Morgellons Suffering Ends for Larry

These results are typical

I just wanted to thank you for speaking with me a few days ago. Your advice, encouragement, and concern meant a lot to me. I backed down to 40-50 drops of NutriSilver [for Morgellons], and now I am feeling

Actual Morgellons Lesion

much, much better. I think I was just taking a little too much and feeling the results of a “mini-purge” for several days. I was also taking a lot of hot baths, sweating a lot, and drinking a lot of water. However, all of that has paid off. Most of my sores have indeed fallen off, and last night I didn’t feel any “crawling.” I started taking NutriSilver on July 6th, so I am coming to the end of my third week. I am getting better just like you said I would.
In this day and age, there are fewer and fewer people that you can trust (especially when it comes to buying something). So I hope you will forgive me for giving you a hard time at first. Thank you for putting up with my phone calls, for listening and understanding. But most of all, thank you for offering a product that really does work and for being a person that really does care. Morgellons was destroying my life. My family didn’t understand. The doctors turned their backs on me. No one was willing to help except for you. I will never be able to thank you enough.

If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. I have many skills in the area of writing, computer graphics, web design, and legal stuff. I might even be interested in selling NutriSilver, if that is possible. No matter what, I intend to devote a great deal of time telling others about this product. It has literally saved my life. I know that there are thousands of people out there who are hurting and don;t know what to do. I met many of them on the internet when I was searching for an answer. If you want to guide me, then let me know. I will gladly listen to you (without argument, I promise).

Thank you again.

Sincerely, Larry T. July, 2012


About CareMan
I am the CareMan, have been for 7 years now. I really do care about YOU and getting YOU back to great, natural health, so long as you have an open mind.

2 Responses to Morgellons Suffering Ends for Larry

  1. CareMan says:

    anyone who purchases NutraSilver gets a 60-day money back guarantee on their first order. If you have Morgellons, you are suffering needlessly; you can be done with it in 4 or 5 weeks.

  2. Sufferers of Morgellons will certainly be very happy whenever they’ll be able read your article. It will be their inspiration for them to continue living life to the fullest instead of being afraid that their disease will be forever. It’s nice to hear you’re in a good shape now. I will be much happier if you update your present situation and the update of your dosage of your trusted medicine for us to share also to others. Great job!

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