Morgellons disease connection found with diary products

Morgellons symptoms finally recognized

Patients with Morgellons disease experience symptoms consistent with systemic pathology, including fatigue, cognitive disability (described as “brain fog”), fibromyalgia, joint pain, vision decline, neurological disorders, hair loss, disintegration of teeth, intermittent fever, low body temperature, and sleep disturbances.Frequent physical findings include reduced exercise capacity, peripheral neuropathy, delayed capillary refill, abnormal Romberg’s sign, decreased body temperature, cardiac arrhythmias, and tachycardia.Many patients with Morgellons disease report inability or impaired ability to work. Most patients have been diagnosed with psychiatric or psychosomatic illness, and report that physicians are dismissive and attribute lesions to delusional parasitosis and self-mutilation. While some patients with Morgellons disease do demonstrate behavioral aberrancies including a delusional component, many do not, and psychiatric manifestations are possibly from an underlying pathogenic process. Symptoms in some patients such as headaches, visual abnormalities, short-term memory loss, and emotional liability are consistent with central nervous system involvement.

So what is the root cause of Morgellons?

Bovine Digital Dermititus (BDD) and Morgellons disease demonstrate complex multifactorial etiologies. In the case of BDD, the etiology is primarily spirochetal with coinvolvement of other bacteria, while in patients with Morgellons disease, clinical Lyme diagnosis and serological detection of B. burgdorferi points to spirochetal infection, and laboratory evidence suggests coinfection with other tick-borne pathogens. Microscopic studies and physical evidence suggest that Morgellons disease might have a similar pathology to BDD.
Proliferative BDD lesions demonstrate keratinocytes producing abnormal keratin fibers that may reach several centimeters in length. Morgellons disease likewise demonstrates unusual fiber formation in skin and hair follicles where keratinocytes are the predominant cells. Evidence indicates that keratinocytes are the most likely source of the “mysterious” Morgellons fibers, and that these fibers are likely composed of keratin. Keratin is consistent with the microscopic, chemical, and physical properties demonstrated by Morgellons fibers. The lack of obvious spirochetal infection in Morgellons lesions does not preclude their involvement in the disease process; spirochetes are not easily detectable in secondary syphilis lesions and are rarely if ever detected in tertiary syphilis lesions. Spirochetes do not have to be identifiable in lesions to cause dermopathy.

BDD and Morgellons connection is remarkable!

BDD and Morgellons disease are evolving pathologies that share a remarkable number of similarities. While scientific research has elucidated many clinical and laboratory features of BDD, much of the mystery surrounding Morgellons disease has yet to be resolved. The belief held by mainstream medicine that Morgellons disease is a delusional psychiatric illness deters scientific investigation concerning this phenomenon. Morgellons disease does not appear to be a delusional disease, as demonstrated by fibers occurring under unbroken skin, and patients with Morgellons disease have clinical and laboratory evidence indicating an infectious inflammatory disease process similar to BDD. Comparison between these emerging pathologies may reveal the secrets behind the human dermopathy.

NutraSilver Kills Morgellons

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