Morgellons Sufferers Respond Strongly to CDC Report

These quotes are from LymeBusters


Thanks for nothing, CDC!

Can’t say that this comes as a surprise, but it is still sickening. The observation that patients were depressed??? Would they be depressed if this was happening to them? Western medicine as practiced in the 21st century. Doesn’t get much scarier than this. I am so fed up that I can’t even talk any more.

Luckily I am in a place where most of my outward symptoms are controlled and I function pretty well, but I feel terrible for the folks who are still experiencing the onset and have no
where to go within the medical community to get any sort of help.

Guess these idiots never heard of Randy Wymore and the OSU study?

I knew in my heart… as well as many other morgellons sufferers have that your final report would be Godless, shameful, and so very disappointing. I tried to have faith in our government… I tried to hope for an honest

the CDC says Morgellons is "All in your head"

outcome of your study of Morgellons. But now I know how disgusting our government has truly become. You hide the truths by hurting the hearts of those who suffer from your attacks on us via chemtrails, GMO foods and the like. I’m so very sickened by the greed, the lack of compassion, and as I said, the lack of truth. But it’s my heart that’s been numbed by what you’ve accomplished in destroying even more lives with this so-called study. You must truly be ashamed of yourselves… I know I’m ashamed of you all. You’ve just destroyed so many people who’ve been holding on by a thread waiting for the answers to stop their suffering. How could you… how could you be so very heartless? I will continue to hope one of you who must know the answer but are being held to secrecy over the cause of this nightmare to step up to the plate one day. Maybe you will the day you or one of your loved ones is hit by the Morgellons delusion… a delusion I might add that has been filmed by thousands of people around the world. How can that be? Because… morgellons is as far from being a delusion as you are from being truthful, compassionate, and strong. So very disappointed in you all… but believe you me, our fight doesn’t stop here. For all who suffer… my heart is with you today.


The newspaper today here in Vegas (The Review Journal)

“The study cost nearly $600,000.00. It’s long awaited results, released Wed, conclude that Morgellons exists only in the patients’ minds.”

End of quote.


You may not want to watch, because it’s really something that does add fuel to the fire.

I know these Morgelloons people are really sick.. I just can't help them because the CDC says Morgellons does not exist


I could chew heads off with my front teeth right about now, and feel WONDERFUL and thrilled doing it.

I’m venting, because ….we know, we know WE KNOW the TRUTH.

I wonder how many poor souls spent their time and money at this “supposed doctors office” in NY.

I am that fed up I can not talk anymore either. Sorry guys, that was another reason for the music.

12 hours sleep and I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. The sleep walking is worse than ever. Tony came home from work to find that I’d been painting butter all over the kitchen.

Couldn’t get anymore frightening for me. Oh and that thing on my bum? My sister is a Nurse confirmed for me it looks like a boil. Well it really really hurts and I hope the drawing agent has worked overnight.

Well, there you have it.

Absolutely idiotic & shameful but considering it comes from the Centers for Disease Creation I am hardly surprised. They are under the authority of the military and since the military has obviously been involved in spreading Morgellons through chemtrails (Morgellons pathogens have been found in the chemtrails fallout encased in some type of artificial lattice) one can hardly expect involved government agencies to rat themselves out or take steps to expose what is really going on.


They don’t f—ing want us to know what the f–k is going on! Even worse the taxes we pay support this BS! We the taxpayers are funding this!!

I guess the CDC didn’t feel the need to look into the findings of researchers like Clifford Carnicom, Randy Wymore, Jan Smith & Hildegarde Stanninger who have respectively discovered that Morgellons causes pathological changes in the blood observable with a microscope. The fibers coming from Morgellons victims are unique and something that cannot be identified with previously known fibers or man-made fibers, that self replicating nano technology is involved and tiny nano tech robots have been repeatedly removed from various Morg sufferers and that there is excessive amounts of silicon in the bodies of Morg sufferers.

How does the CDC explain these pathologies that are consistently found in the bodies of those suffering from Morgellons?

Well this isn’t the first time the CDC has supported fraudulent science …the infamous Yale report on Lyme Disease is another shameful example.

I am made as hell and I’m not going to take it any more…

You can fight back; there is a way out, regardless of the CDC or the Medical Community might say. We have been assisting Morgellons sufferers for over 5 years to rid themselves of this debilitating and life-stealing disease. It is time to pick up the phone and finally find your way out of the Morgellons forest.  We can help; thousands of Morgellons sufferers have found relief and so can you.  It is time to end your Morgellons suffering. Call now for you free Morgellons consultation.

888-240-2326 option #2 PST


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