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An Old Lady’s View of Life Today

The following is an actual journal of an elderly woman with Morgellons Disease.  Over the years, it had crippled her to the point that she literally could not walk or function. Her body was covered with open, weeping sores that seemed to never heal. We provided NutraSilver to her free in exchange for her journal and we are proud to share it with you…

If you have Morgellons, much of this will really sound familiar.

Saturday, June 13, 2009 2:56:55 PM

Well, I have finished my round of Nutrasilver. Two weeks and I have to say I do feel better. Here is a copy of the notes I made as I have progressed.

I started the NutraSilver May 27 –

I started with the 30 drops the enclosed flier recommended.  Within minutes I felt a crawling sensation on my scalp. I could feel the liquid in my stomach. I began to feel extra tired and laid down for a few minutes.

I had experienced leg pain for months

By the second dose the leg pain subsided. After the dose I went to bed. I woke up alert and clear headed for the first time in years,

On the 28th I took my 3rd dose

I could feel that my legs were better already. I could walk normally for the first time in weeks. I went out and worked in my garden for a couple of hours; unheard of in my world.  I upped the amount to 40 drops in the afternoon of the 28th.  I could feel the protein from the celiac move through my body

I’ve been in pain for so long from the celiac I didn’t notice side effects from the Nutrasilver killing off any pathogens.

On the 29th – today I upped the amount to 50 drops

I did feel tired and napped. The protein ( I call it poison ) had moved from my legs up through my body and ended up in my left arm. I couldn’t lift any thing today.  But my legs did not hurt and I did some one handed gardening this after noon.

I napped again after gardening. The poison moved into my upper left arm and shoulders.  I have noticed that the sores caused by the celiac have been draining more the past couple of days also.

To me , just being able to walk is worth the effort

May 30th 2009 –

I woke up today with no pain . For the first time in years. really years! I feel fine ! I start taking 60 drops this afternoon.

May 31st –

I can feel the poison moving around my body more these days. It feels like it is fighting back against the Nutrasilver. My stomach growled for the first time in years . Simple thing others excuse themselves for, has become an event for me !

I had the numbing feeling in my legs last night but this morning it’s moved around again.

The pain I was having has subsided, I can walk, stand and getup pain free

Morgellons lesionsThe poison has moved out of my upper arm into my shoulders and neck. My sores have been draining more too. It will be interesting to see if they heal.  Well, I washed the dog , planted more in my garden and put food on for dinner and it’s only 1:30 in the afternoon! Although I do get sleepy and need a nap, I still can do more now than in years.

Wow, I hope this continues!

June 1st.

Got up today leg pain is still gone, hurray!  I’m still quite tired but the body pain has lowered substantially .

I’m at 60 drops and will stay here for a few days – I believe my being tired is from the poisons in my body being killed off .

On with the test!

June 2nd

Leg pain still gone ! Yippee ! The stronger solution is making me slightly sick to my stomach today. Last night my left hand turned red and the sore on my wrist itched like mad all evening.

The poison is really moving !

The sores on my head , first fill and then drain then fill again. But, I have hope this stuff will leave my body . My

Healed Morgellons lesions

Healed Morgellons lesions

knees today seem to be the target . Will continue with the Nutrasilver.

June 3rd

Same as last few days – still tired.

June 4th

Went to bed at three am this morning and still up at 8:30, Feel fine , the poison has been moving around my body faster and faster. The sore on my wrist is still bright red but the scab is small compared to others I have had. I’ll feel much better when it goes away.

The poison seems to be trying to find a way out of my body.

My legs are much better than they have been in months – but I can feel the poison in my bones , sometimes in my forearms sometimes in my lower legs. But, compared to before I can stand this amount of pain and actually do things in my everyday life.

I can hug my grand daughters and not wince from the pain of their touch. So yes I do conclude that this product is helping me.

June 5th – 8th

Went away for the weekend – staying in a motor home I found I could climb the steps without pain ! That’s something I haven’t done in years ! Tuesday is suppose to be my last day of the 2 week trail period .

I’m concerned that the poison in my body is still not gone although the pain has decreased .

June 9th

Today is suppose to be my last day. I’m afraid that the the pain will return – I’ll just have to go off and see what happens . The “poison” moved into my hands today – I did little but play on the computer as I couldn’t hold much. By late afternoon it moved into my left shin – made it hard to walk all evening .

Attended a lodge meeting and then back home. By midnight the pain finally moved away.

June 10th

Woke up pain free this morning !

I’ll take a week and see what changes now without the Nutrasilver.

June 11th

Sores are draining on my head this morning . If nothing else this has made the poison rush through my body. I vision it like an alien trying to escape any way it can. The sores seem to drain faster and heal faster now. The pain in my legs is still minimal and I am pleased with that.

June 12th

Well today all the sores on my head are draining. I don’t know if this is because of the Nutrasilver or what , but I

Healed Morgellons lesions

Morgellons lesions before and after using NutraSilver

find it quite strange. I have soft spots under my scalp and once the poison works its way through my skin it drains . Yuck , but maybe this is the only way to get it out of my body .

My physical pain is at a much lower level than before. I can bear it most of the time. And I’m not quite so touchy as I have been in the past because of the poison traveling through my tissue.

Here it is June 13th and the pain is still at a lower level that it has been in years !

Next Tuesday I will start a one week round of the Nutrasilver and see if that does any more good. The sores have been draining constantly and I figure , what can that hurt. If the Nutrasilver helps with just that , it will be a miracle !

I’ll keep you posted .

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