Left Untreated, Lyme Disease Can Kill

Untreated, Lyme Disease Can Kill

Borreliosis, or Lyme disease, is an infectious disease caused by bacteria that is carried by several varieties of tick. It often is brought into a home by pets. Ticks also live in tall grasses and may cling to people and animals as they walk by. It is the most common disease of its kind in the Northern Hemisphere. When an infected tick bites, the disease is able to grow and spread. Most, though not all, people who have the disease become ill. The first stage symptoms are characterized by chills, fever, headaches, lethargy, and muscle pain. It resembles the common flu.

Some patients develop a round, “bulls-eye” rash. This is the spot of the tick bite. Antibiotics are used to treat this stage of the disease. Symptoms for stage two of Lyme disease are not consistent, and may disappear on their own. Many patients that exhibit stage two symptoms do not have the rash that characterizes stage one. In addition to the aforementioned symptoms, many patients experience blurred vision, fainting, stiff neck and joint inflammation. Facial paralysis, hallucinations, nausea, and vomiting are not uncommon. Antibiotics are given to these patients intravenously, due to the severity of its affect on the nervous system.

If left untreated and Lyme disease moves to stage three, it will not only affect the skin and joints, but may cause damage to the brain, muscles and bones. Symptoms, in addition to those mentioned in stages one and two, include sensitivity to light, confusion, memory loss and sleep disorders. This stage may develop months, or even years after being contracted. A round of antibiotics that lasts up to 28 days is the standard treatment. Depending on the severity of the symptoms and age of the patient, they may be administered intravenously. Blood tests are most often used to diagnosis the disease.

Despite the number of people bitten by ticks each year, most do not contract Lyme disease. Symptoms, once manifest, may last for three to four weeks. There are several steps that can be taken to reduce the chances of contracting this disease. When a tick is found on a body, whether human or a pet, it should be removed immediately.  If it is removed within 36 hours, the transmission rates for the disease are close to zero. Colloidal silver has been an effective deterrent when used to treat the symptoms of the disease. For more information, visit the site.

I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease since, 2005.

The Majority of the treatment I attempted for the disease, was with antibiotics , which made me ill. I would try to take them before I went running, hoping to maximize their efficiency.

But I could, and would function with antibiotics , I was able to responded for three months to Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma while taking Amoxicillin though I was constantly nauseous.

My most distinct “symptom” of the disease is a signature symptom, tinnitus, my ears ring. The ringing in my ears modulated directly in response to the effectiveness of the treatment. I could hear both changes frequency and pitch, so I know how well any treatment works.

If I stopped the treatment however, the disease was quick to return loud and clear, and only when I took a higher than recommended dose of tetracycline , did my ears ever stop ringing, its like having a turbine ocean in my head 24/7 rising and falling. I deduced tentatively that individual colonies have their own strength and frequency based of their environment and their [electrical] reproductive potential. I was “hearing” a composite of these signals with interference patterns, peaks and oscillations.

I found NutraSilver in 2007 while reading about Morgellons, and decided to give it a try.

I know that NutraSilver, with almost unparalleled success against all known pathogens, has medicinal value beyond its field use as a water cleansing agent. NutraSilver® and its new partner MMS are vital to the survival, and early growth of new families in a manner, Untraumatized by new and emerging diseases like Borrelia burgdorferi or Morgellons (trematode infection).

How do I know that NutraSilver has value, as in antibiotic value you ask ? Because since October 2007 I haven’t been using antibiotics at all! I have been using NutraSilver®, exclusively!

My experience with NutraSilver was astounding, I could mix any where from 30 to 150 drops of NutraSilver per day, in a standard bottled water, and treat my disease while at work, with no ill effects.

The ringing has stopped several times only to resume fainter, each time, so I am getting close to what I consider remission. I Thank Jesus For NutraSilver and Medical Pioneers who made it reality. I did however have to cut out soft drinks and try to not eat sugar which this disease thrives on!

My regimen was to take three or more daily doses of NutraSilver in a plastic 12 ounce bottled water and then once a week to go for one or more 150 drop “Reduction Doses” in my Standard U.S. Military one quart Canteen.


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