Morgellons Disease: Victim Becomes The First Person to Become ‘Symptom-Free’

Eliminate Morgellons symptoms, the  Mysterious Disease, By Using a Natural Mineral Proving It Is “Not All In Her Head”

This heartwarming, compassionate story is revealed for the first time by a victim who suffered with Morgellons disease for nearly 10 years.

Connie M. tells her story of how she struggled for years trying desperately to get help from the medical community for the most insidious disease imaginable, only to be told that she has ‘Delusions of Parasitosis’ or DOP and that it is ‘all in her head’. She felt abandoned and alone having spent a small fortune on MD’s and Dermatologists.

At this point, Connie had hundreds of non-healing weeping open lesions covering much of her body with blue or red fibers protruding from many areas of  her body. Connie tells her amazing story of the struggles, the pain and ultimately arriving at a point where she could say “I am now symptom-free!”  Further before and after pictures of these painful lesions can be seen at here.

 Morgellons Disease is so new that it is not even recognized by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia. as a disease.  The CDC has announced they are investigating Morgellons Syndrome, as they call it, starting in January, 2008 at the Northern California Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco, California, one of several “hot spots” according to the CDC after the urging of 40 US Senators and Congressmen over the course of 6 years.

Morgellons Disease is one of the most horrific diseases imaginable.  The victim feels asthough there are animals crawling under their skin and biting them constantly.  They experience chronic fatigue and ‘Brain Fog’ so severe, that most victims not only spend 10 to 20 hours a day sleeping, but they also can’t remember what they said 2 minutes ago.  These symptoms are almost always accompanied by depression and hopelessness and too often by suicide.  And what is the worst symptom? The sufferers have lesions all over their bodies with multi-colored fibers growing out of them. When placed under a fire, the fibers do not begin to burn until they reach 1400 degrees F.

Connie’s heroic story is one of fortitude and commitment to finding an effective treatment before even knowing the name of this debilitating affliction. Through a friend who is involved in the distribution of a product that has not been sold in the United States and is used in third world countries to kill water-bourn pathogens, thought to try to help her by giving her this natural mineral known as NutraSilver.

 According to Michael P. Sinclair, PhD. CEO/Lab Manager of MicroCheck labs, concluded “The NutraSilver product at 3 drops in one liter of water is extremely effective against these water-borne pathogens killing 99.999% of the organisms after only 30 minutes of contact time.” NutraSilver demonstrated high kill rates for some of the most destructive organisms known to mankind and zero toxicity.”

Morgellons disease is reported in every state in the USA and in most other countries, predominantly the UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand along with many parts of Asia.

The Medical Profession has already decided that it is ‘all in the victims head’ and Morgellons does not exist.  This is precisely what the early AIDS patients experienced 25 years ago, when these AIDS victims were locked up in mental institutions because it was ‘all in their heads’. The CDC has also concluded that Morgellons is delusional.

Exactly the same thing is happening to Morgellons victims now. To make matters worse, Morgellons is only being studied at the University of Oklahoma by Dr. Randy Wymore of the non-profit Morgellons Research Foundation. This Foundation, while under-funded and under-staffed, is desperately trying to perform real research and patient support until the global community recognizes this disease and begins to put the resources in place to discover the cause and cure for Morgellons. In the mean time, it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of people in the USA and millions around the world are infected by Morgellons. Connie’s video can be seen here.

One prominent scientist suggested that there are at lease 10,000 new Morgellons cases every day just in the USA alone. Another research scientist believes that Morgellons is the result of bio-warfare experiments gone wrong. Until research scientists receive adequate funding, the pain and horrific suffering continues at great human cost. Connie’s resolve and bravery stand out as a symbol of hope to the majority of hopeless Morgellons sufferers.

Mr. Russell Altman

Michael Sinclair, Ph.D.

P.O. Box 456
142 Gould Road
Northfield, VT 05663


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