Morgellons; getting to the root causes

Serious connection found between Morgellons and Bovine Digital Dermititus (BDD)

Morgellons disease is an emerging human dermatological disorder that parallels BDD in many aspects. In addition to a spirochetal association, Morgellons disease is characterized by dermatological lesions associated with filament formation. Symptoms such as fatigue, neurological disorders, and joint pain suggest systemic involvement as well as dermopathy. Peripheral neuropathy, delayed capillary refill, abnormal Romberg’s sign, decreased body temperature, tachycardia, elevated pro-inflammatory markers, and elevated insulin levels are reported to be objective clinical evidence of the disease.

How Science favors cows over Morgellons sufferers

The hallmark of Morgellons disease is “mysterious” fibers of unknown etiology, easily visualized with the aid of a 60× hand-held digital microscope, that appear both in nonhealing or slow-healing skin lesions and beneath unbroken skin. The fibers resist extraction, and attempts to remove them may cause shooting pain. Patients with the affliction may experience crawling and stinging sensations from under their skin. Immune deficiency and the presence of inflammatory markers indicating cytokine release suggest that an infectious process is involved,24 and Morgellons disease has been associated with spirochetal infection. These patients often have positive B. burgdorferi Western blots or Lyme-like symptoms, suggesting a high likelihood of Lyme borreliosis.
A key difference between BDD and Morgellons disease is the veterinary community’s response to BDD versus the medical community’s response to Morgellons disease. While digital dermatitis has been the subject of extensive scientific investigation, unraveling the “mystery” of Morgellons disease has been hampered by claims that it results from delusions of parasitosis, and meaningful scientific studies have been carried out by only a handful of investigators. This report compares the clinical and laboratory features of the veterinary and human diseases.

Morgellons; real or imaginary?

Many physicians continue to equate Morgellons disease with delusions of parasitosis. It is unknown when this disease first appeared, but descriptions of delusions of parasitosis date back to the 1950s and 1960s. Some of these early cases mention “threads” or other debris coming from skin and failure of psychotherapy, and thus may have been cases of Morgellons disease. The 2006 report by Savely et al of a patient who had Morgellons disease for 20 years provides evidence that the disease dates to the mid 1980s.


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