Morgellons; Researching on the Internet Can Drive You Crazy

Morgellons is a new name for a very old condition.

The “Morgies”, as they call themselves, ask, “How can thousands of people from all over the world, people who have never spoken to one another, all report the exact same symptoms if Morgellons isn’t a real disease-” Their symptoms aren’t all exactly the same, and their testimonies on the Morgellons support forums are proof of that. Many of these individuals do, however, share a lot of the same symptoms, but the reason is quite simple. Morgellons is a real disease with a real set of identifying symptoms. But it’s not an infectious disease, and it’s not the disease that the Morgellons patients believe it is. Morgellons is the mental disorder, more commonly known as Delusional Parasitosis (DP), or Delusions of Parasitosis (DOP)!

Does this lesion look delusional to you?

The “Morgellons movement” was started by Mary Leitao

After her small son began having the sensation of bugs crawling on him, see came up with this name. The child also had an unhealed lesion on his lip, and the child’s mother reported that fibers were imbedded in, and being extruded from, his skin. She believed that the the fibers were part of an infectious disease process, but was told by doctors that these were clothing fibers. She was also told by one of the childs doctors that she, the child’s mother, had Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy. That’s when a caregiver harms someone else in order to get sympathy for themself. She rejected these opinions outright. In 2002 she started the Morgellons Research Foundation and created a website that included pictures of her son’s affliction and a page for registration by people with similar symptoms. Registrants acknowledged some of the same symptoms, but on the forms they also listed others. “Morgellons Disease” spread and evolved from there.

CDC reluctantly agreed to investigate Morgellons

Eventually, after launching a media campaign, sporting over twelve thousand registrant households, and putting pressure on congressmen with a letter writing campaigne, the CDC reluctantly agreed to investigate Morgellons. By that time several “so-called” Morgellons support forums had been created on the internet, making it obvious that most of their participating members have serious mental problems. In my opinion, the CDC understands, as do most doctors, that this group of patients is delusional, but due to the pressure, they agreed to investigate. This investigation is obviously a waste of tax money, and the CDC should have delved a little deeper before agreeing to such nonsense. By now, though, they have probably realized their mistake, and seen how infuriated the members of this group get when they are told that they are delusional. They abhor such a notion, and in my opinion, the CDC may be witholding the results of their study until they figure out how to release the information without causing a bigger problem than they already have.

Several Morgellons patients have openly stated that they would rather have cancer than Morgellons. They say

Morgellons Lesions or Cancer? Chose....

that with cancer they would at least have a diagnosis and a treatment protocol. One lady, who believes that her skin problem is with bird mites, also reports that she has has cancer. She said that cancer is a piece of cake because nobody doubts you. Morgies also complain because cancer patients are treated with compassion, and they don’t feel that the Morgies are. But, despite what they believe, people are sympathetic toward them. The compassion, however, is because of their real underlying illnesses, many of which they have already been diagnosed with, and because they have Delusional Parasitosis. Sometimes they also have other mental disorders, but the compassion isn’t because they have Morgellons. It’s because they “think” they have Morgellons, and the harm that such a belief can cause.

Morgellons patients feel that they have been abandoned

Doctors and scientists are baffled....

Morgellons patients feel that they have been abandoned by the medical community, their families, and their friends. But many family members have told them the truth. Friends have also told them, and they have been diagnosed by good doctors. Some of them have been diagnosed several times, and the diagnosis is always the same.. Delusional Parasitosis! But the Morgies cannot accept these diagnoses. They have been offered psychiatric referals and prescriptions for antipsychotic medications. But they refuse those too, and they get very angry at any hint of mental illness. They feel abandoned, but it’s the Morgellons patients that have abandoned everyone else.. at least everyone that disagrees with them. And because of an unwarranted fear of contagion, some of them have even isolated themselves from their own children. But what are family members and friends to do when a loved one refuses to listen to reason- What are doctors to do when one of the main symptoms of Delusional Parasitosis is to deny having it-

Itching, stinging, and biting sensations

Morgellons patients report having itching, stinging, and biting sensations. They also report having skin lesions that are very slow to heal, if they heal at all, and the sensation of something crawling on or under their skin. They report that fibers, pepper-like or sand-like granules, and other debris, are extruded from lesions and even unbroken skin. According to Mary Leitao, founder of the Morgellons Research Foundation, the fibers are predominantly red, white, blue, and black. But these colors are very common for clothing, and doctors believe that this is their source. Doctors also believe that the itching is from other medical conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, hepatitis, HIV infection, dermatitis herpetiformis, thyroid disease, anemia, renal dysfunction, neurologic dysfunction, and lymphoma… and that the lesions are slow to heal because they are constantly picked at and scratched. On a televised broadcast, Mary Leitao was even filmed while picking at a lesion on her son’s lip. Members of the Morgellons forums report that they have long sessions, picking at their skin obsessively. Some also report washing their skin or clothing with harsh chemicals.

Morgies can be so gullible

Morgies commonly post and compare photographs of dislodged scabs, bits of dried blood, cellular debris, and lint, believing that these materials are alive… different morphological stages of their perceived disease pathogen. Several members have their own microscopes. Recently, a member of the Lymebusters support forum posted a very clear and graphic photo of a fresh pile of her poo! That’s totally disgusting! There’s also a few doctors, nurses, and researchers that are helping to reinforce these delusions. In some cases they appear to be quacks.. just as delusional as their patients. One Morgie, who claims to be a nurse, and sells a line of products to other Morgies, stated that she has been nominated for the Nobel Prize. It’s sad to think that she thinks people believe her, but some Morgies are so gullible that they probably do. One doctor collected information, some of which appeared to come from the Morgie’s own forums, arranged it into a small pamphlet filled with misspelled words, called it a book, and sold it back to them at an outrageous price. It’s obvious that some professionals are little more than greedy sociopaths, taking advantage of the mentally ill.

