Dr. Randy Wymore, A Noted Expert in Morgellons Research Shares His Conclusions

Establising a universal Morgellons commonality

“We have an “either/or” situation. Morgellons is either a single disease/disorder, or it is a syndrome that may have multiple (and even unrelated) causes that simply manifest symptoms that appear similar.

There is an example that I have followed over the years and have published papers on the genes/proteins that are involved. The example is the cardiac Long QT Syndrome (LQTS). At one time there were only two obvious manifestations of LQTS; one was a dominant genetic disorder the other was recessive. In the dominant form, if either parent passed on an abnormal gene, that child would get LQTS. In the recessive form both parents had to pass on the gene & then a child would also have deafness associated with the heart disorder. This was back in the early 1990s. Now, however, multiple genes and variants of LQTS have been characterized and at last count there were LQT1, LQT2, LQT3, LQT4, LQT5, LQT6, LQT7 & LQT8. There may be more in the future. Will there some day be a Morgellons 1, 2, 3, etc.? All with different causes?

At the moment, it is hard to picture that due to the fibers and other unusual skin-associated material. If we pretend for a moment that Morgellons is a single condition, then that means whatever is the cause in one person MUST be the cause in everyone. Therefore, the causative agent(s) must be present in all sufferers with Morgellons. If the cause is fungal, bacterial, vector-borne, viral, whatever, then everyone with Morgellons must have that organism present. If it is not biological but is environmental (toxins, chemicals, etc,) then everyone with Morgellons must have had the same kind of exposure; different locations, but the exposure must be present. This is one of the reasons that a proper epidemiological study is needed, to try to find the commonalities between widely geographically spaced individuals. If it were obvious I hope we would have seen it, but there is little in common between the sufferers. Some consume huge amounts of meat while others only eat fish, some are ovo-lacto vegetarian and others still are devout vegans (long predating the onset of Morgellons).


Many have been exposed to molds or damp environments and others live in very dry desert settings. Some had been to lakes, oceans or public swimming pools & others wouldn’t touch their big toe in a body of water. Some with Morgellons were avid outdoors enthusiasts and others self-described couch potatoes. Some live in rural settings & others in the midst of urban jungles. Pretty much you can continue on with obvious characteristics that might make sense: dry vs. oily skin, lots of sun vs. very little sun, high fever vs. no sickness prior to onset of symptoms, bottled water vs. tap water vs. well water, have been vaccinated for child-hood disease and those who have not, caffeine consumer vs. no caffeine, alcohol vs. never touch the stuff, and so on. Whatever is common to everyone with Morgellons is not obvious to me. I am not an epidemiologist and cannot do an epidemiology study. This needs an experienced MPH or other advanced degree professional epidemiologist to do this aspect of Morgellons research.”

For the past year I have been looking at many discussions, forums, webpages, etc. as to the possible originating factors of Morgellons with many different points of view concerning the cause of Morgellons. Also, looked into existing medical conditions that seem to have hallmarks of Morgellons associated with said already defined medical conditions.
As I see it, all theories will continue to speculative until, if even feasible, to find that one unifying commonality that we all share. As many can attest and witness to is there seems to be no agreement on any one level. The inability to not find agreement is ultimately is very derailing, as it takes discussions away from being able to unify. Also some seem more concerned with proving their theory to be the one true factor over really getting together and finding that unifying factor.

I like to listen to an album by Harry Nilsson called “The Point”, this part of the narration seems to sum up what I am trying to get across, which is quite simply,

” You see what you wanna see and you hear what you wanna hear”

Point being that to try to pinpoint what Morgellons is so difficult and maybe even impossible for any one to figure out. So then I find myself wanting to focus on treatments to help those reduce M’s damaging effects. Those that result in the reduction in quality of life, tend to shorten one’s life span, the way it tends cause isolation and can cause discourse in relationships. But then that becomes problematic ’cause it brings one back to the reason for Morgellons existence in the first place. So again the discussion goes back to square one and with nothing conclusive being agreed upon.

Then there are the fakers and the troublemakers who muck up the research, as well as those who think they have it. All I can say is Morgellons is one F******d up mess.

With that I will say there that I believe there is one entity that is a clear identifier of one having Morgellons beyond all others. It is often described as “wormy things”, “worms”, “thick fibrous material”, “curved entity”, etc, etc… I will post a picture to show you what i am describing, see Morgellons entity image below. These can start very very small and in my case have seen then as long as 2 -3 inches long.

I believe them to be one unifying sign for having Morgellons, beyond the fibers, these are what I have also described as fibroblasts gone wild cause in my searching that is the best descriptor I felt that is they resembled most or possibly amyloids . I don’t know exactly at which point they begin their development but have a fairly good idea, there are other members posts that are very good descriptors of the life cycle. I have seen beyond what they have described and believe I can add more to what is already described, maybe it has already been mentioned by someone else, but there is so much literature to read who can know. My new observance is the formation of the white slender fibers that so many find floating or on many a surface in their homes. I have seen a stream of white fluid come out of a pore on my leg(in this one instance), float to the surface of bath water and which I then carefully picked up with tweezers and watched as it dried into a fiber.

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