and I cannot EVER thank you enough..YOU helped save my life when 19 hospital stays & the strongest of medication couldn’t even make a dent!



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