Pathogenic Drinking Water: Closer Than You Think…

Recent research studies have identified a wide range of microbial problem areas including:

  • community drinking water supplies
  • delivered and store-bought bottled water
  • water coolers
  •  water lines in dental offices
  • shower heads
  • air conditioning systems
  • home plumbing systems
  • and even under-sink reverse osmosis water treatment systems purchased, ironically, for the removal of water contaminants


The natural question is: where are these pathogens coming from? Part of the answer may lie in the findings of recent studies conducted in dental offices where a wide variety of pathogen microbes were found at extraordinary levels in dental unit water lines.

Recently, a well-known California dentist died from Legionella pneumophilia which was traced to the water coming from the dental instrument water lines in his office. A fatal case of endocarditis was recently traced to contamination of dental water lines encountered during a simple teeth cleaning operation.

What Solutions Work in Your Home?

Not trusting tap or bottled water, many have turned to a variety of home water treatment systems. Unfortunately, most of these popular systems aren’t up to the task of dealing with these microbial problems.

Reverse osmosis systems have long been known to be incapable of dealing with bacterial problems. Indeed, recent Canadian studies have shown that they quickly become a massive breeding ground for pathogens which have been directly correlated with illnesses in most homes tested.

Carbon filtration, including those variations are used to allegedly deal with biological problems are clearly inadequate solutions—and, as noted over the years, carbon filters have their own propensity for developing heavy biological loadings.

Ozone treatment and ultraviolet irradiation can have very powerful disinfecting efficacy, however it is difficult to achieve this result close to the point of use, and this is the critical aspect of utility in dealing with the microbial contamination of water vessels and water lines used by consumers.

Steam distillation provides a secure approach to microbiological decontamination leading to production of safe, sterile drinking water and as implied on the NBC Dateline series, the boiling/steaming aspect of distillation may be the only practical and effective technique available to the homeowner. Until now.

We need to remember that the “carcasses” of bacteria contain toxic substances and pyrogens. So the physical removal of microbes, dead or alive, at the point of use through distillation techniques or contemporary micro filtration technology is likely to have an important role in addressing the problem in many circumstances, like the dental water lines, for example.

New laboratory techniques and systems based on an assessment of total bacterial contamination and some evaluation of disease-causing potential are needed, and fortunately are being developed. There is no need to wait; we have them for you right now!

These methods, combined with techniques emerging from molecular biology will provide the basis for more judicious selection of suitable point-of-use prevention technologies, both in the U.S. and overseas. The end result will be to reduce the impact of waterborne pathogens on the public’s health–and to rebuild the consumer’s confidence in the purity of the water they drink.

Point-of-use Water Purification

NutraSilver is a safe, natural way to purify water. NutraSilver® is inexpensive and highly portable—one 30ml bottle contains enough drops to purify approximately 1,200 liters of germ-laden water drinking water. Third-world countries use colloidal silver to purify their drinking water and reduce microbial infection risks by washing their fruits and vegetables with a colloidal silver rinse. Carry NutraSilver in your pocket or purse.

NutraSilver is used as a water purifier by backpackers, international travelers, soldiers and anyone who must have drinking water that is completely safe to drink. FDA-certified independent in-vitro lab testing proves there is zero toxicity in NutraSilver and that it kills the most dangerous water-born pathogens known quickly and inexpensively.

Order today and find out how well NutraSilver® works for water purification. We are so certain that you will love NutraSilver, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.


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