Your Tapwater May Be Killing You

Health Effects of Drinking Water Contamination:

Exposure to microbes in water can lead to nausea, fevers, diarrhea and dehydration.  Long-term exposure can cause rashes, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and a number of immune,

How safe is YOUR tap water?

neurological, developmental, and reproductive problems.

Because of the different types and levels of pollutants in U.S. waters, it is very difficult to observe accurately the rate of disease from contamination in water.  However, it has been estimated that approximately 900,000 people fall ill and as many as 900 die each year from waterborne infectious disease.  It is equally difficult to measure the adverse health impact of waterborne chemicals because of the long lag between exposure and symptoms, the multiple ways chemicals can enter the body, and the mobility of populations.

While everyone is at risk for health problems because of drinking water contamination, the level of risk varies from person to person and depends on a number of factors. These include: the specific contaminant(s) to which an individual is exposed; the size of the dose; demographic characteristics; pre-existing health conditions; lifestyle choices including smoking and diet; and the effects of exposure to multiple chemicals.  Pregnant women are particularly susceptible to exposure, as are infants and children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.

Tap Water Is Regulated, Isn’t It?

Which pathogens are in your drinking water?

In 1974, the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) was authorized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enforce rules and regulations on drinking water. The SDWA required water supply operators to be licensed, watersheds to be protected, and most especially water contaminants to be regulated. Among those contaminants were disinfectants, such as chloramines, chlorine and chlorine dioxide, used in drinking water to prevent microbial pathogens, which are disease-causing organisms, from existing in our drinking water. The levels of disinfectants were set trying to limit the risks of pathogens while still maintaining a safe drinking water. Maximum levels were set below quantities that may cause adverse health effects such as eye and nose irritation, stomach discomfort, and anemia.

In 1989, the Total Coliform Rule was enacted for the regulation of water contaminants. The rule required all public water systems to monitor coliforms in water. Coliforms are bacteria that thrive in water. The more coliforms there are in water, the greater the probability of disease-causing pathogens existing.

In 1991, the EPA created another regulation, the Lead and Copper Rule. Lead and copper make their way into drinking water primarily from plumbing materials, like pipes where the drinking water passes through in order to reach consumers. Exposure to lead and copper could lead to brain damage and stomach distress. The Lead and Copper Rule requires constant testing of the presence of lead and copper in drinking water. If lead exceeds 15 ppb (parts per billion) and copper exceeds 1.3 ppm (parts per million), then steps must be taken to control corrosion, and the public must be informed so they may take steps to ensure safety.

Finally a Safe Water Purification Method

NutraSilver is a safe, natural way to purify your drinking water. NutraSilver® is inexpensive and highly portable—one 30ml bottle contains enough drops to purify approximately 1,200 liters of germ-laden water drinking water. Third-world countries use colloidal silver to purify their drinking water and reduce microbial infection risks by washing their fruits and vegetables with a colloidal silver rinse.

NutraSilver is used as a water purification system by backpackers, international travelers, soldiers and anyone who must have drinking water that is completely purified and safe to drink. Sold globally for over 15 years, NutraSilver® has saved countless lives in third-world countries.

Order today and find out how well NutraSilver® works for water purification. We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.


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