Morgellons Suffering 6 Years Long is Now Over

_*Shannon, November, 2009*_

I have suffered from Morgellons disease for more than 6 years. I have recently (within the last 2 years) discovered that it was Morgellons that I was suffering from with the help of some family members, a few news shows and the INTERNET! Otherwise, I would have never known what was causing my illness — believe me, I have been to countless doctors, neurologist, dermatologist, etc. and none could explain the lesions, brain fog, body aches, lack of energy and depression I was severely suffering from.

I finally found NutraSilver® on a testimonial video on U-Tube. I was amazed and deeply affected by the woman in the video because all of her symptoms were identical to mine so, I decided to purchase the product to see if it would help me as much as it did her!!! And to my amazement it has been a BLESSING to me. I am not CURED of this disease and until the medical establishment recognizes it as an official disease, I doubt we will ever find a cure — HOWEVER, the NutraSilver® has GREATLY improved my symptoms and allowed me to live my life in a manner that I never thought I could prior to taking this treatment!

*Prior to NutraSilver®, my lesions were so severe I would not leave my house and became deeply depressed. I have a teenage daughter and I had so many lesions and bleeding that I never could participate in any of her school functions. *Since I have been taking NutraSilver®, my lesions have cleared, I have more energy to do activities and the brain fog I suffered severely from has lifted!* I do still get minor lesion break-outs about once a month but very manageable and I feel I can go out in public and not have people stare at me, as before. I feel I can think better and more clearly because of my NutraSilver® regiment and because the lesions have cleared I am no longer deeply depressed and ‘caged’ in my house. I wore short sleeved shirts and shorts for the first time in 6 years this past summer, I took a camping trip with my husband and daughter, and plan to attend my daughter’s graduation this spring.

*I cannot express in words how this product has deeply impacted my life and quality of living. I recommend anyone with this disease try it!* It takes a while for the product to begin working (about a month of usage before you see dramatic results) and you MUST stay on the product. The price has been an issue at times but, I cannot put a price on how much my life has changed because of it so, I continue to be an avid supporter of it and purchase it every month (8 bottles per month is about what I go through). I hope this blog touches any others out there that suffer from this disease and I hope that the medical establishment recognizes this as a disease soon and begins to provide more support for sufferers — like including NutraSilver® as an approved treatment so that medical plans will cover some of the cost of the product!!!


About CareMan
I am the CareMan, have been for 7 years now. I really do care about YOU and getting YOU back to great, natural health, so long as you have an open mind.

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