Pharmaceutical Companies Joining Forces to Create New Defenses Against Super-bugs

Millions spent to find a solution to the Super-bug debacle

Drugs giants AstraZeneca and other pharmaceutical companies are putting their rivalries aside to collaborate on a research program to tackle superbugs such as MRSA which can prove resistant to antibiotics. The firms will work with public partners on the initiative, which forms part of a European Commission action plan launched last November. It aims to boost the current faltering discovery and development of new antibiotics. The research programme’s first projects will be funded by up to £180m, provided by the companies involved – Astra, GlaxoSmithKline, Janssen, Sanofi and Basilea Pharmaceutica – and the Innovative Medicines Initiative, a Europe-wide public-private operation. Antibiotic resistance is seen as an increasing worldwide health threat. Effective antibiotics are required for many recent medical advances, such as chemotherapy, but bacteria resistant to existing drugs have continued to emerge and research has diminished.

MRSA Now Accounts for More Deaths in the USA than HIV/ AIDS

The greatest challenge to medical science today is MRSA, the number one cause of infectious deaths in hospitals. Since the mid 1950’s

MRSA has evolved to become nearly invincible to most antibiotics. Because of this, science is frantically seeking a replacement the will eliminate MRSAsymptoms while avoiding the constant cycle of new antibiotic, MRSA mutates and is impervious to it so new antibiotics must be created.

Most people are aware that antibiotics destroy the “good gut flora (bacteria)” that comprises approximately 70% of our immune system within our large intestine. Unfortunately, antibiotics are taken at a time when we need our immune system the most.

Right Now there is a safe, natural way to kill MRSA

  Mike, MD
“My 4 year old daughter has MRSA. As an MD, I had access to virtually every MRSA/Staph treatment available to Western Medicine. Nothing worked. I applied NutraSilver, a natural mineral, on my daughter topically. She also took small amounts orally. Within 4 days I saw an impressive improvement. NutraSilver really came through for us!”— Mike, MD, 2010

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I am the CareMan, have been for 7 years now. I really do care about YOU and getting YOU back to great, natural health, so long as you have an open mind.

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