Morgellons Demographics Sheads Light on This Mysterious Disease

Morgellons infections related to adrenal dysfunction, disbalanced steroids (testosterone/estrogen), reduced immune system and to a higher adrenalin/cortisol stress hormone level which is also reducing the natural defence of the skin.   

What age groups are most infected with Morgellons? 

Higher infection rates between birth and puperty, and before menopause and later. Exceptions are concerned with a temporary compromised immune system and hormonal disorders, probably caused from a newer or longer ongoing Borrelia Burgdorferi infection (Lyme disease).

Notice the pattern of people’s age group; the very young and old are most suseptable to this diease

What countries are reporting Morgellons infections?

Actual recognized Morgellons cases were from:

USA, Canada, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Dominican Republik, Costa Rica, Cuba, Australia, New-Zealand, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, China, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Ethiopia, Libanon, Saudi-Arabia, Irak, Poland, Jugoslavia, Hungary, Chech Republik, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Finland, Lichtenstein, Belgium, Germany.

It is difficult for individual doctors or institutions to come to conclusions about the potential significant infestation statistics for scabies or unknown parasites as Morgellons. Perhaps only national pharmacy associations in each country could consider infestations patterns on the basis of particular medicines sold in those countries.

Desperate treaments now

For individuals who contract Morgellons and who do not receive appropriate treatment or are misdiagnosed, there is considered to be a point of no return of approximately of one year. After such a period, if those individuals do not receive definitive help, then potentially, they have to face adjusting to chronic, perhaps lifelong illnesses with associated physical and mental effects. At some point, there is the potential for their cases to fall off official statistics.

How do you know if you are infected?

Many do not even know that they have these parasites. People may perhaps only be aware of annoying pustules which they believe are connected to sweating, so everything is completely normally for them, but how long?


3.5 billions = approx. 50 % of humans on earth are actually infected with different parasites.

Are chemtrails involved?

Of particular interest is that the Chemical Hazards Program (part of the Georgia Division of Public Health) in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) have an ongoing surveillance of what they term Unidentified Dermatosis Syndrome (UDS). Initial findings are planned to be announced in ther fall (autumn) 2006. Since now nothing happend from CDC!

Did Morgellons originate in China?

Perhaps one of the earliest reports to be considered was the publication of cases in China by Dr. Zhu Naishuo, of the Fudan Shanghai University, see

It is possible that this disease originated in China (bio-insecticides), where, it is acknowledged that there have probably been a range of new/mutated diseases, some perhaps already forgotten. But now, because greater interaction with the outside world, so this parasite has spread. There are also the examples of new strains and still more resistant AIDS viruses or bacteria.

Actual Morgellons Lesions

The USA seems to be the Land of Morgellons, because many tourists reported that they contracted this disease during a vacation in Florida, California or Texas. Thus, this disease will be never accepted from the US-Authorities for not creating chaos or a lack of tourists. This is very disgusting and irresponsable how they treat a pandemic situation.

What is the way our for Morgellons sufferers?

Some Morgellons sufferers commit suicide, others simply die from the disease.  Most suffer endless and hopeless pain and suffering like non-Morgellons people can only imagine. For the past 6 years we have been help and counselling Morgellons sufferers with great success.  If you wish to find out more, simple follow this link.


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