Naturopathic Doctor Saves Dog’s Eye with NutraSilver

Dr. Haripriya Dillon, ND    April, 2010


I have always used natural methods to heal myself, my pets, and my clients, as I am a professional Naturopathic Doctor.  Occasionally, I will use western medicine for diagnosis, or things like broken bones etc., but for the most part I always resort to Mother Nature.  So!  I started the regime.

My young dog’s eye started to get a little bloodshot, but I did not pay much attention to it until it became glossed over like a caterac was forming.  Then the eyeball got huge like a big red marble…twice the size of a normal eye, and was full of a pussy substance.  I wasn’t sure if it was a simple infection, or if there was something that got under the eyeball.

First off, I checked all my Natural Healing books for Animals, trying one thing or the other, but it did not seem to improve and was really scary looking.  Imagine a huge bright RED clouded over Pop Eye.  Finally,  I took her to the vet to have it checked but the vet advised I take her to an eye specialist vet.  As it was the weekend that vet was not available, but she did get back to me on the phone.  I described the eye to her in detail, and she thought it was some kind of infection and would require a very very strong anti-biotic dropped into the eye every hour.  Well, there was no way to get the antibiotic as the office was closed, nor did I want to use antibiotics.

I put a few drops of NutraSilver into the corner of the dog’s eye several times a day (about 4) and also squirted some into her mouth as well.  She actually seemed to like the taste, and never pulled away when I told her to take her medicine.  I have used a few other natural products, such as homeopathy and stem cell enhancement, and cell salts…but the main remedy I have used the entire time is NutraSilver.  I am still using it.

The eye is about 80% healed, and it seems that the color is coming back as well. I was afraid they might have had to remove the eyeball it was so awful looking, but I am convinced that the strong anti-biotic properties of NutraSilver has been the main ingredient in healing my darling doggie.  I shall continue it, until all the red is gone, and her eye is as normal as it can be restored to.  My other dog Puja, sees me giving Kumari her “meds” and wants some too…so I give her a squirt now and then, and she seems to like it as well.  Go Figure!


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I am the CareMan, have been for 7 years now. I really do care about YOU and getting YOU back to great, natural health, so long as you have an open mind.

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