The Benefits and Risks of Colloidal Silver

What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver products are liquids that contain minute silver particles, the same type of silver that is used in jewelry and traditional dental filings. They are dietary supplements taken orally to assist in the treatment of many conditions, from Morgellons and Lyme disease to water purification and food poisoning. Toxins are ingested every day, from the food and beverages we ingest to the air we breathe. Many food products have been treated with chemicals that genetically alter them from their natural state. Our bodies do not know how to digest these chemicals. As a result, we may feel tired and run down.

How Does colloidal Silver React in the Human Body?

In more serious cases we get very ill, with unusually high body temperatures and the inability to keep food in our stomachs. Colloidal silver products have been developed to reach every area of the body to destroy the toxins hiding there, such as bacteria, viruses and any other single celled pathogen. This is done without harm to the naturally occurring enzymes and other chemicals that are essential to maintaining balanced body chemistry. As a result, energy levels increase and we are able to concentrate better. When our immune system is given a boost, we live healthier, more active lives.

How Long have People Used Colloidal Silver?

Silver has been used as an antiseptic and disinfectant for decades. It kills bacteria in wounds and is used in dressings to treat eternal infections. Colloidal silver is developed using the latest technologies to purify the silver making it safe for internal use. The key to the potency and effectiveness of the product lies in the size of the particles. There are many products that enable users to manufacture similar products at home. However, the dosage and manufacturing instructions are frequently not followed. This causes more harm than good. With so much potential risk, most users choose to purchase products that are certified for zero toxicity.

Can Colloidal Silver Kill Water-borne Pathogens?

There are many dangerous pathogens in drinking water in much of the world. In developing countries, colloidal silver is used to clean the water for drinking and for rinsing fresh fruits and vegetables. Many backpackers and international travelers carry this type of product to ensure their water is safe to drink, no matter where they are. These products are odorless and tasteless, and have no proven adverse reactions with medications. When used consistently, it may help improve digestion, and prevent colds. For more information on the benefits of using NutraSilver, visit our web site.


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