Morgies consider these forums to be their salvation

These doctors should have their licenses revoked, if they even have licenses, and should also spend some time behind bars to think about the crimes they have committed. On the “so-called” Morgellons support forums, Morgies are also reinforcing each other’s delusions and encouraging each other to use products in ways that are harmful. Some of them also mistreat their children and pets. But the Morgies consider these forums to be their salvation. Most people believe in freedom of speech, and I’m not sure that a forced closure of these sites can be accomplished without violating basic freedoms. But something needs to be done, and I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know how to resolve this delimma. My friend and I have continued, relentlessly, to try to shine some light in their direction, but their delusional beliefs appear to be unshakable. According to their own testimonies, some of these individuals believe that they were “Chosen”… to educate their doctors and enlighten the medical community and the world in general.

Morgellons Research Foundation

Mary Leitao took a disease that is as old as mankind, Delusional Parasitosis, and gave it a mysterious sounding name which she found in some very old, and equally vague medical literature. With her new website, the founding of the Morgellons Research Foundation,and the help of the internet, she rallied thousands of mentally ill individuals together to support her cause. She supposedly set out to get Morgellons classified as an infectious disease, to discover its cause, and find a cure. This, of course, was futile from the start, and as a result of the Morgellons movement, thousands of sick individuals have been made sicker. The Morgies were glad to find others they could relate to, but this definitely opened a door for quack doctors and greedy opportunists to locate, mistreat, and rob these unfortunate individuals.

Besides Delusional Parasitosis, one can also recognize several other forms of mental illness that are common within the Morgellons group. One such illness is Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder. Many of these individuals pick at their skin compulsively. They also clean their homes ritualistically, and some have even burned their furniture. Many of them have moved from one place of residence to another, just to see their condition follow them. They have large collections of “samples” from their disease.. bits of skin, hair, scabs, lint, dried blood, and cellular debris, believing that they are something of great importance. They present these materials to their doctors as proof of their disease. To dermatologists, however, this is called the “match box sign”, and is considered to be a strong indication that the individual has Delusional Parasitosis. These individuals scan their environments with ultraviolet lights, believing that common clothing fibers and lint are not only alive, but also pathogenic.

Paranoia is very common

Many of the Morgies believe that the government is somehow responsible for their disease. Some think that the government, or some shadow government, is using Morgellons to reduce the world population. They don’t seem to wonder why such a group wouldn’t use a disease that actually kills people, and the only unnatural deaths among the group have been from suicide, or other, unrelated conditions, such as cancer. Others blame genetically modified seeds, and the scientists at Monsanto for the predicament they are in. They blame self-replicating nanobots, high density polyethylene capsules capsuls filled with bio-engineered pathogens, stealth viruses, chemtrails, dental fillings, Lyme Disease, transhumanism, and a wild assortment of pathogens such as Agrobacteria, which happens be the plant pathogen that causes Crown Gall. Some of them actually think they are being turned into plants!

Suffering from Schizophrenia?

Some of these patients also appear to be suffering from Schizophrenia. Some of them talk to the pathogens they believe inhabit them. Others copy and paste long volumes of unrelated information from the internet.. information that they, themselves, obviously don’t understand. Others praise them for their contributions. Some reportedly have Bi-polar Disorder, and some reportedly have frontal lobe problems. Some of these individuals have been diagnosed with things like hypo-thyroidism, diabetes, neurodermatitis, or other diseases that could have originally caused them to believe they are infected with parasites. But they still have a seemingly unshakable belief that they have Morgellons. In such cases, rather than a diagnosis of Delusional Parasitosis, a diagnosis of Secondary Delusional Parasitosis would be more accurate.

Morgies freely admit that they have “brain fog”

Morgies also hate every doctor that doesn’t agree with their own self-diagnosis. They go from doctor to doctor, looking for vindication and validation, then become infuriated when they get another DOP diagnosis. They hate people like my friend and I because we tell them things that they don’t want to hear. We tell them the truth, and try to help them, but they say we don’t have any compassion. They call us cruel and tell us that we are going to rot in hell. They seem to actually hope that it happens. Some of them encourage others to spread the “disease”, so everyone else will believe that their disease is “real”. The Morgies freely admit that they have “brain fog”, but that’s about as far as they will go. They can’t, of course, admit that they are delusional. If they did, they wouldn’t be delusional. But they seem to have a very bigoted view of mental illness. They don’t seem to grasp the fact that the brain is just another part of the human anatomy, and like any other organ, it can become defective. Also, like other organs, it can be treated, and can improve with the help of the right medication.

Morgellons is a real disease!

As stated before, Morgellons is not an infectious disease. It’s a form of Delusional Parasitosis. It is, however, spreading at an alarming rate. A portion of the population has always suffered from Delusional Parasitosis, and with its new name, Morgellons, and the help of the internet, these individuals have been brought together. It may be that this form of mental illness has always been more prevalent than realized. But these patients are continuously recruiting other vulnerable people into their cult-like group.. gullible people who may share some of the same symptoms, but who often seem to be looking for comraderie and something to make them feel important. On the internet, people can be doctors, nurses, scientists, or whatever they choose to be, and can change their user names and identities at will. With the help of message boards, blogs, and bogus websites, some money hungry doctors, nurses, and researchers, also contribute to the Morgies’ false beliefs. And, as stated before, some of these professionals are obviously just as delusional as their patients. So, yes, Morgellons is a real disease! It’s spreading rather quickly, and no one seems to be able to stop it!

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