MRSA300, the Most Virulent Strain of MRSA is Spreading World-wide

MRSA Can ‘Morph’ into Pneumonia

A flesh-eating form of pneumonia that is easily passed between healthy people on public transport is spreading across the UK and Europe from the United States, experts have warned.

The deadly strain of MRSA called USA300 passes easily through skin-to-skin contact. It can also survive on surfaces and so has the potential to be picked up on crowded buses, taxis and airliners.

USA300 is resistant to treatment by several front-line antibiotics and can cause large boils on the skin. In severe cases, USA300 can lead to fatal blood poisoning or a form of pneumonia that can eat away at lung tissue.

‘These community-acquired strains seem to be good at affecting healthy people – they seem to be much better than the hospital ones at causing disease. ‘They don’t rely on healthcare workers moving them around, which the hospital ones seem to.’

MRSA Continues to Evolve to Avoid Antibiotics

In a new research paper published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, Dr Massey and colleagues analysis the way community-acquired MRSA’s are able to adapt and fine tune themselves to spread outside of hospitals.


Typical MRSA boil

MRSA bacteria in hospitals has not been able to migrate into the community in the same way.

‘The ability of the MRSA bacteria to secrete toxins is one of the main ways it causes disease.

‘Using a sensing system, it carefully controls when it switches on its ability to do this, so as not to cause disease until it is firmly established within the human.

‘Many antibiotics target the cell walls of harmful bacteria, and to resist this, the bacteria have to make changes to their cell wall.’

Community-acquired MRSA strains have cell walls that are different to those seen in hospitals, allowing them to sense their environment and switch toxin expression on at the right time.

Chris Thomas, professor of molecular genetics at the University of Birmingham, said: ‘The key message is that strains of MRSA that are spreading in the community are better able to infect the young and healthy, precisely because they are not actually trying so hard to be resistant as the bugs that have been encountered in hospitals for many years.’

He said there was now a ‘need to worry about community super bugs that are fine tuned to spreading outside of hospitals and we all need to be extra vigilant about hygiene and unnecessary use of antibiotics.’

MRSA300 Tested Against NutraSilver and Guess Who Won?

In recent FDA-certified independent in-vitro lab test conducted in the United States, 1.3 BILLION cells of MRSA300 were tested against one drop on NutraSilver. In 60 seconds, 99.9999% of the MRSA300 cells were destroyed. The scientist who conducted these test were amazed at the result; who wouldn’t be?

How Can This Be True?

NutraSilver has the ability to switch off an enzyme in the MRSA cells, and virtually all other pathogens as well, so the organism can not use oxygen.  The result? The organism suffocates and dies very quickly. If you have MRSA, we invite you to learn more about how this amazing natural mineral can help you eliminate your MRSA without harmful antibiotics and with virtually no side-effects.


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