Morgellons Disease Natural Treatments

Are there natural treatments for Morgellon’s Disease?

The treatment of Morgellons disease remains as controversial as the problem itself. One thing, though, is clear – mainstream medicine is so clueless that we must look to solving Morgellons Disease with natural approaches and treatments.

Locking patients up, decrying their painful and debilitating symptoms as “psychosomatic” (from the mind), debilitating them with powerful psychoactive drugs and ridiculing their obvious distress and concern is not the way to treat disease in ANY case, but especially not in this one.

Recall the way that mainstream medicine reacted when it was confronted with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or “AIDS” – it completely buried its head in the sand and treated the poor suffering patients with derision and scorn. Such has been the treatment of many a Morgellon’s patient, though, thankfully, some compassionate medics are taking a radically different approach and trying a totally new approach.

Dr Susan Kolb is one such individual who has been studying Morgellon’s for some time and, recently, has been having considerable success with natural Morgellon’s disease treatments. Of course, these approaches are forbidden by the FDA, which officially believes that nutrition can have no effect on the prevention or treatment of ANY disease (including Vitamin C for scurvy and Vitamin E for Rickets)! However, brave Doctors and their patients have gone beyond this obvious protectionism for the pharmaceutical industry and have taken matters into their own hands – with startling results.

Modern wonders such as electron microscopy have revealed that the lesions suffered by Morgellon’s Disease patients are most definitely NOT in their imaginations (see Morgellon’s disease images) and that the micro-fibrils and granules are both very real and totally un-natural. This has led many to speculate on their origin and the subsequent cause or Morgellon’s, but little definitive evidence has been forthcoming so far.

Hope for Morgellons disease natural treatments?

However, the similarity to some fungal species (such as hyphae) has led some pioneering physicians to consider treatments that are effective against such species. One such treatment that is showing significant promise is the unique clustered colloidal silver product “Nutrasilver“. Silver, and in particular silver in its colloidal form (micro particles suspended in water or other solution) have long been known to be particularly effective against virtually ALL viruses, bacteria and fungi, whilst have virtually no known adverse effects (as opposed to commercial antibiotics, which can have disastrous, even fatal consequences, and frequently cause more problems than they address).

Typical Morgellons lesions

In fact, many sources postulate that it is the bactericidal properties of silver that led the nobilities of the Medieval World to eat from silver plates and drink from Silver cups – the silver protecting them from any potentially harmful bugs in their food and drink. Whatever the reason, silver is known by all in the field of natural health to have many powerful qualities and few drawbacks (none of which are remotely life-threatening).

However, Nutrasilver is somewhat unique in that it is not just a simple suspension of silver molecules, but a suspension of clusters of silver ions, which seem to be EVEN MORE effective in killing virtually every dangerous pathogen known to man. This kind of approach is yielding significant improvements, with many people reporting that the “granules” literally seemed to “jump out” of their skin after the treatment and that sores that had been troublesome for may months then healed in a couple of weeks.


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I am the CareMan, have been for 7 years now. I really do care about YOU and getting YOU back to great, natural health, so long as you have an open mind.

4 Responses to Morgellons Disease Natural Treatments

  1. Jackie Paulson says:

    I think I have Morgellons Disease, need dr in Illinois can you helP? Jackie Paulson8 at gmail dot com.

    • CareMan says:


      You really do NOT need a Dr! they can not help you if you have Morgellons. We can show you how to rid yourself of the horrible symptoms quickly and safely. Call us if you would care to have a free consultation; 888-240-2326 option #2

  2. Angela says:

    Hi CareMan, I have been suffering with Morgellons since Hurricane Charlie hit Fl in 2004, with no running water or electric we were outside all the time. With only a bathtub filled with water to wash our hands, flush toilet and fill up spray bottles to cool our faces down from the heat. In two months I started out with severe fatigue, chills, memory loss, migraines. My Dr put me in the hospital because my blood cells were so high, but they couldn’t find the cause. I started getting lesions on my legs, then hypopigmented rash that looked like a caterpillar molting in my back, my arms severe lesions, hair, and scalp. When I would scratch my head and if hair came out it would move around as if it were a serpent and when I put the camera closer to it, it would strike at it and this black stuff would start to cover my lens. I wear wigs because of all the hair loss and it is in my wigs and now the synthetic fibers move around the same as my own hair. Please help, I can email you pictures if you like, I just want this crawling feeling to stop. Also when I take pictures of my skin the image will be reversed and my arms or legs will morph or turn deformed in the pictures. I don’t know if it’s because it’s changing my dna or if I’m turning into a monster. Just like in your image for this site their is a white worm looking thing on the side of the arm and the lesions are close, the same happens with me and lots of other pictures I’ve seen from people. Somehow the camera mirrors or reverses areas of the skin to show what’s on the inside. I have several pictures to show you what I mean. Please if you know of any solutions for severe cases please help, I know you mention Nutrasilver, how much and often do you take it and is there anything else to try with it? Please let me know of a secure email I can send you some pictures and if you have any suggestions or questions I’ll be happy to do so. Thank you, Angela from SW Fl 40yrs.

    • CareMan says:

      We can help you! We guarantee it!

      Get the Nutrasilver Morgellons 8 pack, follow the instructions and watch you symptoms disapear in 4 to 5 weeks, just as thousands of sufferers have done during the past 7 years. Or call us for a free consultation; 888-240-2326
      There is no need to suffer further, really.

